Chapter 6.7: Challenge Completed!

Although it was obvious when Terence became a teen in the last chapter that I had succeeded in breeding out the ugly, in my eyes the challenge actually ended when he became a YA. So, here is one final chapter documenting that fact (along with the events which occurred before his birthday). Christin reached level … Continue reading Chapter 6.7: Challenge Completed!

Chapter 6.5: Baby Turtles!

As will be clear by now, I'm obsessed with how the mermaids leap through the water like dolphins. So here is (yet another) picture of Christin doing just that. I started having Christin work from home so that after she had completed her set work tasks for the day she could focus on clearing up … Continue reading Chapter 6.5: Baby Turtles!

Chapter 6.3: A Beautiful Place For A Beautiful Family

Just a heads up: this post is going to be quite picture-heavy because Sulani is GORGEOUS and I couldn't help taking lots of screenshots. I preordered Island Living so I was able to start playing it yesterday and I love it so much! Obviously the Belles just had to live on Sulani. I had been … Continue reading Chapter 6.3: A Beautiful Place For A Beautiful Family

Chapter 5.10: An Engagement and a Birthday

For her Good Vampire aspiration, Christin had to get permission to drink from two different sims. I was expecting to have real difficulty achieving this since in the past I've had sims' BFFs and spouses decline to offer up their wrist. But, Katharine agreed straight away! What an amazing parent. Christin drinking Katharine's plasma. June, … Continue reading Chapter 5.10: An Engagement and a Birthday

Chapter 5.9: Girl on Fire

We start off this chapter with Christin completing her transformation into a vampire. Here is her dark form: Since she has the 'good vampire' aspiration, Christin is trying to avoid drinking from sims. It's annoying that plasma packs are so expensive. Katharine: What flavour juice is that? Christin: Uh... Strawberry¬† - you wouldn't like it. … Continue reading Chapter 5.9: Girl on Fire

Chapter 5.5: The IncrediBelles

After trying (and failing) to cure several possessed sims with the experimental vaccine, Katharine figured out what was wrong with the original formula. Armed with this information, she was able to create the true vaccine. She then headed to the bar and vaccinated this guy, who she tried to persuade to join her in her … Continue reading Chapter 5.5: The IncrediBelles