Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 20

Well, we have made it to day 20 at last: the finale! Today, Nemmie takes Alyssa and Keanu on a dream date to Sulani and we will discover who has won her heart at the final deathflower ceremony in the evening. Also, on an unrelated point: WordPress just told me that my site has passed … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 20

Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 19

It's day 19: the penultimate day of the bachelorette. Today, the last challenge for an extra solo conversation with Nemmie will take place and, in the evening Nemmie will decide on the final two contestants to go on a dream date with her tomorrow. Nemmie: For the final challenge of this bachelorette, you're going … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 19

Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 18

Okedoke welcome to day 18. We're closing in on the finale now (which will be on day 20), only three contestants left for the group date today - which is good news for me, because it means only three solo conversations for me to write 😂 But, before we get into the day, it … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 18

Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 17

In the previous chapter, all of the contestants got solo conversations with Nemmie and Gabriel and Keanu even managed to snag a kiss from her totally autonomously. It's challenge day today and the contestants will be taking on one of my favourite bachelor/ette challenges. Nemmie: Dad! Have you come to spy on me again? … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 17

Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 16

Aaaaand it's day 16! Last time, there was another challenge and a deathflower ceremony in which five became four. Today, there will be solo conversations for all as the remaining contestants continue to build their relationships with our 'lovely' bachelorette. I start the day off with a group conversation in the mansion's hot spring. … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 16

Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 15

Welcome back to Nemmie's bachelorette. Last time, I threw a flirty party which meant lots of cringe making 'romantic' conversations. If you've made it through that puke fest then congratulations! This time, we'll have another challenge, the winner of which gets a solo convo with Nemmie as per usual, and end with a deathflower ceremony … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 15

Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 14

Last chapter, the contestants dived into a dumpster, Keanu won another solo conversation and Adam went home. Today, I've decided to turn up the romance and throw a flirty party - i.e. stick some love lamps around, force them to drink flirty juice and initiate some romance interactions. I start off by making everyone … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 14

Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 13

Another day another chapter. This time, the contestants will face another challenge and we will finish up with the first 'rose' ceremony of the bachelorette (it will become clear why I have put 'rose' in inverted commas later). It's the morning of day 13 and Nemmie is strutting her stuff in her black lingerie. … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 13

Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 12

Apologies once more for the long wait between chapters. As a quick reminder: last time, we had another challenge, which Keanu won, and said goodbye to Clay, leaving us with 6 contestants. This time, there will be a group date with solo conversations for all. Important note: Do you remember how I said that Nemmie … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 12

Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 11

Alrighty then, it's time for day 11! And I have nothing more to say, so let's begin, shall we? The challenge for today is the good old painting one. Nemmie: Painting? But that's not evil at all! Where's the suffering? Where's the trial and tribulation? Would you like me to set you on fire … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 11