Chapter 4.12

Last chapter, Quade became a toddler, Una worked on various positive character value traits, while Tressa and Quade worked on negative ones, Keanu became a Grand Master vampire, and Deuce became a child.

Deuce is angry due to a ‘beastly growth spurt’ (seems to be a new werewolf thing for kids). I have Una discuss his angry mood with him and calm him down in order to improve her empathy.


Una: Sounds like you’re feeling angry. Want to talk about it?

Deuce: No.

Una: What’s annoying you?

Deuce: Growing up as a werewolf is hard, you wouldn’t understand.

Una: Well, maybe you should just stop being a werewolf, then. Being a vampire is so much more fun – we get to drink people’s blood and live forever!

Vlad: *Claps* You’re absolutely right Una, you tell your brother!

Nemmie: Ahhhhhh it hurts!

Una: Mum, you seem uncomfortable.

Nemmie: Keen observation, Una.

Una: Shall we discuss the feeling for discomfort?

Nemmie: Maybe later when I’m not in excruciating pain.

Una: But the game won’t let us talk about being uncomfortable unless you’re actually feeling uncomfortable!

(Nemmie went into labour and felt uncomfortable, so obviously I had Una discuss that negative emotion with her)

I send Nemmie to the hospital alone and she disappears into a rabbithole. Baby number five appears and, judging by his bassinet, he’s a werewolf. I call him Quentin which is in some way related to the Latin ‘Quintus’, meaning ‘the fifth’.

Nemmie reappears outside, with confetti falling about her.

Keanu is by her side immediately, kissing her on the cheek.

Keanu: Time to try for another baby?

Nemmie: The household is all full. I can’t get pregnant again until someone moves out.

Keanu: Doesn’t stop us trying though, does it?

Tressa destroys the dollhouse. Usually this would annoy me, but for once I am actually pleased by this action, because it will lower her emotional control.

Vlad is feeding Quentin because his parents are, well, not great parents.

Vlad: Another werewolf, what a disappointment. I still think that casting out the dog children was a rather ingenious idea…

Absolutely not.

Meanwhile, I’m having Tressa throw tantrum after tantrum in the background. Vlad seems oblivious to it, though.

Deuce: Mum, why is the evil voice ignoring me?

Nemmie: She’s too busy working on the parenthood character value traits with your siblings. You should thank your lucky stars that you’ve escaped her notice.

Deuce: Right… So why am I even here?

Nemmie: Because we need ten children in this generation.

Deuce: I’m just a number then?

Nemmie: Well, you’re named after one – I mean two, you’re named after two.

A paparazzi invades the house and starts photographing Vlad.

Vlad: I don’t know who you are, but you just made a big mistake…

Paparazzi: Please, I was just doing my job! I need the money, I have a family!

Vlad: Not my problem. Next time, maybe pick a celebrity without fangs to harass.

Keoni comes by the house all of his own accord which honestly makes me so excited.

Keanu: Dad, what’re you doing here?

Keoni: I just wanted to see how my newfound son is getting on. Is this boy your son?

Keanu: Yes, this is Deuce. Deuce, meet your Grandfather.

Deuce: My other Grandad died in front of me when I was a baby. Sometimes when I close my eyes at night, I can still hear his last gasps for air.


Keanu: And this is my daughter, Una.

Keoni: She has your eyes – she has my eyes!

Una: Grandad, I really think you should mend your relationship with my Great Uncle Atlas. I mean, we’re all family now, right?

Keoni: Uh how did you even know about my feud with Atlas?

Una: I guess I’m just psychic.

(The game gave Una an option to help fix Keoni’s relationship with Atlas. No idea why they have a negative relationship in the first place!)

The paparazzi that Vlad drank from earlier regains consciousness and picks himself up off the floor… Only to be immediately savaged by a ghostly Nugget.

Paparazzi: Ahhhh! Getofff!

As if that’s not bad enough, I then have Keanu cast a hallucination on him while he’s in the pool. This is really not the poor guy’s day.

Adonis is back… And falls prey to yet another hallucination by Keanu.

Tressa is continuing to beat up Blarffy in pursuit of negative empathy.

Tressa: Die, die, die!

Vlad: Hmmm maybe I condemned this little one too soon. Werewolf she might be, but she is showing early signs of an admirable disregard for the feelings of others.

And Tressa is in range for the insensitive trait, yay!

I think that Una is trying to help Keanu fix a negative relationship here.

Una: A lot of people don’t like you.

Keanu: That’s true.

Una: You should think about making some of them dislike you less.

Keanu: Sure, I’ll think about it. I’m thinking about it right now.

Una: You won’t actually do it though, will you?

Keanu: Nope, that sounds like effort.

Una’s either doing her homework (which would raise her responsibility) or writing in a journal (which would raise emotional control). Either way, I have Vlad encourage the behaviour. Not gonna lie, he looks a little sinister here.

Vlad: What happened to this one’s clothes?

He’s not allowed to wear clothes until he qualifies for the bad manners trait.

Quade: Quade cold!

Oh, you’re fine.

Vlad: Hello Tressa, how are you – ow, she bit me!

Biting is bad for some character value trait or other so I had to try it out 😂

Vlad: Please don’t tell me I’m going to turn into a dog!

Nah it’s ok, vampires can’t become werewolves and anyway Tressa’s just a toddler. EA would never let occult toddlers be able to do something cool like turning other sims.

Nemmie orders Vlad to attention for one of her work from home tasks.

Vlad: I’m sorry Nemmie, but Vladislaus Straud doesn’t salute anyone – oh shoot, the game is making me do it anyway…

Poor little Quade is out in the rain completely nekked. At least those pink slippers will keep his feet dry, right?

I’m still making Tressa throw tantrums.

Tressa: *Loud screaming and crying*

Nemmie: Should we do something?

Vlad: Probably.

Nemmie: What?

Vlad: Hmmm… Get out of hearing range?

Una: Why’ve I got to do all of the boring positive character value traits? I want to do all the cool evil vampire stuff that Great Great Grandad is always telling me about! I’m supposed to be erratic, not good!

Keanu: I dunno, probably because you had the misfortune to be the firstborn.

I have Nemmie outside scavenging when she’s hit by lightning. I get her inside sharpish.

Deuce: I’m glad the lightning didn’t kill you, Mum.

Nemmie: Thank you, Deuce. At least somebody cares.

I care! If you die now, you’ll not be able to have the next 5 babies!

Can’t work out if Una is doing her homework or writing in her diary here… I *think* she’s writing in her diary to improve her emotional control.

Anyway, Keanu just encouraged the behaviour and managed to max the parenting skill.

Keanu: That must mean I’m a great parent, right?… Right?


I’ve been having Vlad practice telling jokes when there’s nothing else for him to do. Meanwhile, Nemmie’s dancing behind him.

Vlad: Why are werewolves bad dancers? Because they have two left feet.

Nemmie: Rude!

Anyway, Vlad’s now maxed the comedy skill. I guess we’ll see if that ever comes in handy.


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