Chapter 4.11

Ok so last time, we welcomed baby number four (a vampire boy named Quade), Nemmie completed the ‘Emissary of the Collective’ aspiration which left her free to begin the ‘Cure Seeker’ aspiration, Keanu became a master vampire, and Una got started on her goal (well my goal) of acquiring all of the positive parenthood character value traits in one sim.

Nothing to see here, just Nemmie running around on her hands and knees in her sim form… Which will never not be funny. I don’t know why she’s wearing this, I believe it’s her work outfit but since she’s in the military I thought she was meant to be in uniform.

As I said previously, I’m trying to have Una get all of the positive parenthood character value traits. One of those traits is responsible, so Keanu encourages her doing her homework.

Keanu: Great work, Una! Do you need any help?

Una: No thanks Dad. Writing down random numbers is easy.

Keanu: You know that’s not how you’re meant to do maths right?

Una: Whatever, rules are boring. Besides, I have all the help I need from my friends.

Keanu: What friends?

Una: My imaginary ones of course! They’re the best sort of friends – they always tell me only what I want to hear.

(a not-so-subtle reminder that Una is erratic although this trait doesn’t really have much impact on her behaviour at this stage).

Keanu: I’ve just been encouraging Una to do her homework. Aren’t I a great Father?

Nemmie: The best. And I’m a wonderful Mother! To think we were worried that parenting would be hard – turns out you can pretty much just leave the kids to raise themselves.

The pair are too busy congratulating themselves on their parenting prowess to notice that Tressa is throwing a hunger/exhaustion fuelled tantrum behind them.

Keanu is still working on ranking up his vampire levels by causing hallucinations on random passers by. This paparazzi is a regular victim.

Ayyyy he’s now a Grand Master!

Keanu: Good news, I’m a Grand Master now.

Vlad: Wait, so I’m not the most powerful vampire in the family anymore? I don’t like this.

You were the one who wanted Nemmie to marry a vampire.

Keanu may have reached the highest vampire rank, but I still need him to get more vampire points so that he can get all of the perks that I want him to have. So, the family ghosts aren’t safe from him yet. Phoebe is the unlucky one to have a hallucination cast on her here.

Phoebe: I have to say, I don’t think much of this new son in law of mine.

Sorry Phoebe, needs must.

Una has to raise her conflict resolution in order to get in range for the ‘mediator’ parenthood trait, and one way of doing this is the ‘help fix bad relationship’ interaction with other sims. Here she is trying to fix Keanu’s bad relationships.

Una: So, I’ve noticed that you have some bad relationships, Dad.

Keanu: Some? With all the sims I’ve forcibly drunk from, there must be more people out there who dislike me than who like me.

Una: Well anyway, you should try to get on better terms with those sims.

Keanu: Why’s that?

Una: If they trust you, they’ll be easier to hunt in future.

Keanu: Hmmm you have a point there.

With Tressa, I am aiming for the emotionally uncontrolled negative parenthood character value trait. When toddlers are angry, you can make them have a tantrum. And, because I’ve not really been taking care of Tressa, she is angry 99% of the time. So, I spam ‘have tantrum’ on her and just let the negative emotional control accumulate.

Tressa: Tressa hungry, Tressa dirty, Tressa sleepy *jumps up and down in impotent rage*!

I also have Una help Vlad to fix his bad relationships.

Una: Hey Great Great Grandad.

Vlad: What can I do for my favourite little vampire heiress?

Una: So apparently I’m meant to help you fix some of your bad relationships.

Vlad: Una, we are vampires. People aren’t meant to like us! It is only right that they should regard us with terror.

Una: I agree, but the evil voice won’t get off my back unless I get you to play along so that I get the positive character value points for this.

Vlad: Well ok but only because it’s you asking.

Quade becomes a toddler. He gets the inquisitive trait. Here’s some CAS shots of him:

Though he’s a vampire, he doesn’t get the yellow eyes, which is sad, but he does have nice purple eyes.

Una discusses Nemmie’s angry mood with her. If I recall correctly, this raises empathy.

Una: Why’re you screwing up your face like that, Mum?

Nemmie: Because I’m angry!

Una: Why’re you angry?

Nemmie: Because we werewolves just get progressively angrier and angrier until we lose it and start destroying everything in sight.

Una: That sounds fun. Can I join in?

Una: Hey Great Great Grandma, do you have a minute to talk to me about your negative feelings?

Caly: Who is this obnoxious little nobody who dares to call Calypso Straud a ‘Great Great Grandmother’? How insulting!

But Caly, you are a Great Great Grandmother…

Caly won’t talk to Una because she’s a global superstar lol.

Caly: I’m so angry I think I’ll just go and break that bathtub.

Keanu: Oh no you don’t *casts hallucination on Caly*

Caly: Drat, not again!

Caly: Vlad, I’m not happy.

Vlad: I can see that. What’s wrong, darling?

Caly: The evil voice doesn’t seem to care about me anymore. I barely get any chapter space and, when I do, I’m having hallucinations cast on me – me, the daughter of Atlas! The audacity of it! Apparently the creator has forgotten that I am the most important sim in this legacy.

Vlad: I’m sorry, honey. The evil voice makes us all suffer. But, I know what will make you feel better.

Vlad gives Caly a massage. She’s no longer red, so I guess it has cheered her up to some extent.

Deuce becomes a child! I got distracted and didn’t manage to take a picture of him blowing out the candles on his cake, so have this one of him immediately post age up instead. He got the genius trait and social butterfly aspiration. Here’s some CAS pics as per usual:

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but obviously he has brown eyes which neither Keanu nor Nemmie have. I think the game must have tried to give him Keanu’s glowing yellow eyes, but couldn’t because he’s not a vampire. I gave him the new werewolf hair and some clothes from the werewolf pack. Really liking this hair!

Una’s playing with the doctor playset again to raise her empathy.

Una: Ugh this is so educational. Why don’t I get to play with other toys?

Keanu: *Clapping* Just play the game until your empathy is in range for the character value trait.

I’m also having Una clear up dirty dishes whenever the opportunity arises in order to improve her manners.

Nemmie: *Cheers* Well done, Una!

Una: This is so weird. Why do my parents keep giving me a round of applause for doing random things?

Meanwhile, Quade is destined for the bad manners trait. One thing which decreases manners is for toddlers to take off their clothes. So, naturally, I’m spamming the ‘take off clothes’ interaction with him. I know, I know, it does look like parental neglect, just letting him wander outside unsupervised completely unclothed… And that’s exactly what it is.

In addition to the emotionally uncontrolled character value trait, I want Tressa to get the insensitive trait (from negative empathy). So, I’m having her repeatedly hit Blarffy in order to achieve that.

Poor Blarffy 😂

Oh, and Tressa is also going for the irresponsible trait. Toddlers can lower their responsibility by making a mess… So she’s doing that too.

And oh look here’s another screenshot of Una helping Vlad to fix his bad relationships. Sorry for the repetition, we already had one of these in this chapter.

Una: Any more negative relationships that I can help you to fix?

Vlad: So so so many. But I don’t need them fixed, thanks. What would an evil vampire be without enemies?

Una: Hmm you’re right. When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

Vlad: And so you will be, my small protégé.

I’ve built Nemmie a ‘rage room’ to lock her in when she goes on a rampage. It’s full of stuff for her to destroy.

And there she goes. Scratching up all of those chairs will help get her some points for werewolf perks too.

Lori tries to jog past the house… But is intercepted by Keanu.

Lori: You know, I’m not so sure I like this new husband of Nemmie’s.

Keanu: Funny, your Mother said almost exactly the same thing earlier in this chapter.

Random townie: *Gasps in shock* What do I do?

I’d run away if I were you.

Ah. Too late.

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