Chapter 3.2: Welcome to the World

I moved the newlyweds into the tiny house in Forgotten Hollow (with Mayor Whiskers, of course), as I was having trouble finding them a place which was both within budget and unoccupied. Still, they will probably move out just as soon as I can locate a suitable house on the gallery for them. There’s barely room to breathe in their current house!

I put Juliet in the painting career due to her painting aspiration, and Melanie is a critic because I’ve never played that one before.

Juliet and Melanie got right down to business creating the next heir.

SUCCESS!!! Well, that’s hardly surprising – sims are very fertile.

Juliet told Melanie about the baby and she was thr-

Uhmmmm…. That face. Is there any way I can interpret this expression as joy?

Juliet keeps going to work in her old scouts uniform. I have no words.

Somebody said that all the kids of premades in my game are attractive. Unfortunately, not so! Behold: Celeste Vatore, The Chinless Wonder. I can’t remember whether she is Lilith or Caleb’s, but both Vatore siblings have had nothing but ugly kids in this game.

Also, Vlad has just given birth and his kids always turn out… Aesthetically challenged.

Maybe aggregative total chin size in a population is like the total amount of energy in the universe: it can’t be increased or decreased. When you have a few sims with huge chins (cough *Ramona, Donald, Annabeth, Juliet* cough) you gotta have some with tiny chins, like Celeste here, to maintain universal balance.

Also, Vlad has just given birth and his kids always turn out… Aesthetically challenged.

Melanie feeling the baby and looking more happy at the prospect of impending motherhood.

I took Juliet to the hospital to have the baby. She kept her cool, but Melanie freaked out.

Forget what I just said, Juliet is looking decidedly unhappy here. Well, I suppose you would in one of those machines – the number of organs I have seen those things pull out by accident is startling. Really imbues you with confidence in the medical profession.

Still freaking out there, Melanie?

And a baby girl was born! I have to admit I was a bit disappointed as I’d been hoping for a boy, but never mind. The randomiser picked the name Alina for her, which I can’t say I’ve ever heard before but it’s pretty.

Alina was a cute baby.

Grandpappy Donald even dropped by to see his new granddaughter.

Then, Alina aged up… And this happened:

I could cry!!! She looks almost exactly the same as Juliet did as a toddler. I don’t think we’ve succeeded in breeding any ugly out this generation. She still has the thin mouth and her face might even be wider than Juliet’s, if that’s possible. Sigh. I really thought that this time the face would finally go. This is going to take 10 generations, isn’t it? My only hope is that her jaw/chin may not be as bad as Juliet’s – not that I can see any evidence of that, but something has to have improved… Right?

Oh and she rolled the clingy trait.

I suppose she has a certain sweetness about her.

On the subject of babies, I noticed that Annabeth and Jackie had a daughter called Skye Bheeda just before Alina was born. She will be Alina’s first cousin once removed; I don’t think the game recognises that relation though, which is a shame. Since they are pretty much the same age, Skye and Alina should be friends! Plus, Skye is about as bad off as Juliet in the looks department. Fortunately for her, she has normal lips, though.


Also, here is Carla West, Annabeth’s (not so) secret child with another man. I decided to move her in with Annabeth and Jackie. She looks good: nice normal face shape.

Finally, Annabeth’s eldest, Lucas, is now a child. He would have been my third gen heir if Annabeth had been the heir of my second generation. How come two out of three of Annabeth’s kids are so normal looking, but Donald’s line has stubbornly retained the bobble head? Not fair! At least this shows it can be bred out.#


Feeeeel the luuuurvvee.

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