Chapter 4.14

Welcome to chapter 14. In chapter 13, Keanu worked on getting more vampire XP to spend on vampire perks, Una threw many tantrums (aided by some emotional influencing courtesy of Vlad), Una maxed the creativity skill, Vlad maxed the gourmet cooking skill, Quentin became a toddler, and Nemmie harvested moonpetal for her aspiration.

Tressa approaches Quentin, who’s playing with the dollhouse.

Quentin: Play with me?

Tressa: Don’t wanna share!

And of course she destroys the dollhouse, much to Quentin’s evident dejection. His poor little face đŸ˜¥ I didn’t even make her do this!

Nemmie: The creator’s not making us do anything for a change.

Keanu: She is not. I know what I’d like to do though, or should I say who I’d like to do…

Una: Mum, Dad, I can hear you!

Nemmie: Oh shush you don’t understand.

Nemmie: Come with me and I’ll show you the true meaning of doggy style *kisses Keanu*

Una: *Face palms* Please please roll back a save – I don’t want to remember bearing witness to this, it’s too traumatic!

Tressa: *Jumping up and down in rage*

Vlad: Now now what’s the matter?

Tressa: Want Mumma!

Quentin: Want Dadda.

Vlad: Erm I think your parents are a little occupied just now.

They are indeed.

Phoebe’s haunting the house. Keanu uses her as hallucination target practice, as per usual.

Same goes for Adonis.

Sorry guys, I’ve realised that I have included way too many screenshots of Keanu using his vampire powers on various sims in these chapters. However, I am way too lazy to choose which to cut out now, so you’ll just have to deal with it lol.

Keanu’s playing blik block (or however you spell it) on the computer for 2 reasons: he’s going to need to get to level 5 of the tech guru caeer for his aspiration, and I think that requires a fair amount of video gaming skill (might be wrong though, haven’t’ checked this) and also because he will need to spend 100 hours on the computer for his aspiration so I’m racking up those hours now.

Quentin: Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Nemmie: That smell, that noise, I don’t like it. But what can I do about it?

Una: Lock him in the basement and forget about him?

Nemmie: Good idea, but we don’t have a basement.

Una: Well do something, he’s distracting me from my journal!

I have Nemmie be a good parent for a change and play with Quentin.

Nemmie: A real wolf mother would play with her cubs by teaching them how to fight and hunt.

Ok that would be adorable. I’m sad that this isn’t in the game as an interaction for werewolf parents now.

Nemmie maxes the parenting skill!

Tressa is still throwing tantrum after tantrum…

… In fact, I’m so busy making her tantrum that I forget her birthday. Oopsie. She gets the adventurous trait and whiz kid aspiration.

Tressa’s still angry after aging up, so I go right back to making her throw tantrums.

Tressa: I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m lonely, I didn’t get any birthday cake and I aged up with these stupid stupid sunglasses! I HATE EVERYTHING!!!!

Vlad: Don’t we all, in this legacy?

Nemmie: Look at me, honey. I’m such a great parent, putting my son to bed. I maxed the parenting skill today, you know.

Keanu: We’re doing such an amazing job of this child rearing thing.

Meanwhile, a filthy Quentin has passed out at Nemmie’s feet, Tressa has tantrummed herself into unconsciousness in the next room, and Quade still isn’t wearing any clothes. Yes indeedy you guys are fantastic parents.

Una’s writing in her journal I think.

Nemmie: *Claps* Waheyyyy! Way to go, Una! So, how’re you doing with those parenthood character value traits? Can I stop applauding you every two seconds, yet?

Una: Actually, I think I’m there! No more stupid journaling!

Una now has all of the character values in range to receive the corresponding positive parenthood traits. Here’s her manners, emotional control and responsibility meters.

And here’s her empathy and conflict resolution meters.

Now we just have to keep them this way!

Tressa blames Deuce for her bad mood.

Tressa: Go away, you’re annoying me.

Deuce: What did I do?

Tressa: You’re looking at me with your dumb face.

Deuce: Well what else am I meant to look at you with? And actually, I’m not dumb. I’m a genius.

I know that I’ve already got Quade trying for the bad mannered parenthood reward trait (or whatever it’s officially called), but I have decided to have Tressa try to get all of the negative parenthood traits, including that one, so she gives some random townies rude introductions.

Tressa: Hello, stupid lady.

Townie: Excuse me?

Tressa: *Mimics* Excuse me?

I know, it’s not a very good rude intro as far as rude intros go, but I’m tired ok? And I guess I’m not great at being rude lol.

Then, it’s time for a bit more tantrumming to further decrease that emotional control.


How eloquent.

Keanu is here of his own accord again.

Keanu: Well son, that’s a lot of hallucinating sims over there. You have been busy.

(There were more than just those 2 sims hallucinating, but they were out of shot. Also the sim on the ground is one that Keanu drank from).

Keanu: Gotta keep those vampire powers exercised. Here, let me show you some of what I can do *makes black mist*. I’m a grand master now, are you proud of me?

Keoni: Very proud.


I have discovered something else besides stripping off which toddlers can do to decrease their manners: farting (also burping). So, here’s a naked Quade letting rip.

Vlad destroys the dollhouse. Why Vlad, WHY????

Vlad: What? You were happy when Tressa did it.

Tressa is a toddler! You’re several hundred years old, you should know better!

Nothing to say about this screenshot of Nemmie marking her territory really, but for some reason I really liked it so I’m including it.

I did finally get around to giving Tressa a makeover, so here’s some CAS shots of her post makeover:

I really like this hair, it’s from the werewolf pack.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 4.14

    1. LOL maybe she is mad that werewolves can’t use the ‘devour’ ability on those bunnies. Not that I’m annoyed about that or anything. Only a psychopath would want their sims to eat cute little bunnies alive *shifty eyes*

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