Chapter 3.7: The end of a generation

Juliet completed her painter extraordinaire aspiration with this final masterpiece (lol at Melanie photobombing): Juliet also painted this, which reminds me too much of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" paintings to be a coincidence. For reference, one of the real "The Scream" paintings: Shanice came by. Not exactly dressed appropriately for her age, but she's looking … Continue reading Chapter 3.7: The end of a generation

Chapter 3.6: All About Alina.

I've realised that once my sims have a kid, my posts tend to become largely about them, especially once they reach teenagehood. Oh well, I make no apologies! This post is all about Alina. I decided it was time for Alina to start working her charm on Dexter, so I had her meet up with … Continue reading Chapter 3.6: All About Alina.

Chapter 3.2: Welcome to the World

I moved the newlyweds into the tiny house in Forgotten Hollow (with Mayor Whiskers, of course), as I was having trouble finding them a place which was both within budget and unoccupied. Still, they will probably move out just as soon as I can locate a suitable house on the gallery for them. There's barely … Continue reading Chapter 3.2: Welcome to the World