Chapter 2.28

In yesterday’s chapter, Rowan was revealed as the winner of the heir poll and the casting thread for his bachelor challenge opened. We have 4 contestants already but I’d like to have 7 or 8 so there’s still 3 or 4 spaces left if anyone else wants to enter 🙂

Also in the last chapter, Rowan managed to defeat the Mother on his second attempt, Vlad went snowboarding, and the family threw a dinner party which enabled me to get 9/10 points on the popularity section of the scoring. 

By  the way, there’s only 3 more chapters left of this generation after this one! Sorry it’s been such a long generation. 

Look at that, Clemmie maxed the fitness skill! Still hasn’t maxed rock-climbing though. Grrr.

Adonis: Why don’t you go inside for a bit, son?

Rowan: Why?

Adonis: No reason. And close the curtains, will you?

I just noticed that Adonis and Rowan are wearing similar cardigans. They’re not actually the same one, though. We really need more male CAS…

Galatea: This was such a good idea of yours. I’ve been wanting to try this for ages.

Adonis: So have I. Don’t worry, I got Rowan out of the way.

Who’s going to tell her that her parents beat her to it? Oh gross, and that’s still the same water too…

This animation always cracks me up. Adonis looks like he is suddenly in fear of his life.

Clemmie: I am so done with rock-climbing. Nymphs were made for swimming, not climbing.

Atlas: Yo Dad I think your doorbell’s broken, nobody will let me in. Dad? Dad!

Vlad: I hear nothing.

So mean!

Galatea: Having fun with your video game? Are you winning?

Oly: Shhh Mum, I’m working!

Rowan: *snort* “Working”

Oly: Well at least I have a job!

Galatea: Don’t squabble dears, your mother doesn’t feel so good.

You don’t look so good either. I never buy the medicine even though they are loaded…

Adonis reads up on herbalism and Vlad reads his book on skiing. Why so far apart, guys?

Adonis: I don’t trust those fangs to come any nearer.

How long have you been living with your father in law now? Has he ever once drank from you? No!

Vlad: Only because you wouldn’t let me.

Maybe Adonis has a point.

Clemmie: Guess what? I finally did it!

Level 10 rock climbing at long long last!

Clemmie: And now you’ll finally leave me in peace.

Not quite.

I believe Clemmie had to go hiking for her aspiration. Or she needed to be attacked by bugs or find forest spirits or something. Anyway, for whatever reason, I had to send her hiking.

Clemmie: I. Need. To. Pee.

You can hold on.

Clemmie: I can’t!

Clemmie: Told you.

You did that out of pure spite, didn’t you?

Clemmie: Maybe.

Aaaand then she passed out. Hopefully not actually in the puddle of pee.

Caly: Don’t you look mysterious and dashing in that hat?

Vlad: I’m a criminal now, you know?

Caly: That’s very sexy.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this already, but Vlad had to join the criminal career for his public enemy aspiration.

Please don’t woohoo in Clemmie’s bed.

Well thankfully they can’t as it’s a singleton.

How’s the cooking going, Acacia?

Acacia: Um… It’s supposed to burn like this, right?

I mean, I don’t think so…

Clemmie had to work on her skiing skill.

So pretty.

Clemmie: Yes my butt is pretty isn’t it?

I meant the view – not inclusive of your butt!

I wanted Clemmie to stay up all night so she got a needs potion (I think the one which fills all their needs?).

I have way too many screenshots but here are my favourites:

And Clemmie maxed the skiing skill! How was that so much quicker than rock climbing?

Adonis’ aspiration finally got some love as I sent the family to Granite Falls. I think he had to catch a number of bugs for his aspiration as I have quite a few screenshots of him doing just that.

Adonis: Isn’t nature amazing?

You know, those look like the sort of flying insects that I would kill with my ‘executioner’: a catchily named electric fly swatter.

Adonis: You’re a monster!

A monster who holds your life in my hands 😉

Adonis: Aren’t you a pretty green colour? I should take you back to camp to show Galatea.

I really wouldn’t. She’s highly squeamish, remember?

I can’t remember what kind of insects these are, either, but Adonis seemed happy to see them.

Adonis: Such beautiful delicate wings!

Kill them, kill them all!

A big part of the aspiration is identifying all of the different kinds of wild plant… Which of course meant collecting all of them.

Adonis: This one’s an interesting colour.

Yeah, probably poisonous.

Adonis: Ouch, my back! You expect me to bend all the way over to pick mushrooms at my age?

Adonis: Enjoying the wonders of nature, you two?

Acacia: No! Who knows what might be lurking in the trees ready to pounce? When can we go home?

Oly: So, where do I find the gaming consoles? I want to play Call of Duty. There’s wifi here too, right?

Adonis looks crestfallen 😦

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