Chapter 5: Rocket Ruined

We saw last chapter that Vlad became possessed after drinking from a sim in Strangerville. He snapped out of it after 3 hours and I thought that was the end of it. Turns out I was wrong. He randomly became possessed again at home. I then discovered that he had an ‘infected’ trait. I did consider playing through the Strangerville mystery with him, but that’s not what this challenge is about so I did use a cheat to remove the trait.

Myla somehow managed to stand inside the wall. maybe she was hoping to escape the dungeon by going through its walls. Yeah, not gonna happen.

Jairo passed out on the floor (a regular occurrence at this point)

Kiera got an A at school so I was able to age her up to a YA. Yay!

Kiera in normal form:

Kiera in dark form:

As soon as Kiera was a YA, I cheated up her vampire XP so that I could give her level 3 sun resistance (I plan on doing this with all the kids once they are YAs so they don’t die while I’m not playing them) then moved her out  to make room for more babies.

Regan also got an A at school so I aged her up to a teen. I have some CAS pictures of her as a YA later where she looks almost the same as she did as a teen, so have some pictures of teenage Regan in live mode instead:

Regan talking to a clock (she has the erratic trait).

Regan working on her school project. She looks super unenthusiastic.

I guess Kiera got a job fast.

I decided that Paolo Rocco should be the next donor since none of my sims have ever had kids with him. He and Vlad shared a first kiss.

Then they got down to baby-making.


Wilson and Craig (Morgan’s twins) became children.



I think that Wilson and Craig might both turn out alright, except for the eyebrows. It looks as though they haven’t inherited Vlad’s nose.

I noticed that birds sit on the head of Vlad’s statue in Forgotten Hollow. Love this detail.

The motor skill seems to be the easiest skill to bring up in children since kids can also work on it while bringing up their fun. So, I bought some sets of monkey bars. Here are Craig and Wilson playing on them:

I had Vlad purchase and build a rocket because I want him to be abducted and apparently the chances of that happening are higher if there are lots of space rocks on the lot. Since Vlad was pregnant he couldn’t go up in the rocket, so I sent Regan instead. It did not go well.

This picture speaks for itself.

Regan: Eeek! I’ve totalled the rocket – Dad is going to ground me for eternity. I hope he doesn’t lock me in the dungeon again…

Marcus Flex’s twins, Myla and Jairo’s birthday arrived and Regan helped them to blow out their candles. She decided to put Myla down in the middle of the table rather than on the floor.

Myla as a child:

Looks like poor Myla got Vlad’s nose.


Jairo fortunately seems to have inherited Marcus’ nose. But, he does have the flat face which some Straud children get.

Regan’s twin, Reginald, finally managed to get his A at school so I aged him up. Here he is as a teen:

Reginald looks remarkably normal (if a little miserable). But he does have quite a flat face. It looks as though he ran into a brick wall.

Reginald was not born a vampire so I had Vlad turn him:

Regan managed to get an A, so I was able to age her up to a YA.

Regan’s normal form:

Regan’s dark form:

Then, I moved Regan out to live with Kiera.

Vlad’s babies with Paolo were born: a boy called Ryder and a girl called Margarita. Margarita has a name quite similar to mine which is odd! I always use the randomiser to pick names because I’m lazy.

With Vlad no longer pregnant, he was able to go into space himself. He didn’t bring back anything interestsing but maybe next time.

There are now too many kids to use the two sets of monkey bars we have so I bought a pirate ship jungle gym. Here’s Jairo testing it out.

Ryder and Margarita became toddlers.

Here is Ryder:

And Margarita:

Looks as though they both have a rather unfortunate chin. Perhaps Vlad’s chin + Paolo’s chin = bad combination.

Finally, Reginald’s transformation into a vampire was complete:





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