Chapter 3.62

In the previous  chapter, Vlad continued to teach yoga at the spa and inadvertently killed a townie through making them enraged, Phoebe took a potion of youth and became a four star celebrity, Nemmie completed her aspiration and Lori and Amora worked on skills for their careers. Vlad teaches another yoga class. Caleb: Ew … Continue reading Chapter 3.62

Chapter 3.61

Quick recap: The family are back from Batuu now and I got started on the Spa Day aspirations right away. Lori got the inner peace aspiration, Rowan the Zen Guru aspiration (which he has already completed) and Vlad the self care specialist aspiration. In other news, Lori is now a secret agent and Amora is … Continue reading Chapter 3.61

Chapter 3.60

Last time, Nemmie and Vlad planned evil plans, Lori completed the hope vs order aspiration, Rowan completed the Galactic Privateer aspiration, and Vlad completed the Enforcer of Order aspiration. This means that we are finally finally FINALLY done with the JTB aspirations. Now that we're back home from Batuu, I made Lori and Amora … Continue reading Chapter 3.60

Chapter 3.58

In the last chapter, Amora and Nemmie were bored, Rowan infiltrated the Resistance base again, Vlad failed to arrest a criminal and Kylo was not pleased with him, and Lori managed to steal something from a First Order supply crate while Vlad distracted Lieutenant Agnon. Rowan is still looking for Dok Ondar's missing goods … Continue reading Chapter 3.58

Chapter 3.57

Last time, Phoebe and Rowan woohooed in the dwelling, Lori and Rowan got electrocuted, Rowan broke into the Resistance base and the First Order base, Vlad ID'ed several citizens and Amora and Nemmie got neglected. Amora: Nemmie, sit. Nemmie: Huh? Amora: I said 'sit'. Nemmie: Don't want sit. Amora: I'll give you a sweetie. … Continue reading Chapter 3.57

Chapter 3.56

Last chapter, Lori, Vlad and Phoebe all completed the hope vs order aspiration. Vlad went on to start the enforcer of order aspiration and Lori began the paragon of hope aspiration. Meanwhile, Rowan carried on with the galactic privateer aspiration and played a lot of Sabaac against Hondo. I believe that Lori is trying … Continue reading Chapter 3.56

Chapter 3.53

Last time, Vlad, Rowan and Lori maxed the wellness skill, and Amora went to the magical realm and learned various spells and potions. Here's Amora experimenting at the cauldron. I just thought this screenshot looked pretty neat with the blue light coming from her wand. Phoebe: I can't help but feel like we're … Continue reading Chapter 3.53