Chapter 4.2: 15 minutes of fame

Cute father-baby bonding moment after they got home from the hospital. Please grow up to be like your Dad, Katherine. Alina landed a part in some day time TV show. You know, the set actually comes up better in pictures than normal houses do in the sims. It must be the good lighting. And they … Continue reading Chapter 4.2: 15 minutes of fame

Chapter 3.3: Jingle Belles

Annabeth's daughter, Carla, became a child and I have to say she is looking really good. How you so pretty, Carla? She may still end up getting Annabeth's underbite, but at least she doesn't have a bobble head! I've moved Juliet, Melanie, Alina and Mayor Whiskers to Brindleton Bay. They are now living in a … Continue reading Chapter 3.3: Jingle Belles