Chapter 44: The Final Countdown

Boredom warning: Once again, this chapter will be very dull. Do not read while driving or operating heavy machinery as it may send you to sleep 😉 no seriously though, I am now barely putting any effort into these (not that I put much effort in in the first place) and now am just trying to finish the blog for completeness’ sake.

Looks as though the popcorn came out burnt again…

Nevaeh eating burnt popcorn.

Shelby: This popcorn tastes like misery!

Phoenix had a tantrum.

As did his twin, Karen.

Nina and Eliza did their homework, supervised by Vlad.

Then, it was school project time for Nina and Eliza.

Some birthdays now:

Raina became a toddler.

Phoenix became a child.

And Karen became a child.

Phoenix learned vampire lore from Vlad.

Phoenix doing his homework.

Karen was also taught vampire secrets by Vlad.

Raina tasted her first (and sadly by no means last) bowl of burnt popcorn.

Phoenix worked on a school project.

Vlad helped Karen with her homework.

Karen: I don’t want to do a school project!

Vlad: Do you think I wanted to be a father?!

Nina became a teen.

Eliza became a teen.

A sisterly homework session for Nina and Eliza. Eliza, you look too happy – stop that.

All their work done, I allowed Karen and Phoenix to play video games together.

One final school project for Eliza and Nina.

Shelby took it upon herself to make the dungeon’s air a little sweeter.

Raina complained about the dungeon’s no-bath policy.

Vlad was abducted by aliens… Again!

Hmmm I would have thought this was at least Vlad’s fourth abduction, but I can’t be bothered to go back through the past chapters and count.

Replace that pan with a rusty knife and you have a scene taken straight from a horror movie. The creepy smile on Raina’s face just screams murderous intent. I will have nightmares about waking up to find Raina bending over me brandishing a frying pan.

Nina, Eliza, Phoenix and Karen became one and it was weird, very weird.

Nina and Eliza both got A grades and so I was able to age them up to YA and move them out.

Nina’s normal form:

Nina’s dark form:

Eliza’s normal form:

Eliza is definitely one of the prettiest girls, although from the side it is obvious that she has a rather flat face and the pointy Straud chin.

Eliza’s dark form:

With two empty household slots to fill, I had Vlad booty call Ulrike. He was not exactly enthusiastic about it, as you can tell from his expression.

Vlad: Not again, I don’t wanna! I don’t want to see another baby ever again.

Too bad, because you are going to see 7 more babies before I’m done with you!

If she knew that he was a thirsty vampire, I doubt that Ulrike would look quite so happy about the proximity of Vlad’s teeth to her vital arteries.

Time to make a baby with Ulrike!

Vlad, there is a hot woman in lingerie next to you, you could look a little less miserable.

Vlad: But I don’t want to be pregnant again.

Come on, there’s only four more pregnancies to go.

Vlad: Four too many…

Phoenix and Karen did their homework…

… And then school projects.

Shelby ate burnt popcorn, bathed in the cloud of rotting popcorn stench that cascaded from the bowl above head.

Hmmm something tells me that Raina isn’t coping too well with the dungeon, but the inmates’ mental health is not my foremost concern so let’s leave her to her nervous breakdown, shall we?

Phoenix became a teenager.

Karen became a teenager.

Vlad had to turn Phoenix, who wasn’t born a vampire.

I made Karen and Phoenix do their homework, despite Phoenix’s protestations that he was sick.

School projects for Phoenix and Karen.

Relations in the dungeon became strained and Nevaeh yelled at Shelby.

Phoenix and Karen aged up to YA.

Phoenix’s normal form:

No dark form yet for Phoenix as at this point he wasn’t a vampire.

Karen’s normal form:

Sigh, she got the wrinkles.

Karen’s dark form:

Shelby became a child,

I was just about to add candles to the cake for Nevaeh when Raina grabbed a piece of the cake, rendering it useless. That may be karma since Nevaeh ruined Eliza’s cake last chapter.

It just occurred to me that the birthdays cakes are like portkeys for the toddlers. They blow out the candles and then get magically teleported out if the dungeon (because I can’t be bothered to unlock and relock all the doors)

Raina enjoyed the fruits of her theft.

Raina: This popcorn is yummy!

That’d be because it’s not popcorn, Raina.

Her escape delayed, Nevaeh made the best of a made situation and ate a slice of cake.

Once Vlad had baked another cake I aged up Nevaeh.

Vlad shared ancient lore with Shelby.

Vlad: And that, Shelby, is why, when sleeping in coffins, you must take care not to be buried alive – I mean buried undead. Otherwise, you’ll have a hell of a time clawing your way out of the ground.

Shelby did her homework.

Vlad shared vampire knowledge with Nevaeh.

Raina: Hey jerks, I’m all alone down here!

I know Raina, and I don’t give a flying fuck.

Vlad helped Nevaeh with her homework.

Then, I made Shelby and Nevaeh do school projects.

Once her work was done, Shelby was allowed play on the jungle gym.

Babies 94 and 95, twin boys called Gianni and Abel, were born. Abel is a er… Interesting choice of name. He should be grateful that his brother isn’t called Cain!

Only 5 more babies to go now – it’s the final countdown! And now I’ve started singing in my head…

Phoenix, who moved out earlier in the chapter, became a vampire. Here’s his dark form:

After the birth of Gianni and Abel, Vlad lost no time in heading to the BFF household to pick up his next donor. He was greeted by Summer and Travis, both of whom were ecstatic to see him. Sorry guys, we’re not here for you this time.

Leaving behind his two needy exes, Vlad broke into Liberty’s bedroom and set about flirting with her in a totally-not-creepy-way.

Vlad taking a selfie just looks so wrong that I had to include a screenshot of it.

Summer: Hi guys! Can I join? I’m totally up for a threesome! haha just kidding – but seriously, anything you want Vlad – I miss you so much, my life has no meaning without you!

Go away Summer, I can smell your desperation.

Er Vlad, what did you promise Liberty? Because by the looks of it she is expecting a proposal of marriage!

Shelby was the first to spot Vlad’s new fling.

Shelby (pointing): Guys, he’s doing it again! I think we’re about to have some new siblings!

Vlad and Liberty tried for a baby.

Shelby played on the slide – I always find this animation so cute.

Raina: All by myself, don’t wanna be *sobs* all by my self…

I think that solitary confinement has sent Raina over the edge. Well, you’re about to be in luck, Raina. Gianni and Abel may not be so happy, though.

Gianni became a toddler.

Abel became a toddler.

As anticipated, being locked in a cold and dirty dungeon did not exactly fill them with joy.

Raina: Can you be real? Or am I just hallucinating again?

Vlad helped Shelby and Nevaeh with their homework….

… And then with their school projects.

Vlad: This is so almost over! I can’t wait for the day when I never need to see another school project ever again!

Me neither Vlad, me neither.

Abel tasted burnt popcorn for the first time.

Gianni also forced down a bowl of the same.

You’ll get used to it, boys. I’m not saying that you’ll grow to like it – because you won’t – but you’ll get used to it.

Vlad’s paparazzi stalker snuck into the garden to photograph Vlad in the dead of night.

At long last, it was Raina’s birthday. She left the dungeon a (rather smelly parting gift)….

… Then blew out the candles on her cake and aged up to a child.

As usual, Vlad got his new recruit up to speed on vampire lore.

Then, Raina did her homework…

… And a school project.

Inmate Abel, you’re a disgrace. Why are you so filthy?

Abel: There’s no running water down here, we can’t wash!

That’s no excuse! Wait… Why haven’t you all died of dehydration yet? The water content of popcorn must be practically nonexistent.

Gianni glared at me. I get the feeling he knows exactly who is responsible for his present sufferings.

Raina played video games (see, it does get better!)

Shelby became a teenager.

And Nevaeh also became a teenager.

As you can tell, they seem to be yet another set of identical twins. I’m so tired of identicals, I seem to get them all the time!

Shelby and Nevaeh got their teens off to a thrilling start by doing their homework.

Vlad painted this picture which I love. The girl with the (black) pearl earring, I suppose? Just noticed how (I think Chadwick?) in the painting behind is in the exact same pose! What a lovely contrast they do make.

Shelby and Nevaeh did their school projects, superintended by Vlad.

After which, I let Shelby play video games.

Vlad gave birth to twin girls: Casey (96) and Jayme (97) which means there’s only 3 more babies to go! The next chapter will be the last one, so stay tuned for the end of Vlad The Dad!

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