Chapter 4.9

It’s chapter 9 of gen 4! In chapter 8, Nemmie completed the Lone Wolf aspiration and got started on the Emissary of the Collective aspiration, which required her to leave the Wildfangs and join the Moonwood Collective. Also last chapter: Keanu and Nemmie made another baby (baby number 4 if you’re counting), Vlad completed the self care specialist aspiration, and Keanu met his alternative universe father.

So, Tomoko died and I was genuinely sad about it – though extremely glad that she lived long enough for Vlad to complete his aspiration (it was a close thing). She was practically a family member with the amount of time she spent at the house. RIP Tomoko, you will be missed… Probably not by Vlad though 😛

I just realised that there were absolutely no screenshots of Una, Deuce or Tressa in the last chapter…. So I think it’s about time I provide proof that they have not (yet) been taken by CPS.

Vlad: You think CPS would stand a chance of taking Una from me? Ha, I’d like to see them try!

Erm what about Deuce and Tressa?

Vlad: Oh CPS is welcome to those two, they’re both werewolves.

(Not sure if I mentioned this but yes Tressa is a werewolf as well, I can tell by her crib).

Una: Bats are the bestest.

Deuce: No wolves are the bestest.

Una: Hmmm: Bat-wolves are the bestest!

Deuce: Yes!!!

Sigh. This makes me wish for vampire-werewolf hybrids.

Daaaaawww. Apparently the werewolf-vampire enmity does not extend to the next generation.

Keanu: Hello sweetie, I’m sorry you didn’t get any screen time last chapter.

Una: Chapter?

Keanu: Our entire lives are being spied on and recorded by an invisible evil entity.

Una: Enty?

Keanu: You’ll understand when you’re older.

And here’s Nemmie with Tressa.

Vlad: Another werewolf, huh? You know, the bonus point that the creator is aiming for only requires that one raise ten children to adulthood. It would be quite in line with that to cast out any werewolf children and only raise ten vampire ones.

Nemmie: If you think that I am going to birth more than ten children, just so that you can have ten vampire great great grandkids, you’ve got another think coming. And besides, my werewolf children will be perfect little warriors, fiercely loyal to the Alpha of the family.

Vlad: Meaning me?

Nemmie: You’re not even a werewolf, you can’t be an Alpha!

Deuce: Gweat gweat gwandad Alpha?

Vlad: Hmm perhaps he’s not such a loathsome little toerag after all, he certainly knows true leadership when he sees it. Fine Nemmie, you may keep your werewolf spawn. I suppose there’s still hope that I might be able to persuade them to embrace their vampire ancestry.

Nemmie: Thank you?

It’s a full moon which means that the Moonpetal is flowering in Moonwood Mill. I send Nemmie over there to harvest it, even though this won’t count for the cure seeker aspiration (for that aspiration you have to harvest moonpetal 3 times) since she doesn’t currently have the cure seeker aspiration active. I thought this was such a nice picture, though.

Nemmie: *Snarling noises*

Townies: *Faint*

Nemmie: What did I say?

Now that Nemmie’s completed the Lone Wolf aspiration, she has some reward trait which makes nearby sims so terrified that they pass out around her. I love it 😂

Keanu manages to max the programming skill.

As you may remember from last chapter, Nemmie failed to defeat Kristopher in her first bid to win the Moonwood Collective’s Alpha position. So, we’re trying again.

Oh for crying out loud Nemmie, how did you manage to lose again?

Nemmie: You just wait until I’m not pregnant anymore. I will destroy you in claw to claw combat!

Time for Tressa to become a tot! She got the independent trait which is, obviously, The Best Toddler Trait Ever.

Here’s some CAS close ups of her:

Purple eyes, yay!

Meanwhile, Una is becoming a child. She gets the erratic trait which, as you may know already, is one of my favourites. She also got the happy toddler reward trait for getting all toddler skills to level 3. And her childhood aspiration is artistic prodigy.

Here’s some CAS pics:

She honestly reminds me so much of Keanu already. And I can never say enough how much I love the glowing yellow eyes!

Vlad arrives home from work with a promotion… And a new outfit which, by the looks of it, he is not a fan of.

Vlad: If you don’t get me out of this getup instantly there will be serious trouble!

The good news for Vlad is that he’s now reached the top of the stylist career, so he’ll never have to wear his new work uniform ever again.

I have him quit the stylist career and join the law career instead. The idea of Vlad, of all people, having anything to do with the justice system, is more than slightly terrifying.

Keanu plays with Deuce while Nemmie potty trains Tressa.

Nemmie: Now I’m no expert on children…

You have three and counting.

Nemmie: … But, are you sure you’re meant to shake them like that?

Keanu: He loves it!

Deuce: S-s-s-sick!

Nemmie: Oh ugh it looks as though Tressa missed the potty!

Nemmie, you’re not fooling anyone. We all know that that puddle urine on the floor belongs to you. Apparently you’re not qualified to be toilet training anyone…

Una is drawing pictures for her aspiration while Tressa plays dolls.

Tressa: What Una drawing?

Una: A monster.

Tress: Draw me next?

Una: Didn’t I just say I’m drawing you?

Keanu’s doing something on the computer. Probably not programming as he already maxed that. Could be video gaming as I did decide that he needs to raise this skill for his future in the tech guru career… Or maybe it’s a work task for the salaryperson career.

I’m having Vlad try to max the comedy skill… Not that he needs to – he doesn’t need it for work or an aspiration or anything, and I’ve already maxed it in this legacy – but it’s one of the ‘main’ skills and he hasn’t maxed it yet so I thought doing so might come in handy some day.

Vlad: Basically, you just hate me and don’t want me to be happy.


I notice that the blocks are magically levitating in the playroom, which means either Tressa has become invisible, or there’s a ghost pet about.

Turns out it was Nugget.

Keanu decides to change Deuce’s nappy and quickly wishes that he hadn’t.

Keanu: Oh ugh, how can such a small sim produce something so stinky?

Later, I have Keanu go out on a mission to increase his vampire XP/gain vampire power points.

Keanu: I’d like to order a pint of your finest plasma.

Bartender: Erm I can rustle up a plasma jane for you?

Keanu: I had something different in mind… Something a little more fresh.

Karaoke singer: *Horrible noises*

Keanu: Please stop, you sound like a strangled cat

Karaoke singer: Whatever dude, go someplace else if you don’t like it *Sings louder*

Keanu: Well, I did try asking nicely *casts hallucination*

I basically have Keanu go on a plasma/hallucination spree, but I don’t wanna bore you so I’m going to end the chapter here.

Keanu: How dare you call me displaying my vampiric prowess boring? Nemmie gets screenshots of her doing werewolf stuff.

Hey, this is gonna be a long ass generation as it is. I’m having to make some serious cuts when deciding what to include in the chapters and, unfortunately for you, I’ve been there and done that with vampires a thousand times. Werewolves are new.


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