Chapter 4.5: Puberty Done Good

Katherine's birthday arrived! Moment of truth... She rolled the art lover trait (inherited from Dexter) and the big happy family aspiration. I'll probably change her aspiration, as I don't want her having lots of kids. Here's what she looks like as a teen: Ok, so: definitely a normal sized head, which is good. She inherited … Continue reading Chapter 4.5: Puberty Done Good

Chapter 3.5: Birthday Belles

Lots of birthdays this chapter! First up Carla, Annabeth's secondborn, became a teen: Really, I think all the ugly in her is almost gone. She is quite attractive except for the underbite. Just Juliet playing in a muddy puddle. Aren't you meant to be a grown woman, Juliet? I've no idea when Melanie's work outfit … Continue reading Chapter 3.5: Birthday Belles

Chapter 2.4: Coolest Tot in Town

Juliet does make a pretty gosh darn adorable toddler. I love this picture of her playing with Donald. Not too smart though. Instead of oh I don't know... playing with the lovely new dollhouse I bought for her she decided to eat one of the dolls instead. At least Mayor Whiskers played with the dollhouse nicely! Playing … Continue reading Chapter 2.4: Coolest Tot in Town