Chapter 5.9: Girl on Fire

We start off this chapter with Christin completing her transformation into a vampire. Here is her dark form: Since she has the 'good vampire' aspiration, Christin is trying to avoid drinking from sims. It's annoying that plasma packs are so expensive. Katharine: What flavour juice is that? Christin: Uh... Strawberry¬† - you wouldn't like it. … Continue reading Chapter 5.9: Girl on Fire

Chapter 4: Full House

J Huntington III has great genes so I sent Vlad out to secure his affections. They went on a date and did karaoke. Morgan's twins, Craig and Wilson, aged up. Craig: Wilson: Both Craig and Wilson seem to have inherited Vlad's eyebrows and chin. Lucky guys. I did a little remodelling of the dungeon nursery. … Continue reading Chapter 4: Full House

Chapter 3: The Dungeon of Toddlers

Just a (rare) picture of Vlad actually being a responsible parent to Kiera. After Kiera's birth, I realised Vlad had enough satisfaction points to purchase the fertility perk so we got that from the rewards store. Having mastered the Vampire lore skill, Vlad brewed and drank the draught of reconfiguration. I was then able to … Continue reading Chapter 3: The Dungeon of Toddlers