Chapter 39: An Attempted Jailbreak

Since Vlad was ‘working’ (i.e. streaming Let’s Plays), the task of caring for babies Brandon and Dan fell to his teenage children.

Autumn did not look so keen on caring for a squalling infant.

But, Reece could not have been happier! So unlike his father.

In the dungeon, Rez attempted to ingest ash popcorn…

… While Carina voiced her discontent with her lot.

Autumn and Reece chatted over a game of chess. It looks as Autumn is venting about something, but what with her life it would be difficult to put a finger on just which of her many troubles she is complaining about.

Vlad got into an altercation with his stalker the paparazzi who appears to live outside the house. He implied that her mother was a llama.

It ended with a fight, which Vlad, being a vampire, naturally won. I doubt anything could deter her from continuing to tresspass on the property, though.

Autumn and Rez continued to enact Vlad’s paternal duties.

Rez got electrocuted somehow, probably trying to repair something but I prefer to believe it was a boobytrap for Vlad gone awry.

Robyn attempted to gas the competition for food – that is, her siblings.

Dan became a toddler.

Brandon also became a tot. I wasn’t quick enough to get a screenshot of him actually aging up so have this one of him just after instead.

Robyn became a child.

Carina became a child too.

Sigh. Robyn, you no longer have to eat popcorn.

Robyn looked at Vlad distrustfully.

Robyn: What is wrong with this popcorn? It tastes odd. Are you trying to poison me?

Robyn did her homework.

Carina’s fun was too low for her to agree to study so she played video games in her underwear instead.

But before long I had her studying too.

School projects for Robyn and Carina. Don’t they both look happy about it?

Dan had a tantrum. The fact that low needs makes toddlers angry/enraged makes it so much easier to neglect them without feeling a smidge of sympathy – an angry toddler is an annoying toddler!

Autumn and Reece came back from school with As so I sent Autumn to the kitchen to make a cake.

Meanwhile, Reece helped Carina with her project.

He also pitched in to assist Robyn.

Reece: Why are you making me do this? I have an A! I should be out of here with no more school work ever again!

Ok ok Reece, we are just waiting for your sister to bake a birthday cake so that you can age up. Now, where has she got to?

I found Autumn in THE DUNGEON of all places!

Autumn, I told you to bake a cake! Why are you in the dungeon? And why does Brandon have juice – have you been feeding the inmates? They are on a carefully controlled popcorn only diet – it helps to prevent rioting by keeping their strength down.

Autumn: I er… Got lost on the way to the kitchen?

Either Autumn knew I was about to age her up and freaked out about leaving home so decided to hide in the dungeon (doubtful, given her home life) or she broke into the dungeon in the hopes of breaking out the toddlers and smuggling them away with her when she moved out. This latter theory strikes me as more likely.

The greatest mystery, however, is how Autumn managed to get IN to the dungeon as she would have had to have passed through not one, not two but FOUR locked doors (there used to only be one but I installed three extra ones after toddlers were repeatedly somehow managing to escape as you may remember).

There are three locked doors below ground in the passage leading into the dungeon.

And there is one locked door above ground at the top of the steps going down into the dungeon.

Just to make doubly sure that those doors were locked, I directed Autumn to walk out of the dungeon and upstairs. Of course, she complained that she could not because of the locked doors. Hmmm is she an adept lock picker and just pretending to be unable to get out? Is there a secret passage out of the dungeon that I don’t know about?

Autumn, it would serve you right if I left you in the dungeon since you apparently wanted so badly to get in. However, it would also screw up the challenge for me so I shall let you out.

Rez bemoaned the failure of the attempted jailbreak.

Not you too Carina! You can eat food besides popcorn now!

Anyway, I managed to get a cake baked and Autumn and Reece aged up to YAs.

Autumn’s normal form:

Autumn’s dark form:

Autumn is so pretty in her dark form – she is basically a clone of her mother (Inna Cents) with Vlad’s skin tone). Why can’t that have been her normal form?

Reece’s normal form:

When I first saw Reece I was so excited because I thought he was really handsome… But then I saw his side profile and the screenshot above speaks for itself!

Reece’s dark form:

Reece inherited Inna’s mole in both his normal and dark form which is cool.

With more nuboos to make, Vlad seduced Julia Wright, another premade from DU who I really like (honestly, all the DU premades are amazing though).

Thanks to the romantic besties introduction the first kiss was, as always, secured immediately.

And they went back to Vlad’s place to try for a baby.

Brandon sobbed his little heart out. Turning on the water works won’t work I’m afraid Brandon, the duration of your sentence is inflexible.

Rez thought longingly of baths and clean clothes.

Carina greedily guzzled down popcorn (she has the glutton trait). More popcorn Carina? I told you that you don’t have to eat it any more!

And Robyn again too? Oh I despair of the pair of you! Perhaps you’re both just addicted to popcorn at this point.

Robyn was tense about being around strangers despite the fact that only her family was in the house. Well, I suppose that Vlad is practically a stranger, taking passive parenting to the extreme as he does.

Hahaha like hell they will!

Vlad received this text from Chadwick.

Vlad: And which Lilith is that?  I’m seeing both of them…

Rez: I found a website on the tablet which says there are other things that you can eat besides popcorn. I want to try burgers and chips and…

Brandon (holding up a popcorn kernel): Have some popcorn Rez and stop being silly. Where are you ever going to find things like that?

Just a quick picture of a filthy, stinky and very miserable Rez.

Vlad helped Carina and Robyn with homework….

… And more school projects.

Robyn remained unable to grasp the idea that things besides popcorn might be edible.

Brandon stumbled, tired, hungry and covered in dirt, through the dungeon.

Vlad insulted the fang size of Reece, who had popped over for a visit.

Vlad: You call yourself a vampire? Ha! Those fangs couldn’t pierce the skin of a tangerine!

Robyn became a teen.

As did Carina.

Homework was the first priority for both of them.

Slow down Robyn, you were a child 5 minutes ago!

Dan gazed hopefully at the birthday cake which Vlad had brought into the dungeon.

It’s your lucky day, Dan!

Dan (gasping): Really? I’m getting out at last?

Sike! Nope, it’s Rez’s birthday! Not your turn yet, Dan.

Rez became a child while all of Dan’s hopes and dreams of freedom crumbled about him.

Despite being a vampire, Carina autonomously wolfed down some garden salad. I guess it has to do with her being a glutton?

Vlad shared vampire knowledge with Rez.

Rez then did his homework, coerced assisted by his father.

Robyn and Carina both aged up to YAs.

Robyn’s normal form:

If it weren’t for the nose, I think Robyn would be really pretty.

Robyn’s dark form:

Carina’s normal form:

Carina’s dark form:

From what I can work out, Robyn and Carina are identical except that Carina inherited Vlad’s wrinkles and Robyn did not which is really strange. They both got Katrina’s beauty mark, though.

Vlad made Rez do a school project and Rez retorted by shouting forbidden words at him. You probably deserve that, Vlad.

In the dungeon, Dan and Brandon, the only two inmates (for now), brooded on their misfortunes.

Vlad gave birth to twin boys called Harold (78) and Eugi (79).

Then it was off to find the next donor. I chose Becca Clarke, roommate of Julia Wright. They’re meant to be best friends, aren’t they? And best friends share everything, after all…

Becca was very excited to see Vlad. I wonder what Julia has been telling her about him?

Again, first kiss quickly achieved.

They tried for a baby.

Becca: We’re having a baby?! But – but I’m just a broke college student! How will I care for a baby?

Don’t worry Becca, you are not the pregnant one and we won’t be requiring you to pay child maintenance. Vlad is loaded anyway and when you keep your children in a dungeon for the duration of their toddlerhood expenses decrease markedly!

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