Vlad 100 Baby Challenge

A completed 100 baby challenge with Vladislaus Straud as ‘matriarch’ (technically patriarch). Vlad gave birth to and raised all the babies. Mostly premades (both male and female) were used as donors.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: One Down, 99 To Go

Chapter 3: The Dungeon of Toddlers

Chapter 4: Full House

Chapter 5: Rocket Ruined

Chapter 6: Many Birthdays

Chapter 7: Flying Popcorn

Chapter 8: Ghostly Infidelities

Chapter 9: Alien Love

Chapter 10: A Special Gift From Daddy Winter

Chapter 11: Toddler… Care?

Chapter 12: 1/4 Done!

Chapter 13: Humping the Hermit

Chapter 14: An Alien Abduction

Chapter 15: Flirting With Death

Chapter 16: 1/3 Done!

Chapter 17: Bonking Bats

Chapter 18: The Father Meets The Mother

Chapter 19: Getting Nasty With Nalani

Chapter 20: Makin’ Magic With Morgyn

Chapter 21: The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe and Everything

Chapter 22: Beating the Kids

Chapter 23: Doing the Yucky with Yuki

Chapter 24: Don Lothario Gets Lothario’ed

Chapter 25: Popcorn Head

Chapter 26: We’re Half Way There

Chapter 27: Wet Woohoo

Chapter 28: What Responsibilities?

Chapter 29: Vlad Joins The Fifty-Mile-High Club

Chapter 30: Cracking on in Coffins

Chapter 31: Triple Trouble

Chapter 32: Vlad The Homewrecker

Chapter 33: More Homewrecking

Chapter 34: 2/3rds Done and Leave the Cake Alone!

Chapter 35: A Celebrity Scandal

Chapter 36: Vlad the Social Media Star

Chapter 37: A Streaker at Straud Mansion

Chapter 38: (Over) 3/4 Done!

Chapter 39: An Attempted Jailbreak

Chapter 40: Let’s Get Political

Chapter 41: Elemental, My Dear Vlad

Chapter 42: Vlad The National Leader

Chapter 43: Volcano Bombs, Robots and a Royal Rendezvous

Chapter 44: The Final Countdown

Chapter 45: Finally Finished!

Chapter 46 (Epilogue): A Robotic Romance