Chapter 45: Finally Finished!

So I start my game up to this. I thought I had had Vlad install a fire guard to prevent just this from happening but I guess not.

Vlad bravely hid behind his two teenage daughters.

When I asked him to extinguish the fire, Vlad smugly informed me that there was an obstacle in the way. The only obstacle is your obstinacy Vlad now PUT OUT THE DARN FIRE!

Oh so you’re not prepared to extinguish the fire but you WILL walk straight through it?

When this happened I was seriously concerned that Vlad was spitefully committing suicide by self-immolation, which would have rendered me unable to complete the challenge.

Thankfully though, Vlad somehow avoided catching alight. And I thought vampires were supposed to be especially flammable.

Still refusing to put out the flames, Vlad stood right beside the blaze and played with the ball of clay. He definitely has a death wish. I think that this challenge may have driven him a little insane.

This reminds me of how Emperor Nero was supposed to have played the fiddle while Rome burned…. Except that, this being the sims, Vlad’s plans to let everything go up in flames were scuppered when the fire burned itself out.

Oh so you do want to finish the challenge after all? Good, our wants align for once. Also: look how much money we have!

Shelby and Nevaeh got A grades at school and so I aged them up to YAs.

Shelby’s normal form:

Shelby’s dark form:

Nevaeh’s normal form:

Nevaeh’s dark form:

They are identical and (in their normal form) they are quite pretty from the front as they take after Princess Cordelia very strongly. Unfortunately though, they suffer from spikey chin syndrome. I also wish that they had inherited Cordelia’s purple eyes but that can’t be helped.

Vlad arrived at the house of his next donor.

Grace: Vladislaus! You came back!

Sorry Grace, we’re not here for you this time. Thank you for Bernardo though, he’s one of my favourite Vlad babies.

Vlad wasted no time in wooing Tomax.

I was not the only one to photograph their first kiss, it seems. Vlad did go on a date with that paparazzi so I suppose that it makes sense for him to be interested in Vlad’s love life but still, this is taking it a bit far.

Vlad and Tomax tried for a baby, thankfully away from the prying eyes (and cameras) of the paparazzi.

Raina did her homework.

And how are the toddlers doing, you ask?

Abel is dirty and miserable.

And Gianni is dirty and miserable.

But, they’re alive so they’re doing pretty good, I’d say!

Vlad helped Raina with her school project.

Casey became a toddler.

Jayme became a toddler.

Jayme was delighted with the dungeon.

Raina returned from school dirty and depressed….

… But, she got an A so I aged her up to a teenager.

Raina looked way too pleased with herself for doing her homework.

Raina: Look Dad, I’m a good student. Am I your favourite child now?

Vlad: I love all my children equally – that is to say, not at all.

Casey had a tantrum – I mean did the kan kan.

Jayme decided to join her sister in the kan kan, watched by a bemused Abel.

This was the last school project both for Raina and for the challenge! And there was much rejoicing (from me anyway, Raina just looks fed up).

Eliza came by to give Raina some moral support and to congratulate her on her impending escape. I know that Eliza has a flat face and her chin isn’t great but for some reason I find her really cute.

I sent Vlad into the dungeon to clear up the rotten popcorn bowls, as I do periodically (aren’t I generous?) and he got this moodlet. So that proves it then: he really does take pleasure in his toddlers’ suffering.

Gianni joined the long line of toddlers who have contemplated whether it might be possible to incapacitate their jailer with a frying pan and so escape the dungeon. Sorry to disappoint Gianni, but a frying pan in the hands of a toddler will be little use against a grand master vampire.

Casey ate her first meal of burnt popcorn.

Abel despaired at the unwelcome sight of yet more burnt popcorn.

Jayme: You know, I don’t like it here. We should move somewhere else.

That’s right Jayme, you can totally up and leave whensoever you choose, because that’s exactly how dungeons work…

Raina became a YA. Here is her normal form:

And her dark form:

Ok but her dark form is so pretty – WHY can’t that have been her normal form?

Vlad gave birth to babies 98 and 99: twin boys called Desmond and Rogelio.

Abel: we could jump on a plane and fly far far away from here.

Gianni: But how can we board a plane if we can’t even get out of the dungeon?

For the last donor, I decided on Bob Pancakes because he is iconic and also because I kind of wanted to destroy his marriage (ahem, sorry Eliza).

Of course, I had Vlad kiss Bob right in front of Eliza, leaving her apoplectic with rage.

And here comes the inevitable slap. Vlad looks like he is enjoying the drama honestly.

Eliza stomped off while Vlad continued to romance her husband.

She had a bit of a breakdown outside the room…

… And then stormed back into the room…

… To give her husband a second slap!

Vlad has cheated with a number of sims in front of their partner and every other time the cheated-on-sim has merely given the cheater one slap and then left. No one has circled back for another slap until now!

Hell hath no fury like Eliza Pancakes scorned.

I decided to wind up Eliza even further by having Vlad continue to flirt with Bob. At this point, she looked fit to self-combust with rage.

Finally, Eliza pissed off for good, leaving Vlad and Bob to share a passionate kiss.

Because this will be the final baby making session of the challenge, I decided to make it special by having it take place in the hot tub.

Vlad: Let’s see how long you can stay underwater before you pass out!

At this moment Bob realised that the charismatic man who had swept him off his feet and saved him from his miserable marriage was in fact a sadistic psychopath and that he was in very real danger of his life.

Final pregnancy confirmed!

Vlad: I’m going to have my one hundredth baby and you’re the father! Isn’t it great?

Bob: One… Hundredth? Who are you?

Apparently Bob preferred to risk more of Vlad’s weirdness than to go home where, judging my his dream, he feared he might find himself in a walled pool, courtesy of Eliza.

Abel farted in Gianni’s face. Nice.

Jayme: I’m so hungry.

What, isn’t the smell of rotting popcorn sustaining enough for you?


Yeesh talk about ungrateful, at least it’s not burnt this time.

An image of light in a dark place: Casey and Gianni shared a hug.

Desmond became a toddler.

Rogelio became a toddler.

Just before I imprisoned him in the dungeon, Desmond tried to talk with the deactivated servo which was kind of cute.

I teleported Desmond and Rogelio into their new place of residence. Sorry about this, boys. You can take comfort in the thought that, of all the toddlers (except #100), your sentence in the dungeon will be the shortest.

Gianni became a child.

And Abel became a child.

Since Vlad was already pregnant with #100 and there was not enough time for Gianni and Abel to age up to YAs anyway, they became the first children in the challenge who did not have to bother with skill building, homework or projects. So, I let them enjoy their childhood. Lucky kids!

Abel played on the pirate ship.

And later, Gianni also played on the pirate ship.

Desmond pulled a rather spectacular sad face.

Rogelio ate burnt popcorn for the first time. Judging by his face, he did not enjoy it but that is hardly surprising.

Gianni laughed maniacally. I hope you are not using all the free time and liberty that I am allowing you to plot against your father, Gianni. Or, if you are, kindly wait until he has given birth to #100 to enact your evil plans. I need him alive until then.

Rogelio tantrummed and looked quite cute while doing it, actually.

Desmond ate burnt popcorn, surrounded by cobwebs on one side and rotting popcorn on the other. It’s a good thing that he has goggles to protect his eyes from mist of rotting popcorn stench.

Just three very dirty and very fed up (well, not literally fed up since they only have popcorn to eat) toddlers.

Meanwhile, the Father of The Year played video games.

Both Gianni and Abel came home from their first day of school with C grades but it doesn’t matter one bit, because they don’t need good grades!

Shelby visited and did a secret handshake with Gianni.

Abel played video games.

Gianni dreamed happy dreams of his father’s demise. Sorry Gianni, but Vlad is already dead – vampire and all that.

A face of pure despair from Desmond. Hang on in there Desmond, you’ll be out soon.

Poor Rogelio also looked pretty miserable.

Casey peered at her unconscious sister: “is she dead?”

At last the moment we have all been waiting for arrived: Vlad went into labour with his one hundredth child. I directed him to give birth in the middle crib and he tried to object that he couldn’t possibly. Oh no Vlad, you won’t stop me from finishing this challenge, not at this late stage!

I had him give birth at one of the other cribs instead and we welcomed our last baby, a girl called Vladweena (who would have been Vlad Jr had she been a boy).

Well, it has been over 9 months but I am finally finished! Never again. Never ever ever again.

Vlad surveyed his newest newborn with a crazed look in his eyes: I did it! It’s all over! I can’t believe it’s all over!

I know exactly how you feel, Vlad.

Vlad: Excuse me but you didn’t have to push 100 babies out of your ass!

Now the only thing left to do was to age up all of the children in the household.

Just before I aged up Gianni and Abel I accidentally moved something on the table which instantly turned into a pile of ashes. I think it was the blob of clay. It would be strangely poetic for the clay to finally disintegrate at the end of the challenge but I am confused as to how and why it happened. Maybe the clay got burnt when Vlad played with it by the fire earlier.

Anyway, Gianni became a teen.

Then, Abel became a teen.

Following this, I aged up Gianni and Abel to YAs.

Gianni’s normal form:

Gianni’s dark form:

Abel’s normal form:

Abel’s dark form:

Then it was time to bring the good news of their early release to the inmates toddlers.

First, Casey became a child.

Then, Jayme became a child.

And then Rogelio had to be a little bugger and ruin the cake.

That was your ticket out of here too you know! It would serve you right if I aged everyone else up and left you here in the dungeon to rot forever.

Casey took out her frustrations on Bearcula.

Jayme used the second Bearcula as a punching bag.

At least the girls were able to console themselves with cake.

After Vlad had baked another cake, I was able to continue with my aging up spree.

Casey became a teen.

Jayme became a teen.

Then, Casey and Jayme became YAs.

Casey’s normal form:

Casey’s dark form:

Jayme’s normal form:

Jayme’s dark form:

Then, Desmond became a child.

And Rogelio became a child.

Desmond became a teen.

Rogelio became a teen.

Finally, Desmond and Rogelio became YAs.

Desmond’s normal form:

Desmond’s dark form:

Rogelio’s normal form:

Rogelio’s dark form:

With all the other kids gone, there was only Vladweena left to age up.

Vladweena became a toddler. The lucky thing was the only toddler to escape incarceration in the dungeon.

Then, she became a child.

Then, a teen.

And finally a YA!

Vladweena’s normal form:

Vladweena’s dark form:

3 thoughts on “Chapter 45: Finally Finished!

  1. I HATE toddlers but this may be the only way I’ll ever be able to do the 100 baby challenge! I loved the whole series especially the dungeon 😂


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