Chapter 2.31

Welcome to the final chapter of generation 2. Last time, Vlad worked on the mixology skill, Adonis collected more wild plants in Granite falls, Rowan became a young adult, and Caly pondered her own mortality. Clemmie: So, you're cooking pretty much nonstop now, huh? Acacia: Yeah. I'm so tired I feel like I could … Continue reading Chapter 2.31

Chapter 2.30

Welcome back to the penultimate chapter of gen 2. Last time, it rained which meant that Caly and Clemmie got naked, Vlad maxed the snowboarding skill, Rowan got jealous of his own grandparents' relationship, and the family went to Granite Falls. For her aspiration, Clemmie had to be 'attacked' by insects. Clemmie: It's ok, … Continue reading Chapter 2.30

Chapter 2.24

Last time, Oly became a young adult, and Rowan became a teen and got started on the Strangerville Aspiration, Galatea completed her aspiration and Vlad made Father Winter's life a misery (again). First up today, we need to have a conversation with Clemmie. You're probably wondering why I asked you here alone. Clemmie: Not … Continue reading Chapter 2.24

Chapter 2.23

In the previous chapter, Clemmie climbed Mount Komorebi Mount Olympus, we completed the metals collection, and that's pretty much it. Vlad, what the hell? Vlad: I. Am. Still. EVIL!! And you're going to fix that right now! Oly became a YA! He got the cat lover trait. I like how Galatea is just … Continue reading Chapter 2.23