Chapter 4.7

Last chapter, Nemmie and Keanu made baby number three, Nemmie found Greg's diary and learned the recipe for 'Wolf B-Gone', Keanu became a prime vampire (largely thanks to repeated use of the 'cast hallucination' power on any sim that crosses his path), and Vlad continued The Worst Aspiration in The History of All Aspirations (aka … Continue reading Chapter 4.7

Chapter 4.6

In the last chapter, Una became a toddler and (to Vlad's delight) we discovered that she is a vampire, baby number two (a werewolf boy named Deuce) was born, Nemmie managed to become Alpha of the Wildfangs and completed the Wildfang Renegade aspiration, after which she started the Lone Wolf aspiration and defeated Greg in … Continue reading Chapter 4.6

Chapter 4.5

Last time, Vlad continued with his self care specialist aspiration, Nemmie completed the werewolf initiate aspiration and got started on the Wildfang Renegade aspiration (including failing to beat Rory in a tug of war challenge for pack leadership twice), and Amora reached the top of the astronaut career and was finally allowed to move out. … Continue reading Chapter 4.5

Chapter 4.4

Quick recap: Last time, Amora continued to overcharge as a direct result of my exploitation of her magical talents, Nemmie joined the Wildfangs and saved Keanu's alternative universe half brother from death, and baby number one was born (a girl called Una) with baby number two conceived soon afterwards. Tomoko is back again for … Continue reading Chapter 4.4

Chapter 4.3

Welcome back! In the previous chapter, I forced Amora to mass produce potions for me and she overcharged... A lot, Nemmie peed everywhere and attacked random sims worked on her werewolf XP, Rowan managed to complete the neighbourhood confidante aspiration, and Keanu discovered that his wife is now a werewolf, We begin this chapter … Continue reading Chapter 4.3

Chapter 4.2

Last time, Nemmie joined the military, Keanu joined the salaryperson career, Vlad continued the self care aspiration, Rowan got started on the neighbourhood confidante aspiration, Nemmie became a werewolf and began the werewolf initiate aspiration, aaaaand Nemmie and Keanu got married and conceived baby number one. Vlad is coaching Keanu in vampire stuff to … Continue reading Chapter 4.2

Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 19

It's day 19: the penultimate day of the bachelorette. Today, the last challenge for an extra solo conversation with Nemmie will take place and, in the evening Nemmie will decide on the final two contestants to go on a dream date with her tomorrow. Nemmie: For the final challenge of this bachelorette, you're going … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 19

Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 18

Okedoke welcome to day 18. We're closing in on the finale now (which will be on day 20), only three contestants left for the group date today - which is good news for me, because it means only three solo conversations for me to write 😂 But, before we get into the day, it … Continue reading Bachelorette: Gen 4, Day 18