Chapter 2.26

In the previous chapter, Rowan continued carrying out his Strangerville investigations, Vlad beat up or was otherwise mean to a number of people, Caly maxed the media production skill, and the family went to Granite Falls very briefly.

Acacia: I have a good feeling about today. I just know I’m going to get my big break.

Rowan: Sure sure sis.

Well, what do you know? Acacia really did get her big break! I’ve never had this happen before. Of course I chose the option which promoted her instantly to the top of the comedian career.

Acacia: Guess what, Grandma? I left my job!

Caly: Oh dear, you were fired? That’s a shame but I can’t say I’m surprised. We’re not all star material.

Acacia: Actually, I was promoted to the top of my career. So, the Creator let me quit!

Oly: And then I crouched behind a barrel and rained gunfire down on the approaching soldiers…

Adonis: Please tell me you’re talking about your video game.

Oly: It’s my work now, Dad.

I barely ever see Mayor W anymore I think because I locked the crypt door to stop anyone going down there and mourning. Maybe I should only lock the door for family members so I get to see him more.

Acacia now has the Master chef aspiration and has joined the culinary career.

Acacia: So in this career I get to drink lots of juice?

Please don’t become a juiceaholic…

Vlad works on the juice fizzing skill some more…

… And that’s another skill maxed!

Rowan managed to get the hazamat suit and the spore filter so I was able to send him down into the depths of the Strangerville Secret Laboratory.

Rowan: That scientist was probably just trying to scare me, right? There’s no monsters down here…

Rowan: Oh shit.

Rowan: It’s ok, I just need to make a vaccine. How hard can it be?

Rowan: And you’re cured!

Possessed lady: WELCOME TO STRANGERVILLE *eye twitch*

Rowan: Well that didn’t quite go to plan. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Oh look, Vlad maxed the mischief skill.

After Rowan managed to perfect the vaccine, I had him take the day off school in order to defeat the Mother Plant.

Rowan: So, you’re all here to help me take down a giant carnivorous plant. Sound good?

Acacia: I thought you said we were getting icecream?

Rowan: Well I may have bent the truth a little.

Vlad: All this fuss about a shrub. Take me to this thing and I’ll deal with it in no time at all.

Montage of pictures of fighting the Mother incoming:

Rowan: Die, you oversized weed!

Vlad: That obnoxious plant is making me SO ANGRY!!!!!!

Vlad became enraged for some reason. I think it had something to do with fighting the Mother and was made worse by his emotion bomb celebrity quirk.

Acacia: Grandad, no!

Vlad: Sorry Acacia. Can’t. Help. Self.

And yeah Vlad autonomously drank from Acacia. Oops.

One of the Mother’s minions actually won a fight against Vlad.

Vlad: What? This can’t be happening, I never lose…

For a moment there, I actually thought Vlad was dying.

Vlad: Dying? Of course not! I could never be killed by a flower!

It was at this moment that I remembered that sims can die from being defeated by the Mother.

Goodbye Rowan, it was nice knowing you.

Rowan: I – I survived! I can’t believe I survived!

I can’t believe you lost. Such a disappointment.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve actually been defeated by the Mother. So, I was really shocked by this.

Rowan: I… Don’t feel so good.

Well, you’d better rest up. You’re going to need your strength for round 2!

Rowan: Round 2?!!

Adonis: Gah my back! What happened?

Galatea: Sparkles in the air? Oh no, I must be… Old!

Yeah, Adonis and Galatea both became elders. And I forgot to get them a birthday cake. Oops.

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