Chapter 2.27

Last Chapter, Acacia reached the top of the comedy career and Rowan failed to defeat a plant. In other words, we learned who is the best child and who is the most useless…

Speaking of the most useless child, the results of the heir poll are in and Rowan is our winner! The casting thread for the gen 3 bachelor challenge is now open. I’ll be accepting 7 or 8 entries, only ladies this time since I see Rowan being with a girl.

Caly: Wow old age hit you hard, huh? You look older than me now!

Galatea: Gee thanks Mum.

It’s true, though. Gal and Caly are both elders now (because mermaids have like 35 bonus days of elderhood, which is why Caly is not dead yet) but Gal looks older than Caly. I think it’s because of her corpse white skin which shows up the wrinkles more.

And we’re back at the Secret Lab! I brought the whole family along this time with the intention that they would all fight the Mother. But, I discovered that only four sims can fight her at once – which in this case was Rowan, Caly, Vlad and Galatea.

Caly: Young man, how dare you throw that stuff in my face! Do you have no respect for your elders?

Rowan: You’ll thank me for it later.

I love this picture of them all peering into the Mother’s chamber. Where is Galatea? I think she took longer because she was doing the pee walk.

Rowan: And so we meet again. If anyone wants to back out, now’s the time.

Adonis: I would love to help you and everything, but you know I love plants and I could never kill another living creature.

Acacia: I’m with you Dad, I’m not going anywhere near that thing.

Clemmie: If I helped you, I’d be responsible for the win and I wouldn’t want to take all the credit away from you.

Caly: Bunch of cowards. It’s not even a gorgon! Come on Vlad, let’s give this flower what for.

Rowan: I hope it doesn’t kill me this time.

You aren’t allowed to die, you’re the heir!

Rowan: I am? Awesome! I can’t wait for my bachelor challenge.

Then you’d better make sure you don’t die, since ghosts can’t procreate in this game.

Caly and Vlad with their ‘super soakers’ or vaccine guns or whatever they’re meant to be.

You can just see Galatea on the right of this screenshot.

And here’s Rowan lobbing what I think is a dose of vaccine into the Mother’s flower head.

Rowan: What if I miss?

Then you’re plant food. So don’t miss.

And here they all are celebrating the Mother’s downfall.

Obviously, that meant that Rowan had completed his aspiration.

I put the trophy thingy in the collection room.

Still working on that rock climbing skill, Clemmie?

Clemmie: Yes but I look so good doing it, don’t I?

I want to say ‘that’s what she said’ but I’m a mature adult.

Acacia: So, that thing’s definitely dead now, right?

Galatea: Very dead. I saw it go down with my own eyes.

Acacia: But it makes you wonder what worse things might be being cooked up in other labs, doesn’t it?

Galatea: You don’t need to worry, honey. As far as I know there isn’t currently another pack like Strangerville.

Acacia: Pack? Huh?

Vlad: Who do you think you are with those ridiculous rings? Thanos?

Random guy: Well I thought they looked cool.

Vlad: Are you blind as well as stupid?

I thought we should max the snowboarding skill and the task fell to Vlad.

Vlad: This should be easy for a vampire. We never lose our balance.

Vlad: Gah!!

I also made Clemmie work on her skiing a bit as I think she needed to do so for her aspiration and I wanted to max that skill as well.

Oh no, Clemmie’s (biological) father died.

Apparently she is still fine, though. I guess that makes sense given how little he always seemed to care about her.

I don’t know if you can see it in this screenshot, but Galatea got a nose stud for her new work uniform (she’s a teacher in case you forgot).

Galatea: I look ridiculous with this nose piercing, don’t I?

Adonis: Actually, I think you look sexy.

Please don’t woohoo yourselves to death now that you’re elders.

Clemmie and Vlad were both reading skill books here. Clemmie’s is probably rock climbing or skiing and Vlad’s would be snowboarding.

Vlad: This is much safer than actually getting on one of those deathtraps.

Clemmie: The snowboarding didn’t go great, huh?

Acacia: Behold my cooking skills!

Acacia: AAAHHHHH!!

I know that Clemmie completed the party animal aspiration ages ago, but in order to get 9/10 points on the popularity section of the legacy scoring, we needed to throw one more party.

Acacia: Are you doing ok, Clem? I know that losing Dana must be tough for you.

Clemmie: Well yes but he was a bit of a dick, wasn’t he?

Acacia: Hey, do you think he was compensating for something? Maybe he’s got a small di-

Moving on.

Why are you running outside?

Clemmie: I just want to show you how good my butt looks in this dress when I run. I look amazing, don’t I?

I mean, you’re not wrong.

Vlad: Do you remember our first party back in my bachelor challenge?

Caly: You made such a dashing Grim Reaper.

Vlad: I didn’t pull it off as well as you did.

(It was a costume party and they both got the Grim costume)

Caly: Sigh. I was so young back then.

Vlad: But you’re still just as beautiful.

Look at this red headed dude pointedly looking the other way. I would be the same. PDAs are a bit awkward to be around.

Caly practiced her guitar skill some more for the entertainment of the guests… None of whom were listening.

Caly: My talent is wasted on you all.

Caly’s last skill maxed. Yes, you know what this means 😥

Clement Frost decided to cook something – maybe a cake?

Check out those golden teeth! Who knew Santa had such bling.

Caly: Well Dad, it looks as though your youngest great grandchild is the next heir. I think he’s up to the job. After all, he proved himself by taking down that monstrous plant. Just goes to show that I was right to force – I mean to persuade – Galatea and Adonis to have a fourth child, doesn’t it?

And we got a gold medal for that party, which means that we now have 9/10 points for the popularity part of the scoring. To get the tenth point, I need a single sim to have got gold in all parties and in a date. Clemmie already has gold in all parties except for a wedding, so I could get this point by having her go on a gold standard date and throwing a successful wedding.

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