Chapter 46 (Epilogue): A Robotic Romance

Ok I know that I finished the challenge last chapter, but then something happened and so I just had to do an epilogue. You may remember that back in chapter 43 Vlad built a servo but I couldn't activate it because it would take up a household slot. Well anyway, with all the kids now … Continue reading Chapter 46 (Epilogue): A Robotic Romance

Chapter 45: Finally Finished!

So I start my game up to this. I thought I had had Vlad install a fire guard to prevent just this from happening but I guess not. Vlad bravely hid behind his two teenage daughters. When I asked him to extinguish the fire, Vlad smugly informed me that there was an obstacle in the … Continue reading Chapter 45: Finally Finished!

Chapter 43: Volcano Bombs, Robots, and a Royal Rendezvous

Ah the curse of the flying stinky popcorn bowls. As if the dungeon couldn’t get any more inviting. Nina: Where is that smell coming from? It's all in your head Nina - I mean, above you head. Cecelia became a child. Isaac: It’s not fair, I want to age up too! If you’re going to … Continue reading Chapter 43: Volcano Bombs, Robots, and a Royal Rendezvous