Chapter 40: Let’s Get Political

Rez was being annoying and telling me that his fun need was too low to do his homework. What do you mean you can’t just study 24/7, boy?! I was forced to allow him to play video games until he was in a more cooperative mood.

Then Vlad made him do his homework.

Aww look at that little sad face from Brandon.

Dan steeled himself before forcing down a mouthful of burnt popcorn which, apparently, is not an acquired taste.

Vlad helped Reece with his school project.

Vlad: Look, I’m sparkling. Do you know what that means? I am in full parent mode. And do you know why that is? Because I have been taking such good care of my children.

The toddler dungeon begs to differ, Vlad.

Vlad: I said children. Those things in the dungeon barely qualify as sentient.

Harold became a toddler.

As did Eugi.

Boy do I have good news for you, Harold! You have more siblings than you know.

I deposited the tots directly into the dungeon.

Look at those happy faces!

Harold: What’s this? It looks yummy!

Harold’s optimism did not last for long.

Rez got to play on the pirate ship.

Luna threw some shade at Vlad – ouch she cold!

Vlad: Haven’t met? Bitch, I only had your baby! Are you telling me you don’t even remember her name – it’s #14.

Vlad, your daughter’s name is Kaylin…

Eugi accustomed himself to the new norm of cobwebs, damp, dirty clothes and burnt popcorn.

Vlad gave birth to babies #80 and #81: Ashlie (girl) and Christian (boy) and then laughed maniacally.

Vlad: Mwahahaha my army is almost complete. Soon, I will be able to begin the last stage of my plan: total world domination!

Rez was not so happy about the new additions.

Oh Rez what’s one more sibling? A mere drop in the metaphorical ocean of your brothers and sisters!

Dan became a child.

And Brandon became a child.

Once he was no longer starving and had sufficient energy for it (I’m not a monster after all – that and he wouldn’t study when his needs were low), I got Brandon started on his first piece of homework.

Meanwhile, Vlad shared his vampire knowledge with Dan in order to raise his vampire lore skill for school.

Speaking of the vampire lore skill, throughout this challenge I have been recommending it as a skill to teach children for the purposes of getting an A at school since Vlad has been able to get his children to level 4 in vampire lore by performing only four ‘share vampire knowledge/ancient lore’ interactions with them. Turns out, however, that he may only be able to do this because he has the mentor reward trait and level 10 in vampire lore. I am not sure if this is the case or not because I haven’t tested it with a sim without the mentor trait but still there’s a warning for you. Be that as it may, vampire lore is still a great one to teach kids because it is one of the only adult skills they can learn and so counts towards their reaching the skill level requirement for an A as a child and as a teen.

Brandon attempted to persuade his father of the merits of birth control.

Brandon: And so dad, you could stop having children now.

Vlad: Don’t be silly, how else will I complete my army?

Vlad helped Dan with his homework.

And then it was school projects for the both of them.

None of that cheek please Dan. You will do that school project and you will be happy about it! Good grades are your ticket out of here, after all.

Rez became a teen.

Reach for the stars – I mean the mysteriously floating bowl of burnt popcorn – Harold. No seriously, reach for it if you want to live. Competition for food is tough down there.

Rez did his homework, dreaming of the freedom he knew was fast approaching for him the next day.

One final school project for Rez.

In his weakened state, Eugi struggled to reach the bowl of popcorn on the table in front of him.

Rez imparted some useful survival tactics to Brandon.

Dan reflected that life out of the dungeon was treating him no better than life in it. Cheer up Dan, you may be filthy, starving and exhausted but at least you no longer have to eat burnt popcorn.

Dakota came over and, since he had to be funny for one of his work tasks, Vlad made a funny face at him. He looked so out of character that I had to take a screen shot.

Rez became a YA. Here is his normal form:

Sadly, he did not inherit Venessa’s blue hair, as you can see. Even more sadly, he is mostly all Vlad down to his wrinkles.

And his dark form:

The next donor on my list was Kat Cave, another vampire from the Vampires pack trailer. Oh dear, looks as though I forgot to cheat her up to full sun resistance. Just don’t burst into flames before we have harvested your genes, Kat. Afterwards, you can do whatever you like.

Elle looked on glumly as Vlad seduced Kat. You had your turn already. Elle!

First kiss – check.

Baby making time! I hope their children inherit Kat’s cool eyes.

As a parting gift, Kat knocked over our rubbish bin. I suppose she was preemptively getting revenge on Vlad for not calling her back. Elle and Inna must have been talking to her about his fuckboy tendencies (lol at Vlad of all people being a fuckboy).

Brandon and Dan did the day’s homework, and, since they had got Bs, extra credit too.

Eugi found solace in a hug from Bearcula.

Harold just looked hurt and confused by his predicament. I must admit he is quite a cute toddler.

Another day, another school project for Dan and Brandon.

Ashlie became a toddler.

Christian also became a toddler.

Something tells me that they have taken a dislike to the dungeon.

Dan: I’m so exhausted that I am about to pass out at any moment. I should probably get to bed. Hmm but I’m also kinda stinky – better take a shower first.

Stupid sims logic! Get your ass to bed you little eejit.

I love that our firstborn sent a gift to the (current) lastborn.

Dan was filthy and on the brink of peeing himself… But there was no time for a bathroom break before school. Time is grades Dan, time is grades.

Vlad reached the top of the social media career. That didn’t take him long at all did it? He was helped by the fact that he has the Connections reward trait which allows him to begin careers a few levels ahead (I forget how many) and by the Easy Street career perk which yields easier career advancement. Also, his ability to upload viral videos (I think from being charisma level 10) got his follower numbers booming in record time.

Wow that is a lot of followers. Nope, I don’t think it’s time to get more. I decided that Vlad should move on to bigger and better things.

Having maxed the social media career, Vlad decided to enter politics. What? It’s not unheard of for celebrities to become politicians after all.

Vlad: First, I shall get elected president, then, with my vampire army at my back, I will take over the world!

Why thank you, Katlyn.

Dan became a teen.

And Brandon became a teen.

Brandon did his homework with great reluctance.

Dan: I can’t study, I’m too stressed.

If you get an A, you can leave this house tomorrow…

Dan: But I’m still too stressed. Let me play just one video game and then I’ll do my homework.

Oh fine, there’s your darn video game, Dan.

Once his fun need was up, I was able to make Dan do his homework.

Vlad helped Brandon with his school project…

And Dan with his.

Every time I leave Vlad to his own devices he goes and works out. I think it is because the dark ley lot trait gives him an energized ‘hoping for fangs’ moodlet every time he is pregnant.

It’s a good thing I have frozen his physique with MCCC or he would be ripped by now and the thought of a muscle bound Vlad is just wrong somehow!

Brandon showed off his vampire powers to Vlad.

Brandon: Look Dad, I’ll be so useful in your army! Please, I just want your validation.

A dirty Christian traipsed through the dungeon on the hunt for food burnt popcorn.

Ashlie hoped that a superhero might come to her rescue. Sorry Ashlie, the only hero around to rescue you is time and lots of it.

Christian, Eugi and Harold discussed escape plans.

Christian: I know, let’s get a dinosaur to eat dad!

And where are you planning on acquiring said dinosaur, Christian?

Christian: I’ve heard there’s one in Oasis Springs.

And how will you be getting to Oasis Springs?

Christian: We will have to escape somehow.

And how will you escape?

Christian: Well, we could feed dad to a dinosaur!

Oh dear, I think you’d best get back to the drawing board.

Dan and Brandon became YAs. Here is Dan’s normal form:

Dan’s dark form:

Brandon’s normal form:

Brandon’s dark form:

It is curious, just as with Robyn and Carina, Dan and Brandon appear to be identical twins except for the fact that Dan has inherited Vlad’s wrinkles and Brandon has not.

The toddlers all had a group cry. Maybe they think that if they all cry loud enough together then the vibrations will shake down the dungeon walls. Bad plan guys. One, physics says that can’t work. Two, even if it did work, what – or rather who – do you think all those bricks would fall on top of hmmm? Exactly.

Vlad gave birth to twin girls Tonya (82) and Celeste (83).

Since there was one household slot free, I had Vlad invite over the next donor: Cassandra Goth.

Since they already had a good romantic relationship, they were able to try for a baby straight away.

Oops Cassandra was not happy upon being informed of her impending motherhood. Perhaps she is concerned about what her mother, another of Vlad’s baby mumma’s, will say.

Cassandra and Vlad’s child will be the half sibling to Reginald (#2) and Regan (#3), whose mother is Bella Goth. But Reginald and Regan will also be the uncles of Cassandra and Vlad’s child! Vlad is really wreaking some havoc on the nuclear family…

What on earth? Eugi, you can’t escape out of the dungeon through the wall. You will find yourself lost in the bowels of the earth and you’ll soon be wishing for the dungeon with its popcorn and beds again.

Meanwhile Ashlie confided her own hopes of flying out of the dungeon to Bearcula. That’s a great plan Ashlie. Just two minor problems with it: 1) Where are your wings; and 2) what do you propose to do about the solid stone CEILING?




2 thoughts on “Chapter 40: Let’s Get Political

  1. This chapter had me in stitches! I can just imagine Vlad on the campaign trail. “Children are our future…which is why Vlad locked all 83 of them in a dungeon. Vote Vlad!”

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