Chapter 41: Elemental, My Dear Vlad

Before I begin, let me just say that this chapter is going to be long and boring. In fact the next four chapters (after this, there will only be four more chapters before I finish the challenge since I am going to do two births per chapter) will also long and boring. At this point, I just want to finish and am not putting much effort into my posts. Sorry. But, I am mostly writing this up for me so that I can look back on it later anyway.

Also, the title is an attempted pun on “elementary, my dear Watson” which, of course, Sherlock Holmes never said, because in this chapter, as you will see, Vlad gets friendly with an elemental. Never good when you have to explain a pun…

In the dungeon, it was finally time for Harold and Eugi to age up.

Harold, being the eldest, went first.

But, just as I was about to age up Eugi, I noticed that someone had defiled the cake!

I soon located the offender. It was Ashlie. Either she was trying to scupper Eugi’s chances of escape in order to settle some personal vendetta or she was just too starving to pass up the opportunity for some decent food (well, it was burnt cake but that makes a change from burnt popcorn, right?)

Regardless, having made Vlad bake another cake we soon had Eugi aged up and out of there.

Harold did his homework…

… And Eugi did his with a scowl on his face.

Vlad shared his vampire knowledge with Harold.

Harold begged for new toys from Vlad.

Vlad: Yes, you can have a new toy, Harold. In face, there’s one waiting in the hall for you right now – and one for Eugi too.

Not quite the new toy you were hoping for eh, Harold?

Aww doesn’t Christian look cute playing with his bricks.

Christian: Does that mean you’ll let me out?

Of course I will! Just as soon as you become a child…

Vlad had to paint a political mural for his career so I had him work on one in the garden.

With his work complete, I let Harold play on the pirate ship.

Eugi was also permitted to have some much needed fun.

Tonya became a toddler.

And Celeste became a toddler.

Yay they both got Kat’s eyes! Actually, they look identical. Not ANOTHER set of identical twins, surely?

They look kind of creepy standing together with those blank white eyes.

Fellow inmate Christian had a nervous breakdown on his bed.

Tonya and Celeste worriedly observed the effects of dungeon habitation on Ashlie. The future looks bright for you, girls!

Harold and Eugi played video games before school.

Ashlie suspiciously guarded her popcorn from Christian. When you’re never sure if or when rations are going to run out, a little food hoarding and mutual distrust is to be expected I suppose.

Celeste was already expressing her readiness to bring this particular adventure to a close.

Christian sat in what I can only assume was a puddle of his own urine to play on one of the tablets. Lovely.

Eugi shouted forbidden words. A dungeon upbringing really does not foster the best manners or mental health.

Vlad held a political protest in San Myshuno.

Travis joined in. Thank you and all that Travis, but this doesn’t mean Vlad is going to come back to you.

Vlad bullied persuaded Myla to vote for him.

Margarita turned up struggling with a broken umbrella and, by the looks of it, a broken arm too.

Vlad also secured her vote.

Vlad: You know, if you don’t vote for me I can arrange for you to stay in the dungeon for a Very. Long. Time.

Margarita agreed to vote for her father but then took the opportunity to yell at him.

Vlad responded in kind.

Next, Vlad extracted a promise from Jairo to vote for him.

Vlad: Just think son, with me as President the sky’s the limit for this family!

Poor Jairo looked a little concerned about what Vlad might do if given presidential powers and well he might, having experienced first hand the horrors of Vlad’s Toddler Dungeon. The evidence does not point in the direction of Vlad’s caring for the welfare of those under his charge.

Speaking of the toddler dungeon, Tonya was starting to have a rough time of it down there.

Celeste was also pretty miserable.

Ashlie comforted Celeste with a hug – aww.

Harold and Eugi did their homework while Vlad complained of a back ache. Vlad, considering the pain and suffering that you put your children through, I don’t think you have any right to complain of anything so minor as a sore back.

Vlad: Is this challenge almost over?

Yes, it’s almost over.

Vlad: Almost over as in this-is-the-last-pregnancy-almost-over?

Try only-17-babies-to-go-almost-over.

Vlad: Sigh.

The stench of rotting popcorn was so pungent that it completely overpowered poor Christian, forcing him to physically recoil.

Harold and Eugi worked on school projects.

Baby #84, a boy named Sterling (ha! Sterling Straud is some nice alliteration!) was born.

More video games for Harold and Eugi. These two seem to be addicted. Totally can’t relate…

Vlad had to give an energised speech in San Myshuno for his career. It was probably against the rules for him to leave the lot but oh well. He had a huge audience… Comprised of three paparazzi, one of whom is his stalker so hardly counts.

After the speech, Siobhan did her best to seduce Vlad. Sorry Siobhan but we’ve already harvested your genes.

Ashlie: If I close my eyes then I can’t see the dungeon. And if I can’t see the dungeon, then I’m not in the dungeon.

If only it worked that way Ashlie, if only it worked that way.

Harold became a teen.

Eugi became a teen too.

They did their homework together. At least, Harold did his homework. Eugi seemed to forget the necessity of paper on which to write.

The last school projects for Harold and Eugi.

Yes yes I know you’re suffering Eugi but your grades are more important than your personal hygiene – at least to me!

Sterling became a toddler.

Welcome to the dungeon, inmate.

Ashlie became a child.

Before I could add more candles to the cake in order to age up Christian, Celeste approached with evil intent in her eyes.

Ashlie: No Celeste, don’t do it! Think of Christian!

Celeste: If I can’t leave here, no one can.

Ugh. She did it.

I hate you, little brat.

Christian: Ashlie’s gone, so why am I still here? I thought it was my release date, too. Has my sentence been extended?

To replace the ruined cake, Vlad baked this cool gourmet cake (he needed to make a gourmet meal for the master chef aspiration, which I was trying to get him to complete as much is possible without joining the culinary career).

And so despite Celeste’s best efforts to sabotage proceedings, Christian became a child and left the dungeon.

Teenage Harold and Eugi remained hooked on video games.

Vlad divulged secrets about vampires to Christian.

Eugi showed off his powers to Harold.

Christian did his homework.

Ashlie also learned vampire lore from Vlad.

Vlad helped Ashlie with her homework.

Ashlie worked on a school project.

As did Christian, with the assistance of Vlad.

Harold and Eugi attempted to become conjoined twins.

Harold became a YA. Here’s his normal form:

And his dark form:

Eugi also became a YA. Eugi’s normal form:

Eugi’s dark form:

So they both inherited Vlad’s wrinkles. I suppose a childhood spent in Vlad’s house is enough to cause premature ageing in anyone.

Hey Vlad, how would you like some volcano-bomb-summoning-soldiers in your army?

Vlad: Very much – such soldiers would be invaluable weapons. But how can I procure some?

Elemental, my dear Vlad.

I moved out Harold straight away, making room in the household for another baby, but I kept Eugi around for a little longer since he rolled the ‘child of the islands’ trait (which was random since neither of his parents have it) and sims with that trait can summon the Sulani island elementals. A child of an island elemental will get a special Sulani Mana trait which enables them to call up volcano bombs.

So, Vlad hit on one of the elementals called Hali’a Turei

Their first kiss was captured by Vlad’s paparazzi stalker who was sneakily using an invisible camera.

She then retreated a bit and snapped more pictures. I suppose a celebrity vampire and an island spirit getting it on is quite a good scoop so I can’t blame her.

I had to cheat and use MCCC to make Vlad pregnant by Hali’a since she’s a ghost and they couldn’t try for a baby… But just pretend that they are trying for a baby here!

Apparently the elementals were pleased with Eugi’s commitment to Sulani. He has literally never stepped foot there.

Vlad gave a confident speech in San Myshuno. There was a slightly bigger crowd this time and his stalker the blonde female paparazzi was once again in attendance.

It was Harvestfest which meant one thing and one thing only: Gnomes.

Christian: Yay, I appeased a gnome!

You sure about that, Christian?

Ashlie was also unsuccessful in obtaining forgiveness from the gnome. Poor kids, as though they haven’t suffered enough already.

Talking about suffering… Hello Tonya!

Vlad found the gnomes wreaking havoc in the bathroom.

Fortunately for the plumbing, he was able to appease them. Not even an angry gnomes would dare defy Vlad.

Vlad talked Ericka into promising to vote for him.

Liberty also found herself making the same agreement. She looked a little uncertain to me, though.

Liberty: Yeah uh… Woop, go Vlad’s Party and all that.

Sterling was beginning to fit in with the other dungeon inmates – and by that I mean he was now just as filthy.

Vlad helped Christian with his homework.

And Ashlie did her homework, looking especially studious. Maybe it’s the glasses.

A stinky Celeste wondered if there was any way to effect an escape using empty popcorn bowls.

Ashlie worked on her school project while Christian passed out on the ground. I said she was the studious one!

Tonya wondered what she could possibly have done in her short life to deserve her current punishment.

Sterling took comfort in a hug with poor long suffering Beracula.

Bearcula: And how many more times shall I have to suffer my person to be dirtied by repulsive grubby little urchins?

Ashlie: Hmm my fun is kinda low and I haven’t showered for days, what shall I do? Easy, video game!

Ashlie became a teen and oh I actually like that dress!

Christian became a teen also.

Christian and Ashlie did their homework. Well, Christian did his homework while Ashlie played on her phone. I take back what I said about her being the studious one.

Christian decided to randomly insult Ashlie.

Then Vlad took it upon himself to yell at her. Poor Ashlie really can’t catch a break can she?

Christian worked on a school project in the hope of securing that coveted A grade.

Vlad had to complete another political mural for his career. I’m a little worried about what the job of a sim politician seems to entail: a lot of speeches and murals and talking to people… But where is the planning for legislation, the manifesto writing etc?

Vlad had to earn gold hosting a dinner part for the master chef aspiration, so he threw one at Straud Mansion.

I’m sorry what is this abomination?!

Kill it with fire!

Vlad, the supposed host, kicked back and entertained the guests.

Vlad: And then I said: If you don’t do your homework, I’ll lock you in the dungeon! Hahahahaha! Ahem. Just our little family joke, of course… The children mean everything to me.

Meanwhile Ashlie was put on dirty dish duty (oh dear it looks as though she’s trying to emulate Vlad with that top hat but it really doesn’t go with the rest of her outfit).

Ashlie (gritting her teeth): Just keep smiling Ashlie, you’ll be out of this hell hole soon.

And Christian cooked in the kitchen.

Vlad puked in the toilet which I wish that I could attribute to Christian poisoning the food, but really it was his own fault for forgetting he had the withered stomach weakness and chowing down on human food.

Oh looks like Christian baked a cake. Is that a hint, I wonder? Sorry Christian, you can’t age up yet. You’ll have to wait until Monday when you can get an A at school.

To draw this chapter to a close, Vlad gave birth to babies #85 and #86: a girl called Cecelia and a boy named Isaac.


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