Chapter 31: Triple Trouble

Oh dear, it looks like Kailani is planning her revenge on Vlad already... Vlad should be concerned, when this challenge is over he will have made (in all senses of the word) 100 enemies for himself. Nicholas began to get very bored of popcorn. Beggers starving toddlers, can't be choosers, Nicholas! Twins Nicholas and Chadwick … Continue reading Chapter 31: Triple Trouble

Chapter 30: Cracking on in Coffins

Devonte expressed his distaste with being forced to do yet another school project. You'll thank me once you're free, Devonte. Kailani implored Bearcula for help but was met with impassive silence and a cold vacant stare. Sorry Kailani, nothing can save you now except childhood. I let Keaton and Devonte play on the jungle gym. … Continue reading Chapter 30: Cracking on in Coffins

Chapter 28: What Responsibilities?

Devonte pondered the problem of the gravity-defying popcorn bowl. If the Sims team don't fix this glitch soon, the sims may figure out they're  living in a simulation (a buggy simulation at that). Vlad mentored Bryce in vampire powers and Bryce looked unimpressed. Then, both Carlton and Bryce managed to get an A at school … Continue reading Chapter 28: What Responsibilities?