Chapter 2.11

Last time, we completed the postcard collection (our 12th collection!), Oly became a child, Gal and Adonis finally gave in to Caly and tried for another baby (and yes, Gal did get pregnant), New Years Eve happened, and Oly worked on his social butterfly aspiration, in the process of which he became BFFs with Clemmie. … Continue reading Chapter 2.11

Chapter 2.10

Welcome to chapter 10 of generation 2! In chapter 2.9, Vlad joined the civil designer career and started to work on building the fabrication skill, the family celebrated Winterfest, yet another toddler (Oly this time) was traumatised by the untimely end of Fluffybunnykins, Clementine met her namesake (Clement Frost), we completed the fossil collection, Caly … Continue reading Chapter 2.10

Chapter 2.9

Last chapter, Acacia became a child, Adonis completed the leader of the pack aspiration and started the superparent aspiration, Caly tried to persuade Galatea to have a fourth child, I completed the elements collection, Vlad completed the lord of the knits aspiration and started on the good vampire aspiration (much to his displeasure), and Caly … Continue reading Chapter 2.9

Chapter 2.8

Last chapter, Caly crashed the space rocket but still managed to complete the space rocks collection before becoming an elder, I (or rather Oleander) completed the frogs collection, then Caly completed the curator aspiration and started the big happy family aspiration, Clemmie bemoaned the death of a grandmother she had never met and Acacia was … Continue reading Chapter 2.8

Chapter 2.6

In the last chapter, I cheated to make the dragonfruit plants be fully grown again, Vlad and Caly completed the fish collection, Oleander became a toddler, Clemmie became a child and inherited Caly's craziness (she got the erratic trait) and Vlad found the last MySims trophy, thereby completing the MySims trophies collection. Clementine, what … Continue reading Chapter 2.6