Chapter 2.7: Teenage Dreams

So far as big news goes, Donald reached the top of the social media career and Shanice completed her bodybuilder aspiration. But, this chapter is all about Juliet! I don't know why, but this outfit is giving me Mean Girls vibes. On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Stop. Let me take a selfie. Juliet is still … Continue reading Chapter 2.7: Teenage Dreams

Chapter 2.6: A Very Grim Date

Akira came back as a ghost! I love that when Ramona kissed him, you could actually see her nose inside his head. Because Akira had died, Ramona had to ask him to be her boyfriend again. Fortunately, he said yes. Mayor Whiskers was happy to have Ramona back in the family. Juliet decided that her … Continue reading Chapter 2.6: A Very Grim Date

Chapter 2.4: Coolest Tot in Town

Juliet does make a pretty gosh darn adorable toddler. I love this picture of her playing with Donald. Not too smart though. Instead of oh I don't know... playing with the lovely new dollhouse I bought for her she decided to eat one of the dolls instead. At least Mayor Whiskers played with the dollhouse nicely! Playing … Continue reading Chapter 2.4: Coolest Tot in Town

Chapter 1.6: MC Donald had a club

While scouring the worlds for teens eligible to be Donald's partner, I happened upon Shanice Goth. I have MCCC, so the premades and townies autonomously have children. Shanice is the daughter of Bella and Mortimer, and she is stunning - she will definitely be Donald's future wife. Also, if Donald marries Shanice he can live in … Continue reading Chapter 1.6: MC Donald had a club