Chapter 4.19

In the previous chapter, Una became a teen and got started on the vampire family aspiration, and Quentin became a child. And that's all the important stuff. Una will need to be good friends with 5 vampire offspring for her aspiration, so I make her take lots of pictures with/of all 5 of the sims … Continue reading Chapter 4.19

Chapter 4.18

In the last chapter, Nemmie became a werewolf again, Tressa got her character values in range for the bad manners and irresponsible traits (meaning that she is in range to receive all of the negative character value traits), Nemmie and Keanu were memorialised by a photo and paintings, and Nemmie reached the top of the … Continue reading Chapter 4.18

Chapter 4.14

Welcome to chapter 14. In chapter 13, Keanu worked on getting more vampire XP to spend on vampire perks, Una threw many tantrums (aided by some emotional influencing courtesy of Vlad), Una maxed the creativity skill, Vlad maxed the gourmet cooking skill, Quentin became a toddler, and Nemmie harvested moonpetal for her aspiration. Tressa … Continue reading Chapter 4.14

Chapter 4.13

Last time, Una kept working on her positive character value traits, baby number five (a werewolf boy called Quentin) was born, Keoni visited, Tressa got in range for the insensitive trait and threw many tantrums, Quade wandered around without any clothes on, and Nemmie got hit by lightning. Paparazzi: Oh dear, not again. I … Continue reading Chapter 4.13