Chapter 4.19

In the previous chapter, Una became a teen and got started on the vampire family aspiration, and Quentin became a child. And that’s all the important stuff.

Una will need to be good friends with 5 vampire offspring for her aspiration, so I make her take lots of pictures with/of all 5 of the sims who she turned last chapter until their friendship bar is full/almost full. Out of those pictures, I will leave you with one picture of Una with each of her vampire offspring (I love how you can see the bite marks on their necks in the photos):

Una with Kenichi.

Una with Kengo.

Una with Andy.

Una with Gillian.

And, last but not leas, Una with Courtney (she’s pretty).

Nemmie: What did you get up to on your vacation day, then?

Una: Well, this morning I turned five sims into vampires and now, while I wait for their transformations to be complete, I’m looking up information on vampires to increase my vampire XP.

Nemmie: So, you’re making your own army of vampire minions? How lovely! You can put them to all sorts of evil uses.

Frustratingly, Tressa managed to get her empathy out of range to receive the insensitive trait thanks to one of the annoying ‘ask for advice’ chance cards. But no matter, I had her go out and harass this poor lady until her empathy was sufficiently low again.

Tressa: *Pointing* Ha ha ha ha ha!

Townie: What?

Tressa: Your face looks like a squashed toe!

What does that even mean?

And Tressa qualifies once more for the insensitive trait. Goody!

Nemmie: The creator’s been leaving us alone so much recently. I hardly hear her voice in my head at all.

Keanu: I know. I think she’s busy harassing Una about her aspiration.

Nemmie: Well, let’s make the most of it.

I actually let them woohoo for fun. No babies obviously, since the household is full.

Caly: Well well if it isn’t the vampire who’s been casting hallucinations on me every five seconds.

Keanu: Wait, you’re talking to me? I thought you didn’t deign to talk to non-famous sims.

Una: Listen closely and I will tell you a tale – tale of the dead…. And of the undead: A long time ago in a kingdom far far away, a foolish spellcaster attempted to bring back her slain lover with a spell of resurrection. But alas, she recited the incantation with an ever so slightly erroneous pronunciation and the very next day he rose from the dead, with glowing red eyes and skin like marble and sank his teeth into her neck…

Does it really say that anywhere on the internet?

Una: No, it says that vampires have been around for hundreds of thousands of years and we don’t know exactly know how they first sprung up… But mine is a better story, isn’t it? And if it’s a better story, it must be true!

(Una was telling herself a story while researching info on vampires)

And Una is a master vampire! I can’t believe how quickly she got here just through searching for information on vampires on the computer. It can’t have taken her more than about a day and half. She needed to be a master vampire for her aspiration, she she meets that requirement now.

I made her get full sun resistance (which is available to purchase at this rank) since I figure I won’t want her to risk burning to death in high school.

Tressa is still skipping school every day so that her responsibility stays nice and low. For some reason, Nugget’s ghost was still hanging around at about 2pm in the afternoon! Must’ve been a glitch.

Tressa: When I grow up, Great Great Grandad says I’m going to be a dog just like you.

Erm I think that was meant to be an insult against werewolves, Tressa.

Tressa: I played with a ghost dog this afternoon!

Quade: No you didn’t, everyone knows ghosts don’t come out during the day.

Tressa: How would you know? You get to spend all day at school like a loser.

Quade: Great Great Grandad, tell her to stop being mean!

Vlad: Huh?

Deuce: I can’t wait until I’m a teenager.

Keanu: Why’s that?

Deuce: I’ll get to go to high school and transform into a werewolf. I’m going to have so much fun rampaging around the classroom and freaking out my teachers!

Nemmie: I should hope so!

I had Una start a club for all of her vampire offspring (called, imaginatively enough, ‘vampire offspring’) so that she could start a club gathering and thereby summon them all to her at once and witness them turning into vampires.

The first one to turn is Courtney…

… Who is then immediately attacked by Nugget.

Courtney: Argh! Call him off!

Una: *Sniggers* I mean I would, but I don’t want to ruin his fun.

Una has to train 3 of her offspring for her aspiration and she starts with Courtney. She had to give Courtney a potion of emotional stability before she was prepared to be trained because she was tense from just transforming though.

Una: Then you point like so and – behold – green light shoots out of your palm and smacks them in the face!

Courtney: Then what?

Una: That’s it.

Courtney: Not very impressive, is it?

Then, I spot Kenichi transforming.

I guess we know what at least one of Courtney’s traits is now 😂 I’m surprised Una wasn’t out there showering with her!

And here is Andy transforming. I must have missed Kengo’s and Gillians’ transformations, because I don’t have screenshots of them but they’re definitely full vampires so I know that they did transform.

Andy: Argh the thirst, it burns!

Vlad: Shush, some of us are trying to work! Making these rulings requires my full concentration: now let’s see… Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty…

(Vlad is in the law career and has to make rulings as his daily work task. I always choose ‘guilty’ 😁)

Next, Una gives Gillian some vampiric training.

Una: Now follow my lead: stretch out your arms and focus on incapacitating the mortal’s puny mind.

Gillian: What’s with all the black smoke?

Una: I dunno, I think it’s just for show.

Una: Well, Great Great Grandad, I’m a master vampire and I have five vampire offspring already. Not bad given that I’ve only had my vampire powers for 3 days, huh?

Vlad: Very impressive, Una. I always knew you’d grow into a formidable young vampire!

Rowan: She’s not going to start throwing hallucinations around, is she?

Nope, probably not. Since I’ve learned about how fast searching for info on vampires at the computer gives vampire XP, the ghosts of the family are likely safe from now on.

Nemmie: Well, your sister has been working nonstop on her vampire powers. I hope you’ve been similarly diligent with your werewolf training. We can’t be letting down the werewolf side of this family now, can we?

Tressa: Erm as a child I can’t really do many wolf things… But I can howl! Listen: Awwoooooooooo!

Nemmie: I suppose that will have to do.

And as the final act of her aspiration, Una mentors Kengo in his vampire powers.

Una: This is how you levitate through sheer force of will.

Kengo: Question: what if I fall?

Una: You have to believe that you won’t fall!

Kengo: And how do you do that?

Yasssssss! Una has completed her aspiration and she is only on day 3/13 of being a teen. I didn’t realise this aspiration could be done so quickly but there you go.

Una: And now I’m free!

Kinda. Now you get to do one of the high school aspirations (whatever those turn out to be).

Quentin: Why are you taking a picture of me in the bath?

Because I just realised that you have literally no screenshots whatsoever in this chapter and when I found you, you happened to be in the bath. Be grateful that you get to be included at all.

I don’t plan to play the game again until the High School Years pack comes out, so next chapter I’ll be exploring that with Una. I’m so excited!


One thought on “Chapter 4.19

  1. “What’d you do on summer vacation?” I made a pack of vampire lackeys. “Ugh, you’re such a liar, Una.”


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