Chapter 3.20

In the preceding chapter, not much really happened. The family returned home from Selvadorada and everyone worked on their aspirations and Galatea worked practiced the piano. Phoebe manages to wet herself at the archaeology workbench. Phoebe: What do you expect when you're exploiting a pregnant lady? A quick scruberoo and you'll be right as … Continue reading Chapter 3.20

Chapter 3.19

Last time, I took everyone on a vacation to Selvadorada so that Phoebe could do those tasks on the archaeology scholar aspiration which have to be done in Selvadorada. Rowan also managed to max the Selvadoradian culture skill while they were there, and Nugget became an adult. Here's the family all back home again. … Continue reading Chapter 3.19

Chapter 3.18

Last time, Galatea completed the country caretaker aspiration and Adonis completed the grilled cheese aspiration (aided by a bit of townie murdering courtesy of Vlad and a walled pool), Phoebe kept reading up on archaeology and Rowan fussed over Nugget. Since Phoebe's assigned skill is archaeology, I've decided to give her the archaeology scholar … Continue reading Chapter 3.18

Chapter 3.14

Last time, Adonis completed the outdoor enthusiast aspiration, Phoebe completed the purveyor of potions aspiration, Vlad worked on the master maker aspiration, Adonis maxed the pet training skill, and Phoebe started reading up on archaeology. Phoebe: So, I've just had a great idea. Rowan: Oh yeah? Phoebe: I've just remembered the recipe for this … Continue reading Chapter 3.14

Chapter 3.12

To summarise the last chapter: Phoebe completed the spellcraft and sorcery aspiration and got started on the purveyor of potions aspiration, Vlad completed the freelance botanist aspiration and started the chief of mischief aspiration, Adonis slept in a tent and Acacia had an altercation with a cow. Vlad had to pull 10 'pranks' for … Continue reading Chapter 3.12

Chapter 3.11

In the previous chapter, Galatea received gifts from rabbits, Oly became an adult, and Vlad drank from Agnes Crumplebottom and went on a village errand. Fetia found some feathers in the toilet/woohoo bush that's still in the crypt. And she decided to bring them all the way inside to present them to Rowan. … Continue reading Chapter 3.11