Chapter 4.8

In the subsequent chapter, Rowan finally passed away, Keanu effectively murdered Alyssa, Deuce became a toddler, and baby number three, a girl named Tressa, was born.

What a beautiful scene: the newly fallen snow, the aurora borealis lighting up the inky blue night sky… And Nemmie decides to ruin it by crouching down and taking a leak.

Nemmie: This snow is too perfectly white. I think it would look better if it was a little more yellow..

Nemmie has to spar with werewolves a given number of times (don’t ask how many because I forget) for her Lone Wolf aspiration. Since she can’t spar while pregnant, I decided to have her complete this task before she gets knocked up again. First sparring partner is Rory…

Rory: Can’t you leave me alone? You’ve already taken my pack, what more do you want from me?

Nemmie: I won’t rest until I’ve taken every shred of dignity that you have left!

… Next is Lou.

After that, Nemmie fights Kristopher, the Alpha of the Moonwood Collective.

Nemmie: You’d better watch out. I’ve already taken over the Wildfangs, the Moonwood Collective will be next…

Next is Lily, a member of the Moonwood Collective. Nemmie, you do realise that this wolf is an elder, right? You probably should go easy on her.

Nemmie: Are you kidding? That just means she’s all the easier to beat up!

Finally, Nemmie spars with Wolfgang, also of the Moonwood Collective.

Wait a minute, I wonder if Wolfgang Wilder (this werewolf) has anything to do with Wolfgang Munch?

Nemmie: Well that’s it, aspiration done. Now, can we get back to the important stuff? You know, like plotting my long overdue world takeover?

Eh…. Not quite.

Yep, Nemmie’s finished the Lone Wolf aspiration. Now, we’re moving on to the ‘Emissary of the Collective’ aspiration.

I forgot to mention that Nemmie has the superspeed werewolf ability (or whatever it’s called). The running animation is pretty cool.

Nemmie: The creator says that we can try for another baby now.

Keanu: Finally!

I mean, it’s only been a few days since you tried for the last one.

Nemmie: Wanna do it with me in my wolf form?

Keanu: Do I ever? Hey, how do you think it would work with me in my bat form and you in your wolf form?

Nemmie: Only one way to find out!

(Would be funny if this were possible in game but sadly it is not. Not really sure how they’d animate a wolf and a bat woohooing though to be fair – a cloud with hearts coming out of it and a wolf head/bat occasionally becoming visible through the cloud?)

Baby on board!

Nemmie: Honey, come down here, I have something to tell you.

Nemmie: We’re having another baby!

Keanu: *Gulp* another one.

Nemmie: I know. This is starting to feel like Groundhog Day.

Keanu: *Kisses Nemmie on the cheek* If this is Groundhog Day, there’s nobody I’d rather unlive it over and over again with than you.

In order to join the Moonwood Collective, which she needs to do for her new aspiration, Nemmie has to leave the Wildfangs. And in order to do that, she must stop being their Alpha. So, I make her relinquish leadership to Rory.

Nemmie: How dare you make me bend the knee to this weak puppy? It’s humiliating.

Rory: Awwwwoooooo! The Wildfangs are mine once more! Bow down to your Alpha.

Nemmie: Huh you can have your lousy wussy pack back. I didn’t want it anyway. I have bigger fish to fry, and when I’m done frying them I’ll be back to crush you and your little band of incompetent morons.

Tomoko: I don’t know what I’d do without my daily manicure from my favourite manicurist.

Vlad: *Grumbles* Well I for one can think of about a million other things I could be doing…

I don’t believe it, Vlad has at long last managed to complete the ‘maintain a regular customer’ task of the self-care specialist aspiration, and thereby completes the entire aspiration.

Vlad: I’m free! I’m finally finally free!

Tomoko: Same time tomorrow, then?

Vlad: Ha! Your next appointment will be at never o’clock on Noteverday.

Vlad: And now to take some proper payment for all of those dratted wellness treatments.

Tomoko: But – but I tipped and everything!

Vlad: What use are simoleons to me? I have so many that the game won’t let me accumulate any more. No, what I want is your sweet life blood

(By the way, for some reason Vlad has facial hair in his dark form here. I don’t know what happened because he shouldn’t have facial hair in his dark form. I changed it back to how it should be later on).

Rory: So uh why are we all here again?

Nemmie: So that I can talk to you.

Jacob: What about?

Nemmie: I dunno. The aspiration goal just says that I need to talk to some werewolves who I’m friends with.

Lou: Wait, we’re friends? Have we ever even had a proper conversation?

Nemmie: Nope, but I took lots of pictures of you when your back was turned and…

Lou: You did what??? That’s not disconcerting at all.

Nemmie: … And now according to the game we’re friends. And would you look at that, it seems I’ve completed this aspiration task. Now, you all have approximately thirty seconds to vacate my property before I unleash the hound – by which I mean me.

Nemmie’s got to use werewolf diplomacy on various sims for her aspiration.

Nemmie: If you think about it, werewolves and vampires aren’t so different. We both inspire fear, we both have supernatural abilities, we both have a reputation for evil, we even both turn into animals – vampires into bats and werewolves into wolves.

Vlad: Yes werewolves and vampires are soooo similar… Except for the fact that vampires are distinguished, refined, graceful… And werewolves are vulgar, savage beasts. Oh and don’t forget the sworn enemies part.

Nemmie: Well, I tried.

Nemmie tries her werewolf diplomacy on Keanu next.

Nemmie: Do you want woohoo tonight?

Keanu: Is that a trick question? Of course I do!

Nemmie: Say that werewolves are the best and I will give you the best woohoo of your unlife.

Keanu: Werewolves are the bestest bestest best!

Nemmie and Keanu high five.

Keanu needs to get vampire XP and Nemmie needs to keep using werewolf diplomacy on sims for her aspiration so I send them out to a nightclub in Windenburg together.

Nemmie: … So you see, werewolves aren’t so bad, after all.

Lori: Nemmie, on the last few occasions that I have seen you, you have been either: A) Snarling at me, B) Snarling at other sims, C) Biting other sims, or D) Destroying inanimate objects. I’m not sure what your definition of ‘bad’ is, but none of that strikes me as good.

Keanu: Don’t worry honey, I’ll take her down a peg or two *Casts hallucination on Lori*

Nemmie: Thanks babe.

(Oh yeah, I’m having Keanu increase his vampire XP largely by casting hallucinations on other sims).

Caly is also at the club, but she won’t talk to Nemmie because she’s a five star celeb and Nemmie isn’t famous at all.

Nemmie: Hellooo? It’s me, your Great Granddaughter *Waves hand in front of Caly’s face*

Caly: I don’t care who you are. If you’re not famous, then you are beneath my notice. And how could any descendant of mine fail to be a celebrity anyway? It’s a disgrace!

Keanu: I’ll teach you to ignore my wife!

And look who’s inside the club: Epi and Keoni! I have Nemmie employ werewolf diplomacy on Keoni.

Nemmie: Everything people say about werewolves and vampires being natural enemies is absolute codswallop. Your own son is married to a werewolf, actually, that werewolf being myself.

Keoni: You’re married to Shannon? That’s weird, he’s never mentioned you.

Nemmie: No no, I meant your alternative universe son. He can’t be far away, by the looks of it he’s just cast a hallucination on my Great Uncle Epi here.

It’s finally time for Keanu to meet his alternative-universe father. I love that this happened completely organically in the game.

Keanu: Hi alternative-universe Dad. I come from another world where you – or a sim just like you – is my father. I know that might sound odd, but I promise it’s the truth.

Keoni: *Hugs Keanu* No need for all that alternative universe stuff, just call me Dad.

Keanu: Well, that didn’t take much convincing. Thanks, Dad!

Keoni: I’m so proud of you, marrying into the legacy family. Thanks to you, the Kahananui bloodline has made it firmly into recorded history.

Keanu: Recorded history?

Keoni: The chronicles of the evil voice.

Epi: The evil voice *shudders* now that brings back some bad memories… Good luck with her.

Meanwhile, Nemmie’s employing her werewolf diplomacy on Adonis who, thankfully, is not a celebrity and therefore is prepared to speak to her.

Nemmie: … And that’s why you should agree that werewolves rock.

Caly: Don’t listen to her Adonis! She’s the one who broke the perfect mermaid bloodline that our marrying into the family secured. This was meant to be a mermaid legacy and now, thanks to her, the next gen kids will all be werewolves and vampires!

Adonis: She’s kind of right, you know. Isn’t your giving up the mermaid life state in order to become a werewolf a bit of an insult to us mermaids?

Nemmie: Oh you can’t blame me for that, mermaids are so boring!

Adonis: Thanks…

Such brilliant diplomacy there Nemmie.

Poor Amora can’t catch a break. She comes out to the club to celebrate her freedom from me and the constant overcharging and instead she gets hit by one of Keanu’s hallucinations…

… But she’s not alone. Adonis also falls victim to Keanu.

Adonis: Couldn’t you have waited until after I used the toilet?

You’re a ghost, you shouldn’t need to pee!

Nemmie carries on with her ‘diplomacy’ while Keanu keeps making random sims hallucinate.

Nemmie: You know what’s great about werewolves?

Townie: What?

Nemmie: We have very sharp teeth.

Townie: And?

Nemmie: Those fangs enable us to do all sorts of unpleasant things to sims who offend us. Speaking of which, don’t you agree that werewolves are amazing?

Townie: Um absolutely! Just wonderful, nothing but love and respect for werewolves.

Outside the club, I spot the ghost of William J Colt, a contestant from all the way back in Galatea’s bachelorette! I was super excited by this – not excited enough to spare him from Keanu’s powers, however.

Will: Oh come on, really? I finally make it back into the chapters and it’s like this???

Sorry bud.

For the Moonwood Mill aspiration, Nemmie’s got to become Alpha of the Moonwood Collective. Did I even show her joining the Moonwood Collective pack? I don’t think I did, but she joined after leaving the Wildfangs. Since she’s pregnant, she can’t fight the Moonwood Collective’s alpha (Kristopher) for leadership, so they have an epic tug of war instead…

… Which Nemmie loses 😑

Nemmie: Someone tell this oaf that you can’t beat a pregnant lady!


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