Chapter 6.7: Challenge Completed!

Although it was obvious when Terence became a teen in the last chapter that I had succeeded in breeding out the ugly, in my eyes the challenge actually ended when he became a YA. So, here is one final chapter documenting that fact (along with the events which occurred before his birthday). Christin reached level … Continue reading Chapter 6.7: Challenge Completed!

Chapter 6.6: Simillionaires

Well, the moment we've all been waiting for arrived: Terence's birthday. He rolled the art lover trait and jungle explorer aspiration. Here are some CAS pictures: Wow, so we did do it! The ugly is all bred out. Actually, he looks almost like a clone of Caleb, which of course is not a bad thing. … Continue reading Chapter 6.6: Simillionaires

Chapter 6.4: Mission Accomplished?

I had Christin test out her mermadic weather influencing powers; she was able to summon clear skies by blowing on a conch. Hmm that's a useful trick. There are still quite a few mermaid powers I haven't tried out yet but hopefully I will get a chance to soon. Since apparently mermaids can't snorkel (why??) … Continue reading Chapter 6.4: Mission Accomplished?

Chapter 5.9: Girl on Fire

We start off this chapter with Christin completing her transformation into a vampire. Here is her dark form: Since she has the 'good vampire' aspiration, Christin is trying to avoid drinking from sims. It's annoying that plasma packs are so expensive. Katharine: What flavour juice is that? Christin: Uh... Strawberry  - you wouldn't like it. … Continue reading Chapter 5.9: Girl on Fire

Chapter 4.6: I Think I Wanna Marry You

I trusted Katherine to cook macaroni cheese. It was a mistake. Need I say more? Alina displayed what a steller mother she is by abandoning her daughter to her doom and running from the blaze. Alina: Every sim for herself! Um, Alina, the fire is out now. Chill. Everyone in the house except Katherine ran … Continue reading Chapter 4.6: I Think I Wanna Marry You