Chapter 6.2: A Winterfest Miracle

I realised that in the last chapter I never shared a picture of what the bunker underneath the plane crash looks like. As you can see, it’s very small! And I actually added the room on the right with the easels, sofa and TV.

Since vampires can make big bucks painting (since they don’t need to sleep and I’ve given both Caleb and Christin powers which mean that their fun, social and hygiene needs don’t decay) I’ve been having Caleb and Christin paint pretty much 24/7 (at least, while not at work anyway). Got to increase those household funds enough to buy some prime beachfront property on Sulani! They have also both joined the painter career but I suspect once Island Living comes out Christin will become a conservationist. Not sure about Caleb, maybe he will remain a painter.

I bought Mayor Whiskers some new toys. Why is he so cute?

Since Christin has to avoid drinking from other sims without permission for her aspiration and Caleb also doesn’t like drinking from sims, I got the family a fishing pond from buy debug so that they have constant access to fish for plasma packs.

Apparently Mayor Whiskers can walk on water. I always knew he was a special cat…

I don’t think I’ve ever actually mentioned this in a post but Mayor W is obsessed with fridges. He will meow at them or sit watching them for hours. Here he is becoming acquainted with the newest fridge in his life.

Third trimester pregnancy picture.

Mayor Whiskers tried to make friends with a cactus.

Mayor Whiskers: Did you know that cactus without the second c, u and s is cat? We’re practically related!

Mayor Whiskers: See, I can be green too.

Caleb went into labour (at which point Christin probably realised that she had dodged a bullet) and I took them to the hospital.

A bouncing baby boy was born! You don’t know how happy I was about this. We’ve had nothing but girls for the past four heirs! In fact, every one of my 6 previous heirs (if you include Ramona, my founder, as an ‘heir’ for counting purposes) has been a girl except Donald, my gen 2 heir. I was beginning to think we’d never have another boy.

Before I tell you his name, I should remind you that I have set a rule for myself for this challenge where I don’t get to name the kid. I press the name randomiser button once and whatever name pops up is the baby’s name. Taking the decision away from me kind of makes it seem as though the sim parents have named their child themselves. And it makes me use names that I wouldn’t otherwise have considered.

So, we have a baby boy: the seventh heir of the Belle family and the only male heir in generations, the child of two powerful vampires who will grow up to be a vampire himself. The hopes and future of the Belles rest squarely on his shoulders. And the name randomiser calls him… Terence. That’s it, I’m done. You did an awful job at naming your kid, Christin and Caleb!

At first when we got back home I couldn’t find Terence at all! I looked everywhere for him in the bunker. I finally located him outside the front door. Well done game, perfect place for a baby.

Christin feeding her new son.

Meanwhile, Mayor Whiskers continued to converse with inanimate objects.

Caleb came back from work looking like this.

Caleb, you cannot wear a hospital gown at work.

Caleb: But it’s so breezy!

Winterfest arrived so I had Christin and Caleb decorate a tree to make their little bunker look more festive.

Then, Terence aged up! He rolled the fussy trait. Here are some CAS pictures:

HE DOESN’T HAVE THE MOUTH!!! It took a long time but it’s finally gone. It’s a Winterfest miracle!

Terence is actually so precious. Here are some pictures of him just generally being cute:

Mayor Whiskers was interested in the new toddler toys.

Mayor Whiskers: You’re awfully small for a horse.

Mayor Whiskers: Is this… A DOG? I won’t put up with having such a thing under my roof!

Caleb playing dolls with Terence. Caleb looks so bored.

A few hours later after Terence got frustrated with trying to learn shapes… Not so precious after all.

Father Winter came and Terence asked for a present but father Winter didn’t give him one. I guess the bug with toddlers and Father Winter still isn’t fixed. But I guesss Terence technically should be on the naughty list for smashing up the dolls house.

Oh well, Terence still managed to open a present from his parents and a present which Father Winter left when he restocked the pile:

Caleb receiving a gift from Father Winter.

Christin also got a present from Father Winter.

Actually, Christin got more than just a present from Father Winter. I had her ask his permission for a drink. I thought he would decline since they’d known each other for about 2 seconds and June, her own mother, had refused her, but surprisingly he agreed!

I suppose her vampire fangs were able to cut through his thick coat and gloves somehow.

After a busy day, Christin read Terence to sleep.

Next time I post they will be living the good life in Sulani! I’ve figured out a way I can play with mermaids without curing Caleb or Christin of their vampirism or waiting for Terence to grow up. I’ll have Roxana move in with them and she can be our mermaid!





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