Chapter 3.30

Previously, Galatea knocked over a trash can three times for her aspiration, Amora became a toddler, Phoebe became an adult, and Vlad did various uni related things. Vlad teaches Amora to talk. Vlad: Say plasma. Amora: Pwama! Vlad: Good enough. We'll make a vampire out of you yet. Amora: Wampire? It was Winterfest. … Continue reading Chapter 3.30

Chapter 3.29

In the previous chapter, Rowan became an adult, Gal did various gross things for her aspiration such as bathing in a dirty bath, eating spoiled food, and preparing food after using the toilet having not washed her hands, Vlad started university, and Rowan was a good father and spent time with Lori. Phoebe: Grand … Continue reading Chapter 3.29

Chapter 3.28

Last chapter, Rowan actually spent time with Lori, Galatea befriended a dust bunny and worked on her fabulously filthy aspiration, Rowan and Phoebe's second child, a girl called Amora, was born, and Vlad reached level 7 in research and debate and was accepted into university. Rowan became an adult and only Fetia seems to … Continue reading Chapter 3.28

Chapter 3.27

In the previous chapter, Vlad finished the master mixologist aspiration and started the academic aspiration, Rowan reached programming level 7 for his career, Vlad finished his painting of Rowan, and Gal mostly took sole charge of Lori. Fetia got sick. She was an elder so this was to be expected. Poor thing looks so … Continue reading Chapter 3.27

Chapter 3.26

The most important things which happened last time were that Rowan maxed the robotics skill and the photography skill and I memorialised Rowan and Phoebe by having Rowan take a picture with Phoebe. Also, Vlad started painting Rowan and finished painting Phoebe. Lori: Bu-bu-bubbles! Phoebe: This is a bubble bath, Lori. Because you're a … Continue reading Chapter 3.26

Chapter 3.25

In the previous chapter, Lorelei became a toddler and her actual parents continued to mostly ignore her, Phoebe took a pregnancy test and confirmed that baby number two was on the way, and Vlad worked on various skills to improve his chances of being accepted onto a distinguished biology degree. Galatea: I'm tense. Adonis: … Continue reading Chapter 3.25

Chapter 3.23

In the previous chapter, Rowan and Phoebe completed their aspirations, Gal maxed the piano skill, and Lorelei continued to be ignored by her parents. Phoebe interacts with Lori for the first time since giving birth to her. Phoebe: Hello Lori, it's your Mummy. I'm so sorry I didn't spend more time with you earlier, … Continue reading Chapter 3.23

Chapter 3.22

In the previous chapter, Vlad threw a house party and drank from Father Winter in front of his new great granddaughter, Galatea threw rubbish on the floor which Adonis vacuumed up, Phoebe read up on archaeology, and Rowan played with a ghost cat and a ghost dog. Nugget and Fetia both want attention from … Continue reading Chapter 3.22