Chapter 3.74

Previously, Vlad insulted everyone - sorry, gave out fashion advice - and maxed the writing skill, Rowan enjoyed his retirement and woohooed with a ghostly Phoebe, Amora took a potion of youth to send her back to the start of the YA age stage, Nemmie almost trolled her way into earning the insensitive parenthood trait … Continue reading Chapter 3.74

Chapter 3.73

In the last chapter, Rowan maxed the cooking skill and reached the top of the business career - which he then promptly quit, it was Winterfest so the family decorated a tree and Vlad got to drink from Father Winter, Amora kept magicking up lactose filled meals, and Vlad reached the top of the doctor … Continue reading Chapter 3.73

Chapter 3.70

Previously, Acacia died, Vlad continued to give Hiroko wellness treatments and delivered a baby at work, Nemmie worked on her charisma and Amora worked on her rock climbing. Let's start this chapter with Vlad off at work again. Since he delivered a baby, he was able to get promoted from level 8 to level … Continue reading Chapter 3.70

Chapter 3.69

In the last chapter, Phoebe died and everyone was sad (to varying degrees), Scylla visited briefly, Vlad found a new victim to forcibly detain (i.e. imprison) and harass with wellness treatments, Nemmie worked on her charisma skill, and Amora practiced rock climbing. Hmm I wonder who's possessing the toilet... Ah ha, it's Mayor … Continue reading Chapter 3.69

Chapter 3.68

In the previous chapter, Nemmie managed to complete the 'find peaceful surroundings' task of her aspiration, Vlad had an active work day as a doctor and managed to complete the 'hustle' task of his aspiration although 'maintain a regular customer' is still proving impossible to complete, and Phoebe reached the top of the social media … Continue reading Chapter 3.68

Chapter 3.65

Last chapter, Lori completed her aspiration, Vlad continued to try and fail to complete the 'maintain a regular customer' stage of his aspiration, Amora overcharged but luckily did not die, and Amora and Lori accidentally matched outfits. Tomoko is back (or maybe 'still here' is a better expression to use) and Vlad is giving … Continue reading Chapter 3.65