Chapter 5.7: The Ugly Twin

I'm not going to lie I spent a lot of time playing Sims today... Well I haven't had a chance to play in months! So, I got through quite a few Sim days and the twins are now teens! But, more on that towards the end of the chapter. One of Katharine's career tasks was … Continue reading Chapter 5.7: The Ugly Twin

Chapter 5.6: I’m Back!

Well hello again! Wow it feels like so long since I had a chance to play Sims. I’ve been so busy with uni. Things have been pretty rough. I’ve had a horrible time with anxiety and I think that’s made me fail most of my exams. If I fail the year, I will be kicked … Continue reading Chapter 5.6: I’m Back!

Chapter 5.5: The IncrediBelles

After trying (and failing) to cure several possessed sims with the experimental vaccine, Katharine figured out what was wrong with the original formula. Armed with this information, she was able to create the true vaccine. She then headed to the bar and vaccinated this guy, who she tried to persuade to join her in her … Continue reading Chapter 5.5: The IncrediBelles

Chapter 5.4: Holy Mother of Plants!

I am such a bad toddler parent. Stinky sleepy Roxana. Stinky sleepy Christin. Stinky sad Christin. Stinky sad Roxana. The twins have spent most of their toddlerhood in a pretty miserable state. I'm never too good at caring for Sim tots at the best of times, but having twins makes it more difficult. I've also … Continue reading Chapter 5.4: Holy Mother of Plants!

Chapter 4.7: Celebrity Is As Celebrity Does

The title of this chapter is a homage to the words a certain wise man once said. Fame has certainly been a fickle friend for Alina... She's had some highs... She's had some lows... But, she finally fought her way to the top and became a Global Superstar, in doing so earning a celebrity tile. … Continue reading Chapter 4.7: Celebrity Is As Celebrity Does

Chapter 4.6: I Think I Wanna Marry You

I trusted Katherine to cook macaroni cheese. It was a mistake. Need I say more? Alina displayed what a steller mother she is by abandoning her daughter to her doom and running from the blaze. Alina: Every sim for herself! Um, Alina, the fire is out now. Chill. Everyone in the house except Katherine ran … Continue reading Chapter 4.6: I Think I Wanna Marry You

Chapter 4.5: Puberty Done Good

Katherine's birthday arrived! Moment of truth... She rolled the art lover trait (inherited from Dexter) and the big happy family aspiration. I'll probably change her aspiration, as I don't want her having lots of kids. Here's what she looks like as a teen: Ok, so: definitely a normal sized head, which is good. She inherited … Continue reading Chapter 4.5: Puberty Done Good