Chapter 4.18

In the last chapter, Nemmie became a werewolf again, Tressa got her character values in range for the bad manners and irresponsible traits (meaning that she is in range to receive all of the negative character value traits), Nemmie and Keanu were memorialised by a photo and paintings, and Nemmie reached the top of the military career and was able to quit her job (she is not pleased that her plans for world domination have been curtailed though).

An intruding paparazzi gets what’s coming to her as Vlad uses her for a snack.

Paparazzi: Ugh why do I always land the worst jobs?

At long last, it’s time for our first teenager of this generation as Una ages up. She gets the hot headed trait and the vampire family aspiration – which is actually a really fitting aspiration for her since she is a vampire! I love it when the aspirations that they randomly roll as teens actually fit the sim.

Annoyingly, getting the hot headed trait has put Una’s conflict resolution out of range to receive the mediator parenthood reward trait so I’m going to have to grind to get that back in range. Grrrr so annoying!

Anyways, here are some close up CAS pics of her:

I think she is beautiful! She has Nemmie’s eye shape but with Keanu’s eye colour which is such a perfect combination. Honestly, I like her so much that I may not move her out when she becomes a YA. I might keep her around so that she will be included in the heir poll when it happens (when you move a sim out of the legacy family, you aren’t allowed to move them back in, so only children who are in the household at the time of the heir poll will be eligible to be heir and therefore be included in the poll).

(Also, as you will see, I dressed her in clothes from the werewolves gp even though she’s not a werewolf just because I thought they suited her).

And here is her dark form:

Her dark form is literally identical to her normal form which is kind of disappointing. I suppose I could have edited it but I was feeling lazy. Perhaps later.

In order to have Una speedily get her conflict resolution back in range for the mediator trait, I have her start an argument with random townies (for which I then have a parent discipline her) and then have her apologise for the argument and have a parent praise her for this which boosts her conflict resolution.

Una: I’m really sorry, I promise I didn’t mean a word of what I just said!

Townie: I should hope not! How dare you blame me for the filthiness of this house, I’ve never stepped foot here before in my life!

(Una had been arguing with her ‘about dirty surroundings’).

Ok Nemmie off you go and praise Una for apologising.

Nemmie: Do I have to? I really can’t be bothered.

I make her do it anyway.

Nemmie: *Clap clap* well done for apologising Una, nice bit of conflict resolution there and all that jazz.

Una: Mum, I’m a teenager now – stop clapping, it’s so embarrassing!

I also have Una pick an argument with Quade.

Una: Stop that!

Quade: Stop what?

Una: Being annoying!

Quade: How am I being annoying?

Una: You’re existing!

Quade: You want me to stop existing?

Apology time.

Una: Sorry little bro, I don’t really want you to stop existing and you’re not annoying – well, not very annoying, anyway. The evil voice made me start an argument with you, you know how it is.

Quade: I suppose I do… She had me get into fist fights with a bunch of other kids just so that I could get in range for the argumentative trait. My head got hit so hard I’m not sure my long term memory will ever be the same again.

Vlad hugs Quentin which is sweet.

Vlad: Come here Quentin, your Great Great Granddad wants to speak to you.

Quentin: Gwandad!

Vlad: Now, wouldn’t it be much cooler to be a vampire than a werewolf? Just like your Great Great Grandad?

Oh I see where this is going.

Una also argues with Tressa.

Una: I feel sorry for you, Tressa.

Tressa: Why?

Una: Because you’re going to grow up to be a useless stinking dog.

Tressa: Hey, werewolves are awesome!

Una: No, werewolves are a highly inferior backwards life state – Great Great Grandad says so. Vampires are the best.

Tressa: They are not!

Nemmie: You’d better be about to take all of that back, Una, or you’re going to learn just how a wolf mother disciplines her pups…

Una: O-of course Mum. Werewolves aren’t inferior – in fact, they are pretty awesome. I just needed to pick an argument with Tressa. Do you forgive me, sis?

Tressa: I guess, fine.

Keanu: *Applauds* Apologising is always the right thing to do!

Una: Didn’t I say no more clapping?

Yay, Una manages to get her conflict resolution in range for the mediator trait again.

Una: I hear that there’s a new pack coming out just for teenagers. I’m going to be the first sim in this family to go to an active high school!

Tressa: Rabbithole school, active school… Whatever, both sound boring. I’ll be skiving either way.

Nemmie: I always fancied the idea of being Prom Queen. Do you think I could sneak back in? I’m still a young adult and teens and young adults look pretty much indistinguishable.

Keanu: Probably not dear, the game always knows.

Una: Thank goodness. The thought of going to high school with my Mum is *shudder*

Keanu: But even if we can’t actually go to high school, I hear there’s some other interesting features of this pack… Like the tunnel of love at the fairground *winks*

Una: Please stop talking.

Vlad: Listen, now that you’re of age –

Una: I’m not of age

Vlad: Now that you’re of vampire age, it’s time for me to entrust you with the ultimate secret about being a vampire. Remember this, and you won’t fail to be the most powerful, the most feared vampire out there – well, apart from me of course.

Una: What is it?

Vlad: *Whispers*

Oh come on, you mean we don’t get to hear?

Vlad: Nope.

Una: *hugs Vlad* Thank you. I promise to make you proud and be the most terrifying vampire that I can be.

Vlad: I know you will. You’ve always been my favourite Great Great grandchild, you know that?

Una: And you’re my favourite Great Great Granddad.

He’s your only great great granddad.

I’m not really doing anything with Deuce so he doesn’t get much of a look in these days. Here he is playing on the pirate ship, actually getting to enjoy his childhood unbothered by me.

Now that she’s a teenager, Una’s vampire powers have kicked in and she claims her first victim.

Una: Just so you know, I’ve never done this before. So, I’ll try not to kill you, but I’m sorry if I accidentally take too much plasma.

Townie: Wh-wh-what?

And let’s end this chapter with Quentin becoming a child. He gets the gloomy trait and social butterfly aspiration.

Here’s some CAS shots of him now:

And yeah, since I don’t really have anything planned for Quentin, you probably won’t be seeing much more of him as a child šŸ¤£

Una: Hello, yes I need to have a day off of school. No, I’m not sick. I just need some time to level up my vampire ranks. Yes I did just say vampire…

I heard that there are 4 new teen specific aspirations coming out in the new pack, and I really really want to explore them when it comes out. But, Una is my only teen and as per the legacy rules she can’t start a new aspiration until she has completed her current one (vampire family – which was randomly assigned to here). Therefore, I’m having her take a vacation day from school to work on that aspiration and hopefully get it done asap.

Keanu: You teens are always glued to your social media accounts these days. What is it this time – a new simstagram profile picture?

Una: Actually, I’m searching the internet for information on vampires. Apparently, this is the fastest and most efficient way to gain vampire XP and I need to become a prime vampire for this stage of my aspiration – and ultimately a master vampire.

Keanu: *Sigh* Technology really has taken over everything these days, completely cut out the need for any personal interaction at all… I became a grand master by draining and casting hallucinations on countless sims.

Phoebe: You mean to tell me that Keanu could have levelled up his vampire ranks just by sitting at a computer? So all of those hallucinations that I’ve suffered at his hand were completely unnecessary?

Yes. Sorry about that. I actually didn’t realise that looking up vampire info on the computer was the quickest method until I googled it literally just now.

Una: Hang on a minute, who are you?

Quentin: I’m Quentin, your youngest brother.

Una: I thought you were a toddler.

Quentin: Not anymore. And now I get to be a proper part of this legacy!

Ahaha yeah… This is the only screenshot you’re getting for the rest of this chapter my friend. And I literally only added it so that you would have a screenshot as a child.

Sure enough, Una speedily becomes a Minor vampire and is able to purchase the vampire creation power which she needs in order to turn 5 sims into vampires for her aspiration.

I send Una out to turn 5 sims. She starts with this mixologist, who is called Courtney Fabulous.

Courtney: You want me to what?

Una: To bite me.

Courtney: Are you sure you’re not drunk?

Una: One down, four more to go.

Courtney: Um who’re you talking to?

Una: My friends.

Courtney: There’s nobody there.

Una: That’s what you think.

Courtney: Yup, definitely drunk.

(Una is erratic and she was ‘talking with friends’ here)

Next up is another mixologist, called Kendrick Gillian.

Lori: Una, what are you doing?

Una: Oh hi Auntie Lori. Nothing much, just turning some random townies into vampires.

Lori: You take after Vlad, I see.

The third sim to be turned by Una is Kenichi Kondo.

Kenichi: Please, I don’t want to be a vampire.

Una: Have a little gratitude! By the looks of it, I’ve just saved you from imminent death by old age.

Next we have Kengo Ishikawa who chomps down rather enthusiastically on Una’s arm.

Una: Ouch, not so hard – that hurts!

Kenichi watches on, looking depressed.

Kenichi: Another poor soul, lost to the darkness.

Una: Oh stop being so gloomy. You’ll make me regret keeping you around for eternity.

And the fifth sim to be turned is Andy Hutchison.

Andy: I don’t understand, why choose me to become a vampire? You know nothing about me.

Una: You also have a red checked shirt.

Andy: Right. I see you put a lot of thought into this.


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