Chapter 37: A Streaker At Straud Mansion

We begin this chapter with Anaya becoming a child and escaping the dungeon.

Not to worry, Anaya’s place in the dungeon was soon taken by Sid, who became a toddler,

Sid: Please Daddy, don’t leave me here. It’s cold and dark and it smells bad.

Vlad: Don’t worry son, it’s only for a few years!

Sid looking at a bowl of burnt popcorn: Is it edible?

Yes, in a manner of speaking… Not sure how much nutritional value you’ll get from it, though.

Ericka looked way too happy…

… As did Dakota.

Katlyn however, wore an expression of mournfulness. That’s the face we like to see, Katlyn! Ericka and Dakota, you take notes.

Vlad’s follower number continued to skyrocket, thanks to a series of successful viral videos.

Vlad imparted his vampire knowledge to Anaya, the first stage of training for his new recruit.

First school project for Anaya.

Vlad had to perform mischief interactions on a number of sims, either for his work or for his aspiration, I forget which. Here he is giving fake bad news to Allie – by the looks of it, he is lying about a death. Yikes, that’s some dark stuff!

Diamond also came over and was greeted with an airhorn to the face.

It looked as though the two sisters were happy to be reunited…

Until Allie began to yell at Diamond. Well I suppose that being back in the place where they experienced so much pain is bound to heighten stress levels.

Allie: You knew what he was doing to us, why didn’t you come and save us?

Diamond: I – I was too afraid…

Vlad invited over another of his kids and oh god I can’t tell which of his sons it is. Um maybe Clifton? Let’s just say it’s Clifton! Anyway, he dared Clifton to streak. Are you sure that is appropriate, Vlad? Think of the children (well, at this point child)!

Anaya was playing on the pirate ship and did not hesitate to point out butt ass naked Clifton to everyone within hearing distance.

Anaya: Look! A crazy naked man!

Ok that is terrifying.

Ericka and Sid cried together about their situation.

Look on the bright side, all the other toddlers are in the same boat – I mean dungeon.

Did: But I don’t want to be in the dungeon at all!

Helena came by, apparently with the sole purpose of knocking over the rubbish bin and dancing in the mess. I think that she might hold a grudge against Vlad still…

Dakota, Sid and Katlyn had a group therapy session.

Yep, those toddlers are living the good life!

Vlad told a joke to Anaya. That’s right Anaya, you’d better laugh. By the look on Vlad’s face, it’ll be the dungeon for you if he feels that you are not according his humour the appreciation that it deserves.

Sid expressed his distaste with the limited menu.

Dakota also appeared to be fed up with popcorn.

And Katlyn apparently still does not realise that no matter how much she screams and cries, no help is coming.

Anaya, on the other hand, I actually permitted to have some fun on the pirate ship.

Two more new arrivals: baby #71, a girl called Autumn, and baby #72, a boy called Reece.

So Vlad got abducted AGAIN. Those aliens really are keen to help with this challenge aren’t they? But we had a full house and I still have MCCC set so that he can’t get pregnant from abductions so ha!

Anaya dutifully did her homework.

Ok birthday time for the triplets!

Dakota became a child – love the cute hat.

Katlyn became a child.

And finally Ericka became a child.

Ouch! If looks could kill…

Meanwhile, Autumn became a toddler.

And Reece became a toddler. That smile may be adorable but I predict that it is about to be wiped right off your little face, Reece…

Called it!

Autumn was also understandably displeased with her new place of residence.

Vlad shared ancient lore with Ericka.

Katlyn crossed the monkey bars, leaving a trail of green stench behind her as she went.

And Dakota played on the pirate ship.

Here is Vlad sharing his vampire knowledge with Katlyn.

Dakota doing his homework.

Oh dear, things are really starting to get to Sid, huh?

Ericka was not enthusiastic about her school project.

Anaya became a teen.

Oh you’re feeling tense Anaya? Don’t want to study?

Too bad!

A filthy Autumn ate burnt popcorn. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

Reece discussed his problems with Bearcula, who at this point should start charging for his toddler therapy sessions.

Vlad helped Anaya with her school project out of the kindness of his heart – or more likely the desire to get her moved out asap.

Katlyn passed out. Weakling!

Anaya played video games with an invisible controller. She’s not even erratic!

Nice to see Anaya and Ericka bonding.

As Autumn lost all hope, she raised her face upwards in what she imagined was the general direction of her father and screamed in desolation.

Since Vlad has thousands of satisfaction points and nothing to do with them, we got a second money tree. Actually, we could have got loads more but since Vlad is already a multi millionaire that didn’t seem necessary. Maybe later.

Helena came over and Vlad ‘slapped her silly’ (mischief interaction) so hard that her lips came off on his hand. And so the abusive relationship continues into adulthood.

Anaya became a YA.

Anaya’s normal form:

It’s cool that Anaya inherited Johnny’s beauty mark. She also inherited Vlad’s wrinkles, which only a few of his kids have inherited – (un)lucky her!

Anaya’s dark form:

With Anaya all moved out, I sent Vlad off in pursuit of Katrina Caliente, who I have found to have good genetics in the past.

Dina butted in, eating spoiled food (great look), and made things awkward. I think she wanted a piece of Vlad herself – never fear, your time will come, Dina. You are on the waiting list.

Katrina: Go away Dina, can’t you see I’m trying to pull? He’s a celebrity!

Despite Dina’s best efforts to cock block (vagina block?) her mother, Vlad secured that first kiss.

Katrina and Vlad tried for a baby – as usual, with success.

Dakota looked too happy about homework – I think all the studying may have addled his brain.

Behold the line of school projects.

Dakota became a teen.

Katlyn became a teen.

And Ericka became a teen.

Dakota was not a vampire, so Vlad had to turn him.

Katlyn was also not a vampire, which was very surprising to me since it is rare for Vlad’s kids not to be born vampires (thank you on a dark ley lot trait!) so two out of the three triplets being human was unprecedented. Anyway, Vlad lost no time in turning Katlyn.

Ericka, being a vampire, had fewer pesky needs to interfere with the completion of her homework, extra credit work and school project.

Katlyn though… Let’s just say that it was a struggle to keep her not tense for long enough that she could complete her homework and extra credit work. She didn’t even start her school project.

Dakota did managed to do his homework, extra credit and a school project eventually…

However, he did keep passing out on me. God I hate these weak human teens!

Sid became a child and consequently escaped the dungeon.

Autumn looked on jealously out of the cloud of her own stink that shrouded her.

Vlad lost no time in boring Sid with vampire lore.

Sid did his homework. Nice socks, Sid…

I also got him to do a school project.

Vlad had to be funny with several different sims for one of his work tasks. Belladonna had dropped by so he joked about the old times with her.

Vlad: Remember that time when I locked you in a dungeon for seven years? Wasn’t that hilarious?

Belladonna: …

Vlad: Too soon?

Despite everything that her father had put her through, Belladonna was still good enough to mend his toilet for him.

The triplets all got As on their first (and only) day of school as teens – even Katlyn, who as you will recall did not complete a school project – so maybe all these school projects that I have been making the kids do have been wholly unnecessary. Oops.

Dakota’s normal form:

No dark form for Dakota yet since he has not yet become a vampire but I will have that for you next chapter.

Katlyn’s normal form:

I would say that Katlyn is technically the best looking of the triplets. The only ‘faults’ that she has are her downturned mouth and pointy chin.

Again, no dark form for Katlyn just yet.

Ericka’s normal form:

Ok Ericka may have Vlad’s nose but I love her whole look! That hair looks amazing on her.

Ericka’s dark form:

The second money tree reached maturity which means… Money money money!

Here is Sid playing on the pirate ship just because.

Another set of twins, two girls this time: Robyn (#73) and Carina (74). I just realised that Carina’s name sounds very similar to that of her mother (Katrina Caliente) – what a neat coincidence since I use the random name generator!

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