Chapter 4.13

Last time, Una kept working on her positive character value traits, baby number five (a werewolf boy called Quentin) was born, Keoni visited, Tressa got in range for the insensitive trait and threw many tantrums, Quade wandered around without any clothes on, and Nemmie got hit by lightning. 

Paparazzi: Oh dear, not again. I should really find some other celebrity family to stalk…

This is the same paparazzi dude who was fed on by Vlad, attacked by Nugget and caused to experience an hallucination by Keanu last chapter.

Rowan is back and Keanu casts a hallucination on him.

Rowan: I did so much for you during my life and this is how you repay me? I can’t even have a peaceful afterlife!

Um… Yeah pretty much.

Quade is still running around nekked.

Vlad: This child is destined to be a great and powerful vampire of the Straud bloodline. How dare you humiliate him like this?

Oh he seems to be quite happy.

Vlad: Hmph.

I still need Tressa to keep throwing tantrums in order to get her emotional control in range for the ‘uncontrolled emotions’ parenthood trait. Usually, she is angry enough for this just because I am taking sufficiently bad care of her. However, at this point in time she was feeling sad rather than angry… So I had Vlad change that by using his ‘influence emotions’ power to make her enraged (thankfully toddlers can’t die of emotional deaths or Tressa would have suffered a cardiac explosion several times over already).

Vlad: Although I’m usually very much on board with manipulating the emotions of others, do we really want her to keep up this screaming? It’s very annoying.

Maybe for you. I play the game on silent.

Now to spam ‘throw tantrum’.

Tressa: Angwy, angwy, ANGWY!!!!!

I’ve already maxed the gourmet cooking skill with Acacia, but Vlad’s not completed it yet, so I have him work on it.

Vlad: This seems like a rather pointless waste of my time.

Ok I have another ulterior motive here. Remember that Alyssa drowned to death in our pool? Well, I feel really guilty about it and want to bring her back to life. BUT the only way to do that would be with ambrosia and you need level 10 in gourmet cooking in order to make it.

I think there is something in the rules about not being allowed to bring sims back to life with ambrosia though, so I’m not sure if doing that with Alyssa would be against the rules… If it is then maybe I won’t be able to do it.

Una: The creator is always having me try to fix your bad relationships, Mum. You must have a lot of enemies.

Nemmie: Thank you dear, I like to think so. There are many people who would like to stand in the way of my path to world domination.

Una: And how’s that going, by the way?

Nemmie: Well, I think. I’m progressing nicely through the ranks and very soon the army will be under my control. Then, it’s just a matter of staging a military coup.

Una: Cool! Can I help?

Nemmie: Of course. I’ll need a general I can trust. And of course the rest of your siblings will be soldiers under your command. Always best to keep one’s inner circle in the family.

She is a literal child! And the rest of them are toddlers (well, with one baby)!

Una’s writing in her journal, which not only raises her creativity skill (good for her artistic prodigy aspiration), but also builds her emotional control character value points.

Una: *Writing* Today, Mum and I discussed plans for world domination…

And she’s got level 10 creativity skill! I may actually have Una complete the artistic prodigy aspiration, since she’s got the hardest part of it done.

Quade is naked and dirty and very very much neglected. Sorry little buddy.

Nemmie has to give an inspirational speech for her job, so she gives it to Keanu.

Nemmie: We shall fight on the beaches of Sulani, we shall fight in the fields of Henford on Bagley and in the Streets of San Myshuno, we shall fight on Mount Komorebi… And we shall never surrender – unless we look like losing, in which case I shall abandon you all and leg it.

Keanu: Very nice dear. I might leave out the bit at the end about deserting your troops, though.

Keanu’s casting a hallucination on this random sim.

Keanu: Watch and learn Una, this is just one of the things that you will be able to do with your vampire powers when’re older.

Una: *ducks* Careful Dad, you almost hit me with that stray beam of green light!

Deuce: What about me? Will I be able to cast hallucinations of sims?

Keanu: I’m afraid not, son, but you’ll be able to scratch up furniture and stuff.

Una: Ha, lame!

Deuce: Will you help me with my homework?

Keanu: Sorry kiddo, I’m a bit busy hacking my work performance. Besides, aren’t you meant to be a genius, shouldn’t you be able to do your work easily?

Deuce: I could, but it would be even easier if you’d hack my school performance while you’re at it.

Keanu: Sure, I’ll get right on that.

Keanu, you’re not supposed to… Oh I give up.

Vlad’s been making gourmet dish after gourmet dish.

Vlad: You know that the smell of mortal food makes me sick.

Yeah, I do.

Anyway, he’s maxed the gourmet cooking skill now. We’re missing one ingredient for ambrosia though: an angelfish (we have one in the fish collection, but it’s mounted and can’t be used for cooking, I’m kicking myself for getting rid of all of the surplus fish that we caught while trying to complete the fish collection). So, I’ll have to have Vlad try and find one of those at some point.

Mass hallucinations, courtesy of Keanu.

Proof that Quentin does get some interaction from at least one of his parents… Unlike Tressa, who is still tantrumming back there.

Nemmie is helping Una with her homework. Meanwhile it looks as though Caly has been hit by one of Keanu’s hallucinations.

Nemmie: The Captial of SimNation is NemesisCity.

Una: I thought it was SimCity.

Nemmie: Well yes technically, but it will be NemesisCity.

Nemmie: Great job sweetie, you’re actually washing that bowl in the kitchen sink!

Honestly, I wish I could give her a round of applause for this too. They use the bathroom sinks way too much.

Quentin becomes a toddler! He gets the silly toddler trait.

Here’s some CAS pics of him:

He’s cute! Gonna get ignored, though, no question about it.

Speaking of being ignored, Quade continues to wander around naked to keep decreasing his manners points. Poor little dude does not look happy…

Tressa is even less happy, though. I am severely neglecting her so that she stays angry all the time and I can spam her with tantrum interactions. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t result in a visit from CPS….

Keanu drinks from this passing jogger. I’m still having him acquire all of the vampire perks that I want.

To increase her manners character value points, I have Una go and give friendly introductions to random passing sims.

Una: Hello, I like your top.

Townie: Do you really?

Una: Well no, but I’m trying to be polite.

Keanu: Well done for being polite, Una!

Una: Daaaad do you have to clap so loudly? It’s embarrassing, I’m not five.

Nemmie playing dolls with Deuce in her wolf form is quite sweet.

Nemmie: But where are all of the wolf dolls?

Deuce: There aren’t any.

Nemmie: Then how will we have them trash the house? Should I just kick it down instead?

Don’t you dare!

Nemmie’s fury gets too high and she autonomously attacks the bathtub 🙄

The full moon finally comes around and I have Nemmie harvest the moonpetal plant. At this point, I realised that the cure seeker aspiration requires that you harvest moonpetal three times. I wasn’t about to wait patiently for the next full moon, so I changed the moon settings to the shortest possible cycle times (2 days I think?) so that she can complete this aspiration asap.

Una’s ‘playing with emotion’ (whatever that means) with this toy and I have Nemmie encourage it to improve Una’s emotional control.

Nemmie: *Breaks into applause*

Una: I hate to complain, but this whole ‘parents creeping up behind me and starting to clap’ thing is getting a bit old.

Yeah, it is weird and not a tad patronising.

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