Chapter 20: Makin’ Magic With Morgyn

Finally we are back with another instalment of Vlad's parenting adventures! I've missed Vlad and this challenge. I noticed that Jacquelyn had decided to wear this sweater dress without any leggings or tights underneath but since I am lazy I didn't bother to change it. Just please don't bend over Jacquelyn for the sake of … Continue reading Chapter 20: Makin’ Magic With Morgyn

Chapter 15: Flirting With Death

Ugh alien babies are absolutely adorable so here are some pictures of our newest additions: Vlad was trying to analyse a sample of ocean water right over one of the babies and it exploded, sending broken glass right into the crib. Oops. Emilie came back from school absolutely filthy - flashback to her toddler days. … Continue reading Chapter 15: Flirting With Death

Chapter 5.10: An Engagement and a Birthday

For her Good Vampire aspiration, Christin had to get permission to drink from two different sims. I was expecting to have real difficulty achieving this since in the past I've had sims' BFFs and spouses decline to offer up their wrist. But, Katharine agreed straight away! What an amazing parent. Christin drinking Katharine's plasma. June, … Continue reading Chapter 5.10: An Engagement and a Birthday

Chapter 3: The Dungeon of Toddlers

Just a (rare) picture of Vlad actually being a responsible parent to Kiera. After Kiera's birth, I realised Vlad had enough satisfaction points to purchase the fertility perk so we got that from the rewards store. Having mastered the Vampire lore skill, Vlad brewed and drank the draught of reconfiguration. I was then able to … Continue reading Chapter 3: The Dungeon of Toddlers