Chapter 28: What Responsibilities?

Devonte pondered the problem of the gravity-defying popcorn bowl. If the Sims team don't fix this glitch soon, the sims may figure out they're  living in a simulation (a buggy simulation at that). Vlad mentored Bryce in vampire powers and Bryce looked unimpressed. Then, both Carlton and Bryce managed to get an A at school … Continue reading Chapter 28: What Responsibilities?

Chapter 26: We’re Half Way There

First off, I need to apologise for not posting an update in so long not that anyone probably cares except me. The truth is that my life's been so hectic lately that I've not been able to play for months. First I went back to uni for my third year but within a few weeks I … Continue reading Chapter 26: We’re Half Way There

Chapter 20: Makin’ Magic With Morgyn

Finally we are back with another instalment of Vlad's parenting adventures! I've missed Vlad and this challenge. I noticed that Jacquelyn had decided to wear this sweater dress without any leggings or tights underneath but since I am lazy I didn't bother to change it. Just please don't bend over Jacquelyn for the sake of … Continue reading Chapter 20: Makin’ Magic With Morgyn