Chapter 42: Vlad The National Leader

We begin this chapter with the birthday of Tonya and Celeste.

Tonya expressed her distaste for the dungeon one last time with a final parting fart…

… And then Tonya aged up. Sigh. Why you gotta hide those awesome eyes behind sun glasses, Tonya?

Next, it was Celeste’s turn.

Poor Sterling was left all alone in the dungeon.

Sterling: You can’t leave me in solitary confinement, this is inhumane!

Well, Vlad isn’t human so humanitarian considerations needn’t weigh with him unfortunately, Sterling. Just talk to the popcorn bowl!

Tonya did her homework.

Celeste looked a little appalled by the vampire knowledge divulged to her by Vlad. I think perhaps she may have learned about the part he intends for her to play in his army.

Tonya tried to avoid studying and play on her phone instead by locking herself in the bathroom and pretending that she was peeing. I see that bladder need is full green Tonya, get off the toilet!

Christian yelled at Celeste while she tried to do her homework. I can’t really blame him for having anger management issues, he’s been through a lot.

Tonya was not at all enthusiastic about her school project.

Neither was Celeste. She complained about the unfairness of it all to Eugi, who was visiting and had been immediately roped into helping with her project upon entering the house.

Ashlie found herself on baby duty.

A filthy Tonya played on the pirate ship. That is quite some outfit, Tonya.

Sterling: I’m still here, still alone.

Yes Sterling, I totally hadn’t forgotten all about you.

Christian was also made to care for the babies.

Celeste and Tonya played on the pirate ship together. Oops looks like both of them got sick.

Vlad talked to his money tree. That’s it, he officially interacts more with a plant than with his own toddlers.

Vlad: This plant has made me millions of simoleons. What have the toddlers ever done for me?

Vlad, it isn’t what they have done for you but what you should be doing for them. You sort of have a duty of care.

Vlad: Care must be earned!

Cecelia became a toddler.

And Isaac became a toddler.

If you remember, Cecilia and Isaac’s mother is an island elemental. So, they both have inherited the Sulani Mana trait. They don’t seem to be able to do anything cool yet as toddlers but I am guessing they will get the powers described as either children or teens. That should be fun to test out!

On entering the dungeon, Cecilia’s first action was to give Sterling a hug.

Sterling: At last! Human vampire contact!

Meanwhile Isaac burst into tears…

… And then farted.

Sterling: Hmmm maybe company is overrated after all. The air was so much fresher before these new inmates arrived.

Vlad secured Ashlie’s vote, which was interesting because I had assumed that that interaction would be unavailable for teens. I guess sim teens can vote in these strangely non existent sim elections (hang on a minute, are the political leaders only pretending that Sim Nation is a democracy?)

Vlad also convinced Christian to vote for him.

Vlad: Son, you want to leave this house, right?

Christian: Er yes…

Vlad: In that case I would suggest that you vote for me in the next election. You wouldn’t want to end up in the dungeon again, would you?

Vlad had to give yet another speech in Uptown, San Myshuno. Must have been a thrilling speech since it sent Minerva Charm right to sleep.

Vlad has got this popup after every speech so he must be pretty bad at public speaking.

In the dungeon, Cecilia cried. Oh you’ll get used to things down there Cecilia. Soon, the dungeon will begin to feel like home.

Cecelia: That’s the problem, the dungeon IS home and I hate it!

Ashlie became a YA. Here is her normal form:

She is actually kind of pretty if you ignore the flat face and downturned mouth.

Ashlie’s dark form:

Christian also aged up so here is his normal form:

And his dark form:

After moving out Ashlie and Christian, Vlad moved on to his next donor: another DU premade, Cameron Fletcher.

Vlad: Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but let’s have a baby!

First kiss with Cameron.

I finally got around to  getting Vlad a nicer bed to woohoo in. Cameron had the honour of being the first of Vlad’s ‘guests’ to try it out.

Back from their first day of school, Celeste and Tonya did their homework together.

Cameron stuck around post-woohoo and helped Tonya with her school project. Looks as though Tonya is telling him about some of Vlad’s dirty secrets *cough* toddler dungeon *cough*.

You can tell that Cameron is realizing that he is in the house of a crazy person and wants to run for the hills.

Vlad helped Celeste with her project.

Celeste: I am about to piss myself but I just must play on the pirate ship!

Our first money tree evolved to perfect quality! I’ve never had one of that quality before.

It now yields a harvest of 18,670 simoleons every day!

Sterling’s pathetic little unhappy face is too adorable.

Sad Cecilia is also pretty cute.

Isaac why are you dancing? This is a dungeon – a place of doom and gloom – not a disco!

Tonya became a teen. That hooded jacket is putting me strongly in mind of Kenny from Southpark.

First the sunglasses during childhood, now the hood as a teen. You just have to stand out, don’t you Tonya?

Then, Celeste also became a teen.

The girls made an exciting start to their teenage years (well, 24 hour period) by doing their homework.

Tonya reeeealllly didn’t want to do her school project.

Christian visited (back so soon?) and helped Celeste with her project.

Christian: Having trouble with your school project, little sis? Well never fear, I am somewhat of an expert at these, you know.

Sterling became a child.

As usual, Vlad started off by sharing vampire knowledge with Sterling until he was at level 4 vampire lore.

Sterling did his homework while Vlad critically appraised the budding new soldier.

Then, predictably at this point, it was project time for Sterling!

I’m just going to leave this picture of dirty miserable Isaac here.

Vlad had to go to San Myshuno for his job (I forget exactly why). Anyway, the paparazzi started to get waaay too close.

Paparazzi: I just have to get this shot of the top of your head!

This second paparazzi was even worse about invading Vlad’s personal space.

It’s a camera not a stethoscope!

I allowed Sterling to play on the pirate ship once his school work was done.

Vlad had a whim to buy a hot tub and, since we haven’t had any hot tub woohoo yet, I thought why not.

Vlad, the hot tub is right there! Why are you still asking me for a hot tub?

And yes, I did get THAT hot tub – you know – the controversial one.

Since Vlad was pregnant he wasn’t allowed to use the hot tub (why?!), so lucky Sterling got the first dip. This is a far cry from the dungeon eh, Sterling?

Put on some clothes, boy!

Tonya and Celeste got A grades and became YAs.

Here is Tonya’s normal form:

I have to say that I LOVE how Tonya’s look turned out. I wanted her to be a bit of a goth since she has always been a little ‘fashion forward’ and because I thought it would look great with her eyes.

As you can see, she inherited Kat’s cracked cheek skin detail.

Tonya’s dark form:

Celeste’s normal form:

Celeste appears to be identical to Tonya except that she didn’t inherit Kat’s cracked cheek skin detail.

Celeste’s dark form:

Sterling, you can’t wear those clothes in the snow it’s like zero degrees out there! Do you want to freeze to death?

Sterling: I can’t, you have temperature effects switched off which, by the way, is probably cheating.

Oh shut up you little smart arse.

More homework for Sterling.

And another school project.

Vlad gave birth to babies 87 and 88, twin girls called Nina and Eliza. I thought it was cool how the random name generator chose two names of premades.

For the next donor, Vlad tracked down Dina Caliente… In her bathroom. Just a little creepy, Vlad.

Scratch that, VERY creepy. Run for the hills, Dina! Run for the hills!

But apparently Dina finds strangers bursting into her bathroom and flirting with her when she is trying to take a piss romantic.

At least Vlad took things out of the bathroom for their first kiss.

Gollum – I mean Vlad – got into the hot tub.

That’s right, prepare yourself for some shots of hot tub woohoo!

Vlad grabbing Dina’s neck and pulling her forcibly under water looks… Consensual.

Vlad: Guess what? I’m pregnant!

Dina: How do you know so quickly? Scratch that how can you have a baby bump already? I haven’t even had time to get out of the hot tub yet!

Looks as though Isaac is having a breakdown already. You look how I feel right now, buddy.

Vlad was promoted to National Leader, level 10 of the political career! Having so many children to bully into voting for him surely helped swing the election in his favour.

Now that he has control of an entire country (terrifying) it’s only a matter of time before Vlad starts acting out his plans for total world domination. But, he needs to complete his army first so back to the challenge.

Grubby Cecilia decided just to sit on her bed and wait for her birthday. Ok Cecilia but don’t hold your breath – you will be waiting until next chapter.

Above ground, Sterling, also very dirty, got home from school.

Sterling had an A so I went ahead and aged him up into a teen.

He wasn’t born a vampire so Vlad turned him.

Sterling did his homework.

Sterling was suffering from pre-vampire cramps but that didn’t stop me from forcing him to do his school project.

He got his revenge on me by taking a slice out of the birthday cake that I’ve been using, rendering it useless for future birthdays. At least he had the grace to look a little guilty about what he was doing. I KNOW that I had candles on that cake so how did Sterling manage to take a piece?

Nina became a toddler.

And Eliza became a toddler.

They were thrilled with their new living quarters…

Sterling became a vampire.

Nina and Eliza found some potentially lethal weapons saucepans in the dungeon.

Eliza: Hmm I could use this saucepan to take out the other inmates. Then all the popcorn would be mine!

Little does Eliza know that Nina is right behind her entertaining much the same idea and in an ideal position to bash in Eliza’s skull…

Dirty miserable Eliza.

Dirty miserable Nina.

To finish this chapter, Vlad gave birth to another set of twins: a boy called Phoenix (89) and a girl called Karen (90). YES we are finally at 90 which means only 10 more babies to go and, since I will be doing two births a chapter, only three more chapters!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 42: Vlad The National Leader

  1. Love the line about Dina finding strangers breaking into her bathroom attractive – made me snort laugh.

    But them I had to hold back the retching – Vlad and hottub woohoo should not be words that appear in the same sentence. (Really was he trying to drown DIna LOL that animation doesn’t work for him).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vlad woohooing in a hot tub is something that will scar me for the rest of my days! Looked as though he was going to strangle poor Dina. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this chapter and thank you for reading 🙂


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