Chapter 38: (Over) 3/4 Done!

It was time to make some more babies, so I had Vlad booty call Venessa Jeong. Bryce, who had turned up at the house at an inopportune moment, turned his back and pretended to be oblivious to this father’s womanizing.

I’ve thought that Venessa is stunning ever since seeing her in the Get Famous trailer, and I would also love some blue (turquoise?) haired babies!

Vlad and Venessa tried for a baby…

… While Bryce protected Sid’s innocence by keeping him out of the house.

Vlad had two more sinks to clog for his chief of mischief aspiration. Naturally, he chose the sinks in two houses occupied by his adult children.

Vlad: Uh this place is a pigsty! Hey good-for-nothings, your sink is broken and there’s water everywhere!

Robyn became a toddler.

And her sister, Carina, followed her into toddlerhood.

Robyn was most displeased, upon meeting her twin sister, to discover that she was not an only child. How shall we break it to her that she has to contend with not just the one unwanted sibling, but 72 (and counting)?

I allowed Sid to play on the pirate ship (aren’t I generous?)

Robyn freaked Reece out by trying to give him a hug. Um Robyn, your brother has been locked in a dungeon with no parental care for as long as he can remember, he isn’t exactly used to displays of affection.

Autumn studiously regarded her bowl of popcorn through a pair of spectacles (where on earth did she find those?) – yep, no matter how hard you look, it’s still popcorn!

Carina was introduced to burnt popcorn, the staple food of all dungeon inmates.

Carina (turning her head away): T-t-t-t-there’s a s-s-s-spider!

Oh Carina, you have bigger problems than an eight limbed insect.

Vlad helped Sid with his homework…

… And a school project.

The dungeon’s low (ok nonexistent) hygiene policy began to take its toll on Robyn.

Sid returned from school in a bit of a state.

But it turned out that sacrificing all his basic needs for study was worth it because Sid got an A and became a teen, bringing him one step closer to emancipation.

Since Sid was not a vampire (another non vampire child? What is up with the dark ley lot trait recently?), Vlad turned him.

Vlad: Sid, if you ever want to leave this house you will put that darn phone down and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Sid: But Dad, I’m on Simstragram!

Vlad: I’m the only social media icon in this house!

Sid wasn’t feeling so good as his vampiric transformation progressed, but Vlad made him do his school project anyway.

Vlad: Stop making a fuss about nothing, Sid! During my vampire transition, I had to go on the run from vampire hunters who saw me bitten, so you can put up with a bit of school work!

Vlad gave birth to Venessa Jeong’s baby boy and #75 in our challenge: Rez Straud. This means we are now 3/4 of the way through the challenge, which is great… But, I was surprised to only get one baby since there was room in the household for twins and the ley line lot trait, combined with the fertile reward trait, has always yielded multiples previously for Vlad in this game, when there have been enough household slots for them.

What do you mean one baby, Vlad? Where’s the other one, huh? WHERE IS THE OTHER ONE?!

Vlad: There is no other one.

I can see that, Vlad. THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!!

Vlad (grumbling): Fine, fine. I’ll go make you another one.

Thanks to the disappointment of the single birth (Vlad: I said I’m sorry, ok? Sheesh can you stop going on about it already?), we had room for another baby in the house so I sent Vlad off to pursue Max Villareal who, as a YA, always turns out cute.

It seems that the paparazzi who Vlad is on such bad terms with stalked him as you can see her in the top left of the above screenshot. Maybe she is chasing a story about his wild ways and many children.

First kiss for Vlad and Max.

They tried for a baby.

I was so busy getting Vlad impregnated that I totally forgot that it was Autumn and Reece’s birthday, so they aged up by themselves.

Here is child Autumn.

And here is child Reece.

Reece: Dad, I’m a child now, let me out! Please, I’m so hungry!

They were not happy about my failure to provide them with a birthday cake:

You would think that they would have been so happy at being set free from the dungeon that birthday cake would have been the last thing on their mind.

Reece was so upset about the cake thing that he took it upon himself to get revenge on me by ruining the cake in the fridge.

Reece: I WILL have my birthday cake.

But Reece, I thought I put candles on that cake before I put it in the fridge precisely so that nobody could ruin it. Oh well, eat your darn cake. I suppose I do have to make some allowances since at the time he WAS starving.

Vlad shared his vampire knowledge with Reece.

And Reece expressed his boredom with the topic. I can see Vlad despairing of Reece’s usefulness  in his army already.

Autumn and Reece did homework while, for some reason, a lonely  Z floated behind Reece.

Next came the compulsory school projects.

Sid became a YA. Here is his normal form (no dark form yet because he hadn’t turned into a vampire at this stage):

Upon moving Sid into his new home, I discovered that Katlyn (one of his new housemates), was turning into a vampire.

Here’s Katlyn’s dark form:

I waited around for a bit, expecting Dakota also to turn into a vampire, since Vlad bit him a little before Katlyn, but he didn’t. Then, I noticed that somehow Dakota did not have the moodlet that sims get when they have been bitten and are waiting to turn into a vampire. Somehow, Dakota must have managed to arrest the process! Well, not on my watch. I sent over Vlad to turn him again and this time for good.

Dakota: Dad, I’ve been thinking and I don’t want to be a –

Vlad (shoving his wrist into Dakota’s mouth): Don’t talk with your mouth full!

Rez became a toddler.

He took in the full horror of the dungeon…

And then burst into tears.

Robyn looked up from her bowl of burnt popcorn and gave the new inmate a wry smile: “first time?”

I call this picture ‘Suffering’.

Reece preferred to stand outside doing his homework rather than venturing inside, which was probably understandable, given the circumstances. I wouldn’t want to go home either if I were him.

Meanwhile, Vlad helped Autumn with her homework.

Already, the dungeon had left Rez dirty and dishevelled.

Autumn pretended that she was sailing somewhere far far away from her father and from the dungeon with all its attendant memories.

Robyn and Carina discussed and rejected as impossible various escape plans.

Robyn grimaced as she ate yet more burnt popcorn.

Autumn became a teenager.

And Reece became a teenager. Oh look, he inherited Inna’s mole!

Reece and Inna did some homework. Reece was being annoyingly cheerful about it, while autumn looked fed up.

Then it was time for school projects and once more Reece was way too enthusiastic while Inna…

… Wasn’t.

Suddenly, the camera moved to Sid, who was in the neighbourhood, and was turning into a vampire. Here is his dark form:

I figured that Dakota must also have completed his vampiric transformation, so I visited him and sure enough, I found him becoming a vampire.

Dakota’s dark form:

Autumn and Reece had a little sibling tete a tete on the sofa. Just realised that Autumn’s green lipgloss matches her sweater.

Another twinversation (see what I did there?) was taking place on the dungeon floor under somewhat less comfortable circumstances.

Vlad redeemed himself by delivering twins (since Sid moved out there were two household slots available instead of one). Phew, I was a little worried that the ‘on a ley line’ lot trait was broken after the previous birth only produced a single.

The two new arrivals (#76 and #77) are twin boys named Dan and Brandon.

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