Breed Out The Ugly

This is a completed ‘Breed Out The Ugly’ or ‘Breed Out The Weird’ challenge.

Gen 1

Founder: Ramona Belle

Download Ramona here

Chapter 1.0: The Beautiful Belle Family

Chapter 1.1: A Baby Belle!

Chapter 1.2: A Big Surprise…

Chapter 1.3: Deja Vu

Chapter 1.4: Belles in Brindleton

Chapter 1.5: Three Birthdays and an Adoption

Chapter 1.6: MC Donald Had a Club

Chapter 1.7: A Death in The Family

Gen 2

Gen 2 heir: Donald Belle

Download Donald here

Chapter 2.1: My Big Fat Ugly Wedding

Chapter 2.2: Baby Love

Chapter 2.3: They Grow Up So Fast

Chapter 2.4: Coolest Tot in Town

Chapter 2.5: Toilet Talk

Chapter 2.6: A Very Grim Date

Chapter 2.7: Teenage Dreams

Chapter 2.8: One Way Or Another

Gen 3

Gen 3 heir: Juliet Belle

Download Juliet here

Chapter 3.1: Wedding Belles

Chapter 3.2: Welcome to the World

Chapter 3.3: Jingle Belles

Chapter 3.4: We are Family

Chapter 3.5: Birthday Belles

Chapter 3.6: All About Alina

Chapter 3.7: The End of a Generation

Gen 4

Gen 4 heir: Alina Belle

Download Alina here

Chapter 4.1: A Star is Born… And a Baby

Chapter 4.2: 15 Minutes of Fame

Chapter 4.3: Cheating?!

Chapter 4.4: But I Want an Award Too!

Chapter 4.5: Puberty Done Good

Chapter 4.6: I Think I Wanna Marry You

Chapter 4.7: Celebrity is as Celebrity Does

Gen 5

Gen 5 heir: Katharine Belle

Download Katharine here

Chapter 5.1: Am I Cursed?

Chapter 5.2: Stranger Belles

Chapter 5.3: Creepy Katharine

Chapter 5.4: Holy Mother of Plants!

Chapter 5.5: The IncrediBelles

Chapter 5.6: I’m Back!

Chapter 5.7: The Ugly Twin

Chapter 5.8: Move Over Bella Swan

Chapter 5.9: Girl on Fire

Chapter 5.10: An Engagement and a Birthday

Gen 6

Gen 6 heir: Christin Belle

Download Christin here

Chapter 6.1: Unexpectedly Expecting

Chapter 6.2: A Winterfest Miracle

Chapter 6.3: A Beautiful Place For A Beautiful Family

Chapter 6.4: Mission Accomplished?

Chapter 6.5: Baby Turtles!

Chapter 6.6: Simillionaires

Chapter 6.7: Challenge Completed!

Gen 7

Gen 7 heir: Terence Belle

Download Terence here

*No chapters since challenge completed when Terence became a YA*