Chapter 3.6: All About Alina.

I’ve realised that once my sims have a kid, my posts tend to become largely about them, especially once they reach teenagehood. Oh well, I make no apologies! This post is all about Alina.

I decided it was time for Alina to start working her charm on Dexter, so I had her meet up with him at the park. After how difficult it was for Juliet to woo Melanie I was a bit worried history might repeat itself, but thankfully he was very receptive.

Both Alina and Dexter have the goofball trait, which I am taking as a sign from fate that they’re meant to be. Here’s Alina goofing around with Dexter (not so subtly using it as an excuse for some physical contact, I think).

It looks like Dexter is complimenting Alina on something other than her eyes here. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s her t-shirt he likes so much. Dexter, didn’t your mother ever tell you it’s rude to point at a girl’s chest area?

Oh well, Alina doesn’t seem to mind. She responded by giving him a compliment of her own:

I think Dexter is trying to impress Alina with a meme or his high score on flappy bird here. I can see her thinking: really?

I love how he’s looking at Alina in this picture:

Donald finally returned from the dead to visit us!

Juliet was pleased to see her father again.

Donald sat and talked with his daughter and granddaughter for a bit. Ah, three generations of ugly in one picture. What a truly beautiful sight.

Mayor Whiskers was glad to have his old friend back again. This picture is so cool – the vibrant purple and green look really pretty together.

Then I had Alina invite Dexter round, pluck up her courage…

… And BOOM! First kiss. Side note: you can see in this picture that Alina’s head is actually not that much larger than Dexter’s (compared with how big Juliet’s head is, anyway).

He agreed to be her boyfriend straight away. Well, that was easy!

Alina is still hanging out with Skye; I like that they’ve been friends since toddlerhood. Ah my special girls… What are you doing?

I think Alina definitely turned out better in the looks department than Skye – but admittedly  that’s not saying much!

Alina persuading Skye to come out dancing with her:

They tore up the dance floor together! I leave “tear up” open to interpretation, as to whether that means they actually danced well or not.

Please don’t tell me they are twerking – oh God, I think they’re twerking. Alina noooo.

Get it, girl!

Later, the girls also tried the bubble blower. Or at least, Alina did while Skye watched on smugly as Alina choked up clouds of bubbles (can you have a cloud of bubbles?)

Alina: Guess what!

Skye: What?

Alina *whispers*: I have a boyfriend.

Awww Skye don’t look so sad. I’m sure fate MCCC will find you a nice guy or gal, too.

Dexter asked Alina out to dinner. Poor dude, here he is turning on the charm and Alina isn’t even looking at him.

Is it just me, or do they both look really nervous?

Alina blowing him a kiss:

Um Alina, there is a hot guy in front of you get the hell off your phone!

The food took ages to come. WHY? I mean, it’s a video game. It’s not like someone actually has to cook the stuff. It’s just pixels, for crying out loud!

By the end of the date, they were both very flirty.

Alina had one whim to woohoo and another whim to woohoo with Dexter, specifically. So, what did I do? Of course, I selected “woohoo in bush”.

Ah where every girl dreams of having her first woohoo: inside a damp, dirty, scratchy garden shrub which I know for a fact people have peed in. How wonderfully romantic.

The emergence of shame:

Dexter looks so pleased with himself lol.

I noticed that after only a few days of dating, Dexter and Alina are already soulmates! What a contrast to Juliet and Melanie.

Melanie: Yes, Alina. I know all about your boyfriend. This is only the one hundredth time you’ve mentioned him today.

Sorry if anyone is feeling like Melanie about this chapter…

I think Alina is exhausted after all that’s been going on!

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