Chapter 3.3: Jingle Belles

Annabeth’s daughter, Carla, became a child and I have to say she is looking really good. How you so pretty, Carla?

She may still end up getting Annabeth’s underbite, but at least she doesn’t have a bobble head!

I’ve moved Juliet, Melanie, Alina and Mayor Whiskers to Brindleton Bay. They are now living in a nice little bungalow I downloaded off the gallery for them, as I couldn’t find any nice places within their budget.

Now, some cute toddler pictures of Alina…

Alina: My head is going to get how big?

Little demon. I mean, toddler. Get out of the toilet!

Making friends with the kitty cat.

The family went to visit Annabeth and Jackie for the holidays and Alina met her (sort of) cousins for the first time.

Comparing head sizes with Skye…

I recently learned about the mousehole that came with Cats and Dogs and I was excited to see what Mayor Whiskers would make of it. Where did I decide to put it? Where else but the toddler’s room! I am such an excellent parent.

Unfortunately, Mayor Whiskers just ignored the mouse. What sort of cat are you? Maybe he wants to keep it as a pet of his own.

Then, it was Winterfest (hence my punny title).

Jingle Belles, jingle belles

Jingle all the way…

Juliet and Melanie decorated the tree. I don’t know why, but it glitched out and the decorations on the bottom half were white. Maybe because it was outdoors?

Alina: My parents are ignoring me so they can play with a tree. Will you be my new mummy?


Then, Melanie and Alina started playing autonomously, which was cute.

Present time!

I swear Alina’s present was half the size of her body.

Father Winter came. Unfortunately, he did not give Alina a present despite her asking several times.  Maybe he knew she’s been playing in the toilet… But, Juliet and Melanie got theirs:

The day after Winterfest, Alina aged up!

She rolled the goofball trait, just like her mother and grandfather and the whizz kid aspiration. Maybe I will try to actually complete her childhood aspiration for a change. She didn’t get any toddler reward traits.

As anticipated, she is basically a miniature version of Juliet, but with a worse chin. I can’t believe we’ve actually managed to take a step backwards this generation. Still, she does look like a sweet kid.

Skye, Jackie and Annabeth’s daughter, is now also a child. I don’t know why but she is so adorable. She’ll probably grow up into a monster though…


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