Chapter 4.16

It's chapter 16! So many chapters already 😮 anyway, last time, Tressa got her emotional control in range for the uncontrolled emotions trait, Quade got in range for the bad manners trait, Nemmie harvested moonpetal again (she only needs to do this one more time now). Una completed the artistic prodigy aspiration, Tressa abducted a … Continue reading Chapter 4.16

Chapter 4.10

Previously, Tressa became a toddler, Una became a child, Vlad reached the top of the stylist career and left to join the law career, and yeah that's pretty much it. Deuce is playing with the dollhouse. Awwww! But what's this, Tressa is approaching with a face like thunder. Whatever might she have in mind? … Continue reading Chapter 4.10