Chapter 4.17

Previously, Tressa and Quade both managed to get in range for the argumentative trait, Keanu reached the top of the salaryperson career and joined the tech guru career, and Nemmie drank the wolf-b-gone cure in order to become a normal sim and complete the cure seeker aspiration, but then instantly went and got Greg to bite her again.

Tressa is continuing to fart her way into bad manneredness.

Nemmie: Phew, it stinks in here!

Tressa: Uh… I blame the monster under the bed.

Nemmie: Hmmm *whips out air freshener* better spray the monster under the bed then…

Keanu: What’s wrong, dear? You don’t look happy.

Nemmie: The evil voice made me drink a potion which cured me of being a werewolf, so I had to go and get Greg to turn me again. Now my arm feels like it’s on fire and I’m starving hungry!

Keanu: Oh so that’s why your arm is glowing red. Not very subtle, is it?

Vlad drinks from a random townie. With two vampires in the household, no non-vampire sim who passes the house is safe.

Vlad: And it will be even worse when Una and Quade are teenagers. Oh how the mortal folk will fear us!

In pursuit of the bad manners trait, I’m having Tressa give rude introductions to random sims. This guy is a paparazzi callled Aleki who Vlad turned into a vampires as part of a vampire aspiration some time ago.

Tressa: Oh look, it’s my Great Great Granddad’s little minion. Does that make you my minion too?

Aleki: Minion? How dare you?!

Tressa: Your hair matches your top perfectly: they’re both grey and dowdy.

Townie: What a rude little girl! In my day, you’d have been spanked.

Tressa: And when was that? The Victorian era?

Finally, Nemmie’s (re)transformation into a werewolf is complete.

Quade: Mum, are you ok?

Nemmie: I’m more than ok, I am a fearsome apex werewolf!

Quade: I thought you were already a werewolf.

Nemmie: Long story.

I was concerned that Nemmie would have to begin right from scratch at the very lowest werewolf rank again, but thankfully she was immediately back to being an apex werewolf (the top rank of werewolf) on completing her transformation. She also had all of the werewolf XP points that she had previously accumulated, so I was able to repurchase the werewolf powers and abilities that I wanted for her. The ‘dormant’ abilities (all of which Nemmie had previously unlocked) remained unlocked. Annoyingly though, her wolf form was rerandomized so I’ll need to edit it again.

Cerise also gets a rude introduction from Tressa.

Tressa: What’re you doing here? Stalking my Mum? I can see why she rejected you, you need to get over her already.

Cerise: I’m not stalking anybody and I am over her But, I’ll have you know that if she’d married me, our children wouldn’t have been anywhere near as annoying as you!

Yasssss Tressa’s in range to receive the bad manners trait! The only negative parenthood trait left that she needs to get in range for is the irresponsible trait. Given that she skips school every day, she’ll get there in no time.

Keoni called up and asked to come over – usually I reject these kinds of requests, but since it was Keoni I let him visit.

Keoni: So, how’s the whole legacy thing going?

Keanu: Oh, it’s going ok I think. I managed to reach the top of the salaryperson career and Nemmie and I are well on our way to having ten children.

Keoni: Ten??? That’s… A lot.

Keanu: Yes, but we’re halfway there. You’ve already met Deuce and Una of course. And then there’s Quade playing chess over there, this little one is Quinton, and finally there’s Tressa who is – I’m not sure where she is, but wherever she is she’s probably up to no good.

Keoni: Ah, you must be my Granddaughter Tressa. What’s with all the paint?

Tressa: I’m being irresponsible!

Keoni: I can see that.

Making messes decreases responsibility, so I’m spamming the ‘make mess’ interaction with Tressa so as to get her responsibility nice and low asap.

Quentin is being all adorable, playing with the dollhouse… So of course Nemmie has to go and ruin it.

Quentin: I love you, dolly!

What the hell, Nemmie?

Nemmie: He’s too happy, it doesn’t feel right!

His little face – he looks crushed.

Nemmie: I’m sorry Quentin, but sometimes you need to go through difficult experiences to learn hard life lessons. I didn’t have any toys when I was a toddler, my parents left me to roam Batuu completely unsupervised. It made me grow as a person.

Just because you had a crappy toddlerhood doesn’t mean your son has to!

I make Nemmie repair the dollhouse while Keanu comforts his son.

Keanu: It’s ok Quentin, Mummy’s fixing it now.

Nemmie: Hmph. Just don’t blame me if he grows into a softie, that’s all.

Una: So, I’m a vampire and you’re a vampire Quade, and Deuce is a werewolf.

Quade: Yup.

Una: But given that Mum’s a werewolf and Dad’s a vampire, why aren’t we all vampire-werewolves?

Deuce: It says here in my biology textbook that hybrid lifestates are not meant to occur, but that when they do, they are glitchy because the game’s genetics system can’t handle them. Aliens experimented with hybrids, abducting vampires and mermaids and impregnating them with alien babies, but the resulting sims were so buggy that the developers rewrote the game’s code to make hybridisation in this way impossible.

Deuce: You’re such a nerd, Deuce.

Vlad: Hmmm I can smell that you’re a werewolf again then, Nemmie.

Nemmie: Yeah, sorry about that Great Grandad.

Vlad: You’re not really sorry, are you?

Nemmie: Nope, but it felt like the right thing to say.

Quade has the misfortune to be in his parents’ vicinity when they start getting flirty with each other.

Nemmie: *Growls seductively*

Keanu: I don’t need to speak wolf to know what that means…

Quade: My eyes, my eyes!

To get the family point for this generation, Nemmie and Keanu each have to be memorialised. I have Nemmie max the photography skill by taking pictures repeatedly and then have her take a selfie with Keanu in order to do this. I will also have Vlad (who has level 10 painting) paint a picture of each of them as a further memorial.

I love that Galatea decided to photobomb here. Annoyingly though, I cannot find this photograph in Nemmie’s inventory in order to hang it up on the wall as their official memorial picture.

Here is the photo that I end up putting on the wall in the family crypt.

This is the painting that Vlad does of Nemmie.

And here’s his painting of Keanu, which is actually a masterpiece.

Quentin: Mumma mumma!

Galatea: Your mother is sleeping, little one. Why don’t you spend some quality time with Great Grandma instead?

I don’t know why she’s red, for some reason ghosts are angry most of the time.

Una: I’m so excited!

Keanu: Why is that?

Una: Because I’m going to be a teenager soon! And then I’ll be able to do proper vampire stuff, like hunting and tormenting mortals with hallucinations.

Keanu: Oh yeah, I definitely remembered that your birthday is coming up. I would never forget something as important as the day of my first child’s birth.

Vlad: Ah a child after my own cold heart. Just a little longer Una and you’ll be out there terrorising the mortals just like your Great Great Grandad, further solidifying the reputation of the Straud name as one to dread.

Deuce: Grandad Keoni said that you’re from a parallel universe.

Keanu: So I am, son.

Deuce: Do you think there are many other universes out there?

Keanu: Oh yes, millions of them.

Deuce: And how do you travel between them?

Keanu: There’s this thing called ‘the gallery’ which is some kind of inter-universe portal, but it’s difficult to explain and I don’t really know how it works.

Deuce: When I grow up, I’m going to figure it out and visit many universes as I can!

Well he is a genius so maybe he has a shot.

Tressa would have eventually got in range to receive the irresponsible trait through skipping school alone, but I got impatient and kept having her just make messes until she qualified for it.

Tressa: Who needs school? I’m going to make pieces of modern art and sell them for millions!

And what do you call this latest piece?

Tressa: Messy floor (chalk and mud on wood panels)

Mission achieved: Tressa is in range for the irresponsible trait, which means that she is now in range for all of the negative character value traits.

She is going to be one interesting sim 😂 The irresponsible trait is actually the only negative parenthood trait that I have ever had before so it’ll be fun to see how the other negative character value traits affect her behaviour.

Nemmie has to order people to do push ups for work. I pick Vlad.

Nemmie: I need you to – what is my daughter doing?

Tressa: Making a mess.

Nemmie: Oh ok, as you were. Anyway Vlad, I need you to do some pushups for me.

Vlad: Not a chance in hell.

Nemmie: Pleeeeaaaseeee! I need this so I can get promoted.

Vlad: Fine, but you mustn’t breath a word of this to anyone.

With what muscles is he actually doing those pushups? LOL

Nemmie does manage to reach the top of the military career!

Nemmie: Well, it wasn’t easy to do, but now that I have the military under my control, my quest for World domination can finally begin in earnest! First, we take over Willow Creek, then Oasis Springs… And, once I have the entirety of SimNation under my thumb, I will turn my attention to Champ Le Sims, to Al Simhara – perhaps eventually, I will even do what Great Grandad was unable to do and make a Galactic conquest of Batuu!

Not so fast Nemmie. I’m actually going to have you quit the military career which kind of puts the brakes on that whole plan.

Nemmie: You WHAT?? But I’m so close!

Not really, outside of your delusional mind, that is. And anyway, there’s no points to be had in the legacy scoring for world domination sooooo….

Nemmie: I hate you.

Look on the bright side, I don’t have many more jobs left to complete in the game so if you’re lucky I might just let you remain unemployed and have Vlad grind through the remaining careers. You can just focus on popping out five more kids for me.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 4.17

    1. Yeah I’m really sorry about that! When Rowan and Phoebe took their picture, I think that I forgot to use an actual camera so as to select a larger picture size and just used the phone camera which only has one size option (or I did use the camera but forgot to change the size). Pretty sure I did the same with Vlad and Caly. I need to go into BB and resize the photo manually.

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  1. afai1261’s comment made me spot Rowan and Phoebe’s urns. I wonder why Rowan doesn’t have a special urn? Do mermaids have completely ordinary urns? 🤔

    NB: I love seeing Nemmie and Kenau together… although it makes me a little sad to already see their portrait on the memorial wall 😶
    It’s quite surprising to see Keoni appear so often in the story and it’s funny how you manage to make the parallel universe become part of your story.
    Deuce is such a smart little boy 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never noticed that about mermaid urns before! How weird. I wonder if Rowan’s urn glitched or if mermaids just didn’t get a special urn? Maybe they just forgot to do a special urn for mermaids 😦

      Don’t worry, Nemmie and Keanu have a long time to go before they end up in the crypt themselves since they have to get through 10 kids first! And Nemmie will live longer than usual because aging pauses for sims while they are pregnant so, since Nemmie will be pregnant 10 times (unless she has multiples), she will get a lot of extra days. Keanu won’t have to die until Nemmie does.

      It always makes me so happy to see Keoni in my game! So it was really lovely that his son was able to marry into the family. I’m glad you like my incorporation of the whole parallel universe thing 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah these children. Can’t wait to see the next batch! Also, just checking if it’s OK to use Acacia and Oly in my own blog. I have a founder I think Oly in particular would really like to meet ;).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me neither! Only problem is that I’m pretty attached to the first 4 kids now so moving them out to make room for the next 5 will be tough 😦

      Oh that would be no problem at all! I’m always happy for people to use my sims I their games. And I’d be honoured if you wanted to hook Oly up with your founder!


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