Chapter 1.26

Finally, the last chapter of generation one! It's going to be a long chapter. Sorry about that, but I don't want to spread this out into another chapter. Feel free to skip if this is boring to you 🙂 what happened last chapter? A lot: Vlad completed the vampire family aspiration and started the 'lord … Continue reading Chapter 1.26

Chapter 1.25

Hello and welcome to the penultimate chapter of generation 1! After this, there will only be one more chapter before the bachelorette. I have opened the casting thread on the forums for bachelorette. You can find the thread here. In the previous chapter, Galatea narrowly avoided death by burning... And then death by freezing, Atlas … Continue reading Chapter 1.25

Chapter 1.23

To summarize what happened in the last chapter, both Vlad and Caly completed the friend of the world aspiration, Vlad then instantly completed the fabulously wealthy aspiration and began the vampire family aspiration, Caly started the fabulously wealthy aspiration, Circe showed off her six pack and Vlad turned a bunch of sims into vampires. I … Continue reading Chapter 1.23

Chapter 1.19

Last chapter, 'Zeus' terrorised Caly, Epimetheus completed his aspiration, Caly received an acting award then got naked AGAIN, Scylla and Circe had an altercation and Vlad completed the painting aspiration and started the world famous celebrity aspiration. Whatcha kids doing? Epimetheus: We're sailing away from this dump of a house! Atlas: That's right, we're off … Continue reading Chapter 1.19