Chapter 3.5: Birthday Belles

Lots of birthdays this chapter!

First up Carla, Annabeth’s secondborn, became a teen:

Really, I think all the ugly in her is almost gone. She is quite attractive except for the underbite.

Just Juliet playing in a muddy puddle. Aren’t you meant to be a grown woman, Juliet?

I’ve no idea when Melanie’s work outfit changed to this but it is so awesome.

Melanie became an adult.

Alina celebrated by um… sitting inside her stool? Honestly, you should know how to use the furniture by now, Alina.

Had to include this picture because of how aesthetically pleasing it is. Mayor Whiskers prancing through his natural habitat.

Alina manipulated both of her parents into completing her school project for her. She looks so smug.

With this painting, Juliet has maxed out the painting skill! She was promoted to level 10 of the painting career soon afterwards.

Alina completed her whizz kid aspiration (yay!) just in time for her birthday. She rolled the outgoing trait and the successful lineage aspiration.

Oh wow. You know, when she was a child I thought Alina was going to turn out just like Juliet, but she is actually a big improvement! I think she’s kinda pretty, but that may be because I’ve had too much exposure to ugly sims lately.

For all my worries about Alina’s chin, it’s turned out better than Juliet’s (it’s actually verging on too small now, but I’ll take it!) She also does not seem to have an underbite anymore and her jaw is more normal. However, the main difference is that, although her head is still larger than average, it is significantly smaller than Juliet’s. Her face is definitely less horse-shaped. We are slowly slowly shrinking that head down generation by generation. Of course, Alina’s head might get bigger when she is a young adult, but I’m not anticipating much change.

Here is Juliet for comparison:

Skye, Annabeth’s third child, also became a teen. I’d say she turned out the worst of Annabeth’s three kids – sorry Skye.

I think I’ve found Alina’s future partner: Dexter Fyres:

His father is the son of Dominic and Moira Fyres and his mother is the daughter of Nina Caliente. And. He. Is. H.O.T.

Juliet became an adult.

And then tried to recapture her youth by jumping in a pile of trash. Juliet, did you just turn 40 or 4?

Look where I found Mayor Whiskers sitting! I didn’t know cats could sit on bedside tables.

Looks like he’s smiling.

To finish off, I had to show you this: Alina came home from school filthy and looking so adorably sad about it.



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